5 of the Best Hydration Pack for Running on the Market

5 of the Best Hydration Pack for Running on the Market

5 Best Hydration Backpacks For Running

One sip on the mouth piece of a hydration pack, and you’re hooked. It’s just one of those things that makes life so more convenient, that it is a must have if you’re into any kind of running.

It’s all you ever need for your outdoor activities, whether that is hiking, running or even cycling. It helps you perform better, and keeps you constantly hydrated.

Previously we have taken a look at running shoes and just as import is to keep yourself hydrated on those long outdoor runs. Today we take a look at the best hydration packs fit for your purpose, and if you already have a hydration pack it will help you on how to get the best out of it!

What are the benefits of a hydration pack?

Once you use a hydration pack, you’ll never use a water bottle again.It’s just that great. But let’s further highlight some benefits:

  • Convenience: you’re able to hydrating yourself, on-the-go, without having to stop/. There’s no need to carry a bulky bottle around with you that is often uncomfortable to carry around. No reaching in a backpack to get your water bottle. A hydration pack allows you to sip anytime and in any space, without you having to slow down your journey.
  • Easy to carry around–Hydration packs are generally carried around on your back. They do come in different sizes, but one thing in common is that the soft exterior makes it very comfortable to carry around on your back. The pack itself is not made of hard material, and is moulded by the amount of water in the pack. It is soft and as you sip, the bag size reduces which makes it lighter to carry around as well. Due to the soft material of a hydration pack, you can basically keep it anywhere and squeeze it into basically any bag as well.
  • Constant hydration–The hydration packs come with a sipping mouth piece which is conveniently located by your mouth. This allows you to take small sips–which is a best practice when doing physical activities.It also allows you to intake water more often as it is just there’.
  • Value for money–By no means is it the cheapest of product, but you have to take the cost in context. Generally the capacity which a hydration pack can hold is double the amount your standard water bottle can hold.Furthermore,these hydration packs often come with a fitted back pack to hold it in. Also consider how strong the material is, making the product almost everlasting. It has the ability to be iced, which shows how strong the material is. It keeps the water cold as well and for the extra convenience. Coughing up a bit more for this product should not be a second thought.
  • X Factor–Having one of these on your back just makes you look supercool.

How to Choose a Hydration Pack

It’s important to understand that your hydration pack will best serve you if you choose the one that is best fit-for-purpose. It can be used for mountain biking, snow-boarding, cycling,train running and hiking as well–all with different distances and level of difficulties. Below are some tips to consider when choosing a hydration pack for running:

  1. Typically, you want something that won’t weigh you down or be a hindrance to your running style. Get something that fits around you back with adjustable chest and shoulder straps.
  2. Take a look around at the hydration pack catalogue–there are runner-customized packs which places emphasis on convenience, low weight and proper fit. There are also generally small pockets in these packs for keys, small snacks, medical supplies and so forth. Don’t purchase a hydration pack meant for snowboarding if you want to use it for running–be careful.
  3. Obtain a pack that matches your running intensity. The further the distance you run,the more water you’ll need and thus a greater capacity pack. Typically, you’ll need 2to 3 liter bladder. Consider the routes you run as well, and how many water stops there are. This will guide you in terms of how big or small your hydration pack needs to be.
  4. Consider the best fit for your body. The packs are generally adjustable, but you might want to browse through a few which will fit you perfectly. The older hydration packs generally have a looser fit, while the newly developed hydration packs has a tight fit around the body.
  5. Look at the storage space of the pack–If you’re someone that needs constant supplies of snacks, food and medical aid and storage for other things such as sunscreen and your phone–then consider getting a pack that accommodates this. If you’re not that fussy, then invest in something that is light and minimalist.

How to use a hydration pack

If you’ve never used a hydration pack before, then you’re really missing out on a great experience. It’s so easy that it’s silly to not use it. Whether you are looking to get one,or currently have a hydration pack, consider the following tips on how to use it for maximum benefit:

  1. The packs are fitted with sipping mechanisms. This is with the purpose of sipping water in small sips, rather than gulping large portions of water. The greatest risk when running is dehydration–it is very dangerous. It is thus recommended as a minimum to drink at least 1 liter of water every hour while you running. Use the hydration pack to sip throughout the time so that your body does not tire out.
  2. When using the hydration pack, use it relative to everything around you–the temperature, conditions, intensity of the course, geography etc.
  3. Hydration packs have a compartment known as the bladder’. It is advisable to store the bladder in a freezer. The low temperatures will make sure to get rid of any bacteria in the pack. When you remove the bladder from the freezer, fill it up with water. It will keep your water nice and cold and leave it with a refreshed pure water taste as well.
  4. Differing weather conditions–In hot weather it is okay to freeze your bladder overnight. However, don’t fill it to full capacity–you need to leave some space for expansion of the water. In cold weather–You may want to fill the bladder with lukewarm water to prevent the water from freezing.
  5. To keep your bladder clean, it is also recommended that you hang it up and keep it open–if you’re not close to a freezer. Lemon juice drops in your pack also helps prevent any bacteria from breeding.

A review of the Top 5 Hydration Packs for Running on the Market

There are lot to choose from when it comes to hydration packs. We’ve reviewed the top 5hydration packs out there:

TETON Hydration Backpack

1) TETON Hydration Backpack

The Teton Hydration Backpack really knows how to stay in place. Yes, when you’re running the worst thing that could happen is to have an unstable flap or weight jumping around. With the firm straps which goes around the waist and the sternum, stability of the hydration pack will not be an issue. The straps are adjustable and suits both males and females...Furthermore, it is fitted with nice ventilation to prevent that awkward wet sweat spot on your body. The product has a standard 2 liter capacity–which is just what is needed for along distance run. The bladder is easy to open up and clean.It also has soft pouches which can keep your medical supplies, light snacks and your phone and wallet. The material is heavy duty, the pack itself is leak-free and is also lightweight.

  • Dependent on which version you buy–it comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The panels has really good ventilation
  • Feels light even when it is filled with 2 liters of water.
  • The sternums and straps are quite solid–prevents unnecessary movement.
  • Really cost-effective.


  • The entire bladder has to be removed before the pack can be refilled–a bit inconvenient.

If you’re a no-fuss runner, then this hydration pack is for you. It provides a minimalist design to suit the amateur to professional runner who needs to sip water along the running route without much trouble.

Juboury Hydration Backpack

2) Juboury Water Rucksack

The Juboury Water Rucksack is a hydration pack with that extra bit to it. It’s a sport backpack equipped with a water bladder. Yes, this means that it has great capacity not only for the amount of water it holds, but also for additional things to be carried around. The standard capacity of these packs are 2 liters. Compared to other packs, it has much more capacity to carry additional things around–this includes things such as Tablets / iPads,mobile phones, a small laptop, jacket, and even a camera. It is a multi-purpose utility hydration pack that can be used for long distance running and hiking as well. The bite valve is really easy to use and squirts water without much trouble.


  • Good capacity and storage space
  • Replaceable parts–the bladder can be replaced.
  • Strong–it is made of strong nylon, which lasts long.


  • It comes without a chest strap which decreases how stable it is

If having a hydration pack that has space to pack a whole host of other items is what makes your life easier, then consider getting the Juboury WaterRucksack. You can also carry things for others, which may make you a great champ in your running circle.

CamelBak Hydrobak

3) CamelBak Hydrobak

The CamelBack Hydroback is the e no-nonsense hydration pack of the lot. It is fit for just need water purpose. It has a minimalist design with a mere 1.5l bladder capacity–which is all you need when doing a physical activity. This design means that it is lightweight and makes it exceptionally easy to carry around. It also has a narrow fit, which allows you to run as freely as you want without being hassled or inconvenienced. It has a small pocket in front which allows for storage of any items you may be carrying with you. It is perfect for me to store my phone and running headphones when not in use, along with some energy bars for a long run. The design is also quite stylish, and comes with a reflective strip for safety in hazy conditions.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Regulates the temperature of water and keeps the water cold.
  • Really easy to drink from.
  • Custom fit.


  • Has a minimal capacity of only 1.5l, so you would need water points to refill if you have a longer running route.
  • Does not have storage for other things such as wallets, snacks or phones. Can only store one item.

If you’re into shorter distance running, and just looking for something that is cost-effective and easy to use, then the CamelBak Hydrobak really caters to your needs.

Camden Hydration Pack

4) Camden Gear Hydration Pack

Another minimalist hydration pack, this offers you the best of both worlds–good storage and decent bladder capacity. It contains a 1.5 liter bladder, which provides you with enough fluids for a standard outdoor activity. The bladder is also fitted with a wide screw cap, so you can add things such as ice cubes to keep your water cool. The bladder is also replaceable, so just in case there is a tear, you can easily replace it. The pack is equipped with adjustable chest straps, so no movement of the pack will occur when you running around. It also has great storage for things such as your phone, wallet and clothes as well. It is made of a special Rip-Stop Nylon material which means it extremely durable and is unlikely to break. It’s also water resistant–so your valuables (phone, clothes etc.) will be protected against harsh weather elements, which is great.


  • Unbeatable durability–water resistant and little complaints of it breaking.
  • Camden Gear offers customers a 100% refund if you’re not pleased with the product–which offers you great safety in purchasing.
  • Good firm sternums and straps which reduces how heavy items may feel on your back.

It offers the in-between product, for those that are looking for a lightweight product offering enough storage. The money-back guarantee is really enticing as there is almost zero-risk when purchasing the product.

YISMEET Hydration Backpack

5) YISMEET Hydration Pack Backpack

The YISMEET Hydration Pack Backpack provides a reliable hydration source for running.The exterior material is of a high quality and is equipped with convenient zippers which are easy to operate. Once the 2 liter bladder is filled, there are small pockets to place your wallet or keys in. It also provides thick back padding, and therefore you can wear it for an extended period of time without feeling it. The valve also provides along enough extension so it is easy to bite when you need to sip your water. It is light and also offers a leak-free experience.The finish on the product is that it offers a really good chest and waist strapping, giving it a nice snug fit.


  • Easily opens for re-fill.
  • Offers small pockets to carry items around
  • Great grip on the zips.
  • Good back support.


  • Sometimes the bladder seals pop open if you don’t seal it correctly.
  • Does not offer space to pack in other things such as a camera or phone.

YISMEET Hydration Pack Backpack is actually ideal for every runner–a nice 2 liter capacity and space to store your keys and wallet–what more do you need?

The hydration packs on the market are of a really high quality and uses cutting edge technology to give runners the ultimate experience. If you’re not using it, then it’s highly recommended that you get yourself one. Not just for the style,but for the convenience it provides you to hydrate yourself when running. Many have reported increased performance when running with these, so why not try it out?

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