The Best Single Speed Bike For Under $300

Singles speed Budget Road bike

A single gear bike is exactly what the name suggests it is: a bike that has one single gear ratio, which means that the bike is propelled with the help of a flywheel, but the rider has no choice in terms of alternative gears, making pedaling intensity directly related with speed. Single speed bikes have a special sub-category: fixed-gear bikes, …

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The Best Stress Balls to Help Relieve Tension

Stress Balls

Stress is part of our day-to-day lives and also the principal cause of illnesses and physical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, depression, ulcers and many others. We all experience stress, we all go through longer or shorter tense periods and we all need strategies to help us relax and calm down. Some people choose exercise and go to the gym …

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The Best Exercise Bike For Seniors: Review and Buyer’s Guide

Recumbent Bike

Cycling is generally considered to be one of the best, most efficient and most enjoyable forms of exercise for young and middle-aged people and, even more importantly, for seniors looking for a great way to improve their mobility and overall health. When it comes to choosing physical activities that are suitable for seniors, it is very important to select exercise …

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The Best Gym Towels Our Top 5

Workout sweat towel

Going to the gym, exercising at home or working out outdoors is not only about the physical activity – it is also about relaxing and pampering afterwards. Many of us enjoy a long bath or shower after training hard and using a soft and smooth towel when we get out of the water is part of the experience, too. Gym …

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The Best Manual Treadmill: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Running Exercise Machine

Manual treadmills are affordable, yet very efficient cardio devices. Unlike their larger, electrical relatives, manual treadmills are powered by the energy that comes from the user’s pacing, walking or running movements – in other words, you yourself are the power that keeps the treadmill in motion.The Benefits of Using a Manual TreadmillManual treadmills come with various benefits and advantages over …

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Finding The Best Speed Bag Platform

Boxing Punch Bag

The speed bag is the little brother of the punching bag. It is seen as one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment and a staple for any boxer. The relatively small, inflated ball is fastened to a swivel that is attached to a sturdy, shock-absorbent metal frame fixed on the wall or to the ceiling. The user stands …

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Powerblock Elite 50 Review is it Worth The Money?

Powerblock has revolutionized the way we thing of and imagine dumbbells – their extraordinary Powerblock series features a design made up from blocks and an ergonomic support system that makes usage simple and comfortable.Design FeaturesThe Powerblock Elite 50 comes with a blocky, compact design. The Elite 50 pack includes two dumbbells, shipped in two boxes, each unit measuring 12 x …

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Arm Cycle Machine Review – Are They Worth the Money?

Arm Cycle Machine Review

Body weight exercises and lifting weights can go a long way toward providing you with the kind of muscle strength, mass and definition that you’re looking for when it comes to working out. However, when it comes to cardio, you’ll sometimes run into limits that are seemingly insurmountable.The arm cycle machine can give you a quick, easy and affordable way …

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Top 5 Best Weight Lifting Belts

Top 5 Weight Lifting Belts

​ You’ve probably seen weightlifters in the gym wearing belts whenever they workout on the heavier loads and you’re thinking that they’re wearing one because they don’t want to get injured. There is an on-going debate as to whether you should wear one or not and just like with any other gym equipment, there are pros and cons that you …

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5 of The Most Popular Workout DVDs for Women

Most Popular Workout DVDs For Women

In this day and age, workout DVDs have become an impressive new trend, offering reliable advice, recommendations and instructions for full workout plans that are sure to bring you the lean, sexy figure you’ve always wanted. However, using workout DVDs can have many other remarkable benefits, especially if you’re using the best products out there. Enhanced health, increased strength, vitality …

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