BodyCraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike Review

BodyCraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike Review

In todays article we take a good look and review the Bodycraft SPX indoor spin bike. The health and fitness benefits of using stationery bikes are immense, and the BodyCraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike takes all of them one step further. With this durable and efficient machine, you can enjoy your cardio workout to the fullest, making your body work as hard as it can, speeding up your metabolism to start burning fat deposits, using them to fuel your ambition and getting the amazing results sooner than you can say "indoor cycling bike".

The unit is suitable for being used in gyms, for spinning courses – in fact, it is among the preferred choices of the best fitness centers, so if you have tried a spinning class in your local gym, chances are you already used this great product, maybe you just don’t know it. We have already reviewed the best spin bikes on the market in our article here. but this model is a good solid build.

General Features

Quality, sturdiness and efficiency – these are the basic features in short, but let’s see the hardware behind them. The bike is made from the best materials and uses the best components for smooth operation.

The first thing you notice when you look at the bike is the heavy duty steel frame double powder coated in special paint that lasts as long as the steel itself – no scratches, no paint marks on your hands or clothes and, what is even more important, no rust ever. The maximum weight capacity of the bike is 300 pounds.

The seat post – also made from stainless steel – allows the possibility to finely tune the position of your seating, both horizontally and vertically, making the bike an excellent choice for short and very tall users alike, while the ergonomically shaped pedals made from special aluminum alloy feature toe straps that allow you to fit your feet securely and comfortably. You can also choose to replace the pedals with SPDs for an even more racing-course style biking experience.

The bike measures 24 W x 47 H x 43 D and it weighs 129 pounds – it is quite heavy, so you might not want to move it all the time, but it is very ergonomically shaped and comfortably sized, so finding the right place for it is not very difficult.

More Details That Make the Bike Special

The bike is equipped with special components and top-notch technology to make it efficient and silent at the same time:

- It uses a 46-pound precision flywheel with perimeter weighting;

- It features special SKF bearings – components from the most renowned bearing manufacturers in the world – to guarantee smooth, silent and problem-free operation;

- The bike is equipped with three-piece, cold-forged steel cranks;

- The axle spins are made from heat-treated Cro-Moly;

- It is equipped with a Hutchinson 5PK V-ribbed belt used in the automotive industry;

- The bike uses a patented friction brake system that features a special, micro-adjust safety knob;

- The manufacturer trusts the quality of the bike, that’s why it offers lifetime warranty on the resistant frame, five years warranty on the parts, two years on the labor and wear items also come with a warranty of 90 days.

The BodyCraft SPX excels when it comes to comfort features as well – the adjustable seat height is hardly the only quality worth mentioning:

- The height of the handle bar is also adjustable both in the horizontal and in the vertical direction with the help of the micro-engravings on it;

- The Velo saddle provides all the support and comfort you need, making the bike suitable for long and very long training sessions without causing you any discomfort or back pain;

- The unit comes with two bottle holders, allowing you to focus on your training, rather than having to think about where you put your water.

How about the Cons?

The BodyCraft SPX is a bike highly appreciated by those who tried it for its efficiency and comfort. However, the bike has been designed for biking only, which means that it is not equipped with any computer, so there is no device on it to track your performance, nothing to count your pulse, the calories you have burned, the distance that you have covered or the speed you are travelling at (a shortcoming that can be easily overcome if you purchase a cycle computer). It does not come with any compatibility featuresfor mobile devices either.

Another aspect mentioned by users is that the unit does not come with workout plans for beginners, so if you have never used an indoor bike before, you will have to figure out for yourself what works best for you.

So, What's the Verdict?

There may be some shortcomings regarding connectivity and tracking technology, but theBodyCraft SPX is feature-rich, reliable, sturdy, comfortable and, most of all, it is veryreasonably priced. It can be used by beginners and by experienced spinners with equal efficiency, providing a comfortable device for low-impact cardio workout – in short, the unit will offer you the best value for your money.

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