Arm Cycle Machine Review – Are They Worth the Money?

Arm Cycle Machine Review – Are They Worth the Money?

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If you are someone who is lacking in mobility, or you just wants to get in a workout at your desk, arm cycle machines are great for exactly this.

According to research people that do regular exercise are 35% lower risk of heart disease, 50% lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes and 30% lower risk of early death, so it is important that we fit in a workout when we can.

There are a number of good solid arm cycle machines on the market, but there are also some that are cheap rubbish that squeak with every turn of the peddles.

We have sorted through the rubbish and managed to whittle it down to our top 3 which can be seen below.

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Drive Medical Deluxe Folding
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Isokinetics Inc. Pedal

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Reviews of the Best Arm Bike Machines.

These machines are entirely safe to use, and have been thoroughly analyzed and tested by experts and regular users alike. You’ll also find them to be entirely advantageous with regards to their price, as well as designed and fine-tuned to boost your overall health.

In the following, you can find a few quick reviews to outline some of the major benefits of the most effective arm cycle machines currently available on the market.

The Best Arm Cycle Machines

​1. MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike

The MagneTrainer is one arm exercise machine you’ll love to have if you want to do some serious workouts. The unique design, based on magnetic resistance, allows the machine to generate up to 200% more resistance than any other arm cycle machine out there.

Despite using a commercial grade, durable arm, the machine is very lightweight – weighing only 23 lbs – and can easily be transported just about anywhere you need it.

Also, a few advantages of the MagneTrainer’s unique design include quiet functionality, the ability to get the ideal amount of tension that you want, and a no-fuss convenient construction that will help you avoid discomfort, joint pain and injuries.

​2. Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler

The Drive Medical Deluxe exercise peddler received plenty of praise and due to its surprising number of powerful features packed into a small, highly affordable arm bike.

The machine uses a convenient foldable design that makes it easy to store and transport. It’s also light, so you have nothing to worry about taking it with you anywhere you go.

Its five-function display will tell you all about your pace, exercise time, revs per minute, and calories burned. Also, the design itself makes it remarkably convenient for people suffering from spine injuries, arthritic knees or various leg injuries, allowing them to perform their cardio exercises with extreme ease.

3. Isokinetics Inc. Pedal Exerciser

The Isokinetics Pedal Exerciser is yet another highly affordable, well-designed arm bike that basically has the advantage of an extremely sturdy and convenient construction. Unlike other arm cycle machines, you won’t have to assemble anything, since it’s made of a single piece of rigid steel – so assembly only consists of screwing in a knob.

The anti-skid foot pads allow for ideal stability, while the machine is well-calibrated to give you just the right amount of tension to start with a slowly progressing workout plan doing 20 minutes of cardio three times per week. Results will never fail to show, and the convenience, resilience and simplicity of the machine will have you hooked from the start.

 Body weight exercises and lifting weights can go a long way toward providing you with the kind of muscle strength, mass and definition that you’re looking for when it comes to working out. However, when it comes to cardio, you’ll sometimes run into limits that are seemingly insurmountable.

The arm cycle machine can give you a quick, easy and affordable way out. This is a machine designed to work your arm muscles the same way a treadmill, elliptical or a regular bike works on your legs. This means cardio exercises are no longer as restricted as before, and you can enjoy a far greater range with this handy machine even in the comfort of your own home.

Arm Cycle Benefits

While a few years ago the only arm cycle exercise machines you could find were in rehab centers, nowadays they keep popping up in regular gyms, and you can even buy your own at a reasonable price.

It’s easy to see how the arm cycle machine – which is basically a workout bicycle for your arms – offers most of its benefits to strengthen your cardio workouts. But let’s take a look at some of its additional advantages:

  • If you have a leg injury, the arm cycle machine is the best alternative to a treadmill, walking or jogging.
  • Even if you’re confined to a wheelchair, you can use the arm pedal bike for outstanding cardio results.
  • Workouts can be extended with ease to build stamina and endurance, as well as to improve overall health.
  • A 2010 study has shown how using an arm bike in a group settings could help gym goers burn up to 9 calories per minute.
  • The arm cycle machine also helps strengthen your heart and respiratory system.

Arm Bike Muscles Used

You don’t need heavy weights or bulky workout machines to work on your arms and shoulders. All you need is your arm cycle machines, and you can get a powerful workout for your chest and back muscles, shoulders, forearms, and core muscles without even having to do a separate cardio exercise.

The common, affordable arm bike can also be used in the rehabilitation of neck muscles, and to prevent unwanted fat deposits and weakening of the upper arm muscles, particularly in the case of aging women.

Many more benefits can be associated with these remarkable machines, and you’ll find that simply trying them out of your own accord will yield ideal results. With the help of the arm cycle machine that’s best suited to your needs, you no longer have to worry about ease of use, pain during cardio workouts, portability or any exercise-related health issues.

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