Reviews - Part 2


Most Popular Workout DVDs for Women – Our Top 5 Recommended

Most Popular Workout DVDs For Women

In this day and age, workout DVDs have become an impressive new trend, offering reliable advice, recommendations and instructions for full workout plans that are sure to bring you the lean, sexy figure you’ve always wanted. However, using workout DVDs can have many other remarkable benefits, especially if you’re using the best products out there. Enhanced health, increased strength, vitality …

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The Top 5 Best Yoga Pants for Women Reviewed

Best Yoga Pants For Women

Ever wondered about the types of yoga pants that are most versatile, comfortable, hygienic and efficient when it comes to any type of use or workout? While yoga pants are generally suitable for almost any activity, there are five distinct varieties of yoga pants we will be looking at shortly, that determined, successful and empowered women prefer while doing their …

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Cheap Olympic Weight Plates Sets Reviewed

Cheap Olympic Weight Plates

​ Weight plates are often used to create more resistance to an adjustable barbell, dumbbell, or even those weight-bearing machines that are designed to target those hard to reach muscles for a more sculpted look.How weight plates are made depends on how they will be used. Most of the time they can be made from plastic filled with cement, cast …

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Best Running Headphones Reviewed 2017

The Best Running Headphones

Running headphones nowadays are fast becoming in demand as running has become a popular activity not just with the adults but with kids and even the elders once more. There is no denying how music can enhance one’s performance on the road but going with regular headphones can be a real pain especially when the sound quality isn’t as good …

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The Top 5 Ez Curl Bar Review – Editors Choice Winner

Cap Barbell EZ Curl Bar

​As of this year, I have tested over 50 different EZ bars, and I have to say a lot have been very poor including some of the ones you see in commercial gyms. The worst bars can feel completely unnatural and often the spacing between the grips can be too far apart or to close together, often resulting in your …

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5 of the Best Hydration Pack for Running on the Market

5 Best Hydration Backpacks

One sip on the mouth piece of a hydration pack, and you’re hooked. It’s just one of those things that makes life so more convenient, that it is a must have if you’re into any kind of running.It’s all you ever need for your outdoor activities, whether that is hiking, running or even cycling. It helps you perform better, and …

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The Best Hand Grippers to Improve Strength

Best Hand Gripper

Hand grippers are an amazing tool to help build hand, wrist, and forearm strength. Professional weightlifters have acknowledged that this muscle group should not be ignored because the stronger our wrists, hands, and forearms are, the better we are at lifting heavy weights. We use our hands every day to do basic things such as drive, type, and make our …

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The Best Heart Rate Monitors to Keep Track of Your Fitness

The Best Heart Rate Monitors to Keep Track of Your Fitness

Do you feel like your cardio routine is "too easy"? Maybe you are pushing yourself too hard and you cannot get through an entire workout? These thoughts frequently haunt fitness enthusiasts’ minds leaving us to wonder how we can monitor the intensity of our workouts. Heart rate monitors are becoming a popular fitness tool to track the intensity of each …

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Top 5 Best Push Up Bars Reviewed

Top 5 Best Push Up Bars

If I were to ask you what do you think Push-up Bars are used for? You’d probably immediately point out the obvious and say it’s used for push-ups.This is obviously true, but this relatively new piece of workout equipment is more versatile than the name implies. Push up bars are one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment. It …

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The Best Weight Lifting Straps Reviewed – Your Complete Guide

The Best Weight Lifting Straps

Sometimes lifting more weight and pushing forward with your workouts seems to lead you to a dead end. Your limitations, however, are not always due to improper dieting, cycles, or workout routines. Instead, it may simply be a matter of getting a secure grip on the bar bell.That is what weight lifting straps are for. The best weight lifting straps …

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