Most Popular Workout DVDs for Women - Our Top 5 Recommended

Most Popular Workout DVDs for Women – Our Top 5 Recommended

In this day and age, workout DVDs have become an impressive new trend, offering reliable advice, recommendations and instructions for full workout plans that are sure to bring you the lean, sexy figure you’ve always wanted.

Most Popular Workout DVDs For Women

However, using workout DVDs can have many other remarkable benefits, especially if you’re using the best products out there. Enhanced health, increased strength, vitality and stamina, and a renewed sense of determination in tackling the challenges that life throws at you are among the most impressive advantages of using these DVDs, especially for career-driven women.

Benefits of Workout DVDs

For women who don’t have a whole lot of time to research and try out different kinds of exercise techniques, workout DVDs can be like a shortcut to finding the ideal workouts that genuinely work. So let’s take a look at the many practical benefits of workout DVDs:

  • They are easy to use. Basically, you just pop them into your computer or DVD player, and follow the instructions and recommendations provided by the training expert in the videos.
  • Workouts are timed and adequately designed to ease you into the harder techniques, so you never have to worry about shifting to a higher difficulty level too quickly.
  • You get all the benefits of a personal trainer without the expensive costs.
  • It’s much harder to get distracted following a DVD video, compared to looking up online guidelines or instructions in a book.
  • The best workout DVDs out there are guaranteed to inspire you into properly following all the exercises and reaching your workout goals.

Types of Women's Workout DVDs

  • Beginner exercise DVDs are ideal for women who are just starting out, and would like a reliable guide for all-round, full body workout routines.
  • Barre-workout DVDs are often fast-paced and drive you to a healthy level of fatigue.
  • Cardio-enhancing workout DVDs are perfect for effective fat burning, improving heart and cardiovascular health, and boosting your metabolism.
  • Full-body workout DVD programs are basically the higher level of beginner DVDs, focusing on resistance training, fast-paced moves and muscle training routines.
  • Workout DVDs specifically focused on quick fat burning blend cardio and body weight workouts in just the right blends to help maximize your fat burning abilities.
  • Finally, time saver DVDs will give you fast, 10-minute solutions for serious gym goers who don’t have a lot of free time on their hands.

How to Choose the Best Workout DVD

Choosing the best DVDs for women can be challenging. Everyone is different, so while some workout programs may work for others, they might not work for you.

If you want s truly efficient way to find the ideal workout DVD for you, consider our straightforward tips below:

  1. Figure out where you are and where you have to go. How much time do you have at your disposal, what is your current fitness level, and what is the goal you want to reach?
  2. Based on your answers, start looking for an interactive workout DVD collection that gives you clear instructions.
  3. A complete workout program includes instructions for both weight loss and lean muscle building/retention.
  4. Make sure the workout DVD system you choose includes a healthy and effective diet plan.
  5. Avoid programs that promise huge gains or fast weight loss in less than 4 weeks.

Effectiveness of Women's Workout DVDs

Depending on the DVD program you buy, effectiveness will obviously vary. A workout DVD is only as good as the instructor who designed the program, so you should never underestimate the reputation that any particular trainer may have on online forums and review sites.

A few important guidelines are that, if the workout program looks too good to be true, it probably is. Also, it’s not a good idea to try out expensive new workout DVDs that no references from experts or women who have already tried them out with some measure of success. With most workout dvd's you should need no more than a set of womens dumbbells or some resistance bands, avoid any DVD which mean spending out on expensive equipment especialy when first starting out.

Popular and Effective Workout DVDs for Women

In the following, we will present five of the most powerful, efficient and positively regarded workout DVDs for women, that have been reviewed and deemed worthy by both experts and dedicated female athletes and bodybuilders.

Top 5 Most Popular Workout DVDs

XTFMAX Find Your Shape

1. XTFMAX: Find Your Shape

A well-rounded workout DVD collection for burning fat, building muscle and toning your body, XTFMAX is an intense 12-week program that features 12 DVDs, each with difficulty levels ranging from 1-4 for both beginners and serious gym goers. The program was designed by Stephanie Oram and the training experts at XTF, and has received hundreds of excellent reviews.

Brazil Butt Lift

2. Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout

This fun DVD was nicknamed “the supermodels’ secret to a perfect butt” and it’s just a short 3-day program for toning your buttocks, combining Brazilian dance and cardio. It’s one of the most affordable programs, and it’s also quite well-received on most review sites.

Walk On 6 Mile Mix

3. Walk On: 6 Mile Mix

The 6-mile Mix is a genuine 5-star program endorsed by actress Jessica Smith. This fun and highly affordable single DVD program includes almost 2 hours' worth of workout time, and offers a comprehensive set of upper and lower body toning exercises, cardio interval abs, a total body tune-up and a 12-minute speed walk, as well as several other key exercises for a successful session.

Fe Fit Womens Workout Program

4. Fé Fit Women's Workout Program

Fe Fit is a comprehensive workout program including 28 videos that take you from fat burning basics to the highest levels of body toning, through a wide variety of workout techniques you can choose from. For an insanely low price, you get a fully customizable program that was already tested with a high degree of success by hundreds of past buyers.

Womens Health Total Workout In Ten

5. Women's Health: Total Workout in Ten!

Another affordable 10-minute workout DVD, this ingenious solution was developed by the experts at Women’s Health Magazine to maximize fat burning potential through quick, 10-minute sessions. Intense workouts and intelligent exercise combinations will give you the results you want without the need to spend countless hours at the gym.

Now, it’s important to remember that even using a popular workout DVD there is no substitute for your own dedication and inspired decision to meet your workout goals. However, the results you are likely to reach with the aforementioned DVDs will be much more impressive, for the most part, than what any other workout program can do for you.

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