Reviews - Part 3


A Look At The Best Adidas Trail Running Shoes On The Market

addidas trail running Shoes

​​Trail running shoes seen bettter days? Are you finding it difficult to find a good pair of running shoes that have the comfort and grip to deal with these harsh running environments? We looked at the top line of addias trail running shoes and after much pounding have picked our top 4. Having a good pair of trail running shoes …

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The Best Mini Stepper Exercise Machines Reviewed

mini stepper

What to look for when choosing a mini stepper1. The maximum user weight- It’simportant to always check out a mini stepper’s maximum user weight to see if it can accommodate you as the user especially if you are overweight or have a large frame.2. Durability- This is another key feature for consideration as you will find out that some lower …

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The Top 6 Best Pull Up Bars Reviewed

Pull up bar

The pullup is one of the most challenging of all bodyweight exercises. This is because pullups are compound exercises and properly performing pullups recruits muscles all throughout your back, arms, and core. The ability to perform consecutive pullups is a sign of true strength that will have the ultimate effect of a chiselled physique.In addition to being a mark of …

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5 of The Best Stretch Machines Reviewed 2017

Stretching Machines

When I was younger I was really in to Marshall Arts, but there was one thing I was struggling with and that was being able to do the splits. After struggling day after day for months with very little progress I eventually decided to speak with one of the black belts at my club.This guy could do the splits and …

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Omron HJ-203 Pedometer with Activity Tracker Reviewed

Omron pedomitor

We take a look in detail and review the omron hj-203. As you probably know, adults should walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Pedometers have been invented to help you keep track of the distance you covered walking and are, therefore, important tools to help you stay active and motivated even on rainy days or in periods when you …

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Reebok ZigTech 910 Treadmill Review

Reebok 910

Designed to provide thorough workout sessions for beginner and experienced runners and walkers, the Reebok 910 treadmill comes will all the features you can expect of a unit from a world-class manufacturer and nothing you will not use – if you are looking for a straightforward and efficient machine to provide you with a good aerobic workout, you will surely …

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Our Detailed Body Vision Power Tower PT600 Review

Body Vision Power Tower 600

If you are looking for a great and efficient way to develop trimmed and strong arms, shapely back muscles and that killing six-pack abs in the comfort of your home, the Body Vision PT600 work station is all you need. We had the chance the take a look at the PT600 and we will be revealing all in this review. …

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The Confidence Power Trac Pro Treadmill Full Review

Confidence Treadmill

The Confidence Treadmill is one of the most reliable and most versatile units designed for newcomers to the wonderful universe of running, as well as for those who would like to drop a few dress sizes in an enjoyable and healthy way.General Features of the Confidence TreadmillThe Confidence Treadmill is a lightweight, foldable,motorized unit that can be set up quickly, …

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The Reebok Zigtech 710 Review

Reebok Zigtech 710

Treadmills are no longer units that you can use only in gyms - the Reebok 710 treadmill will make it possible for you to enjoy the professional features of a gym-grade treadmill without having to waste time commuting to the gym and then back home. With this unit, you can train whenever you feel like it, early in the morning, …

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Precor S3.23 Functional Trainer and Bench Combo Review

Precore s232 Equipment

If you are looking for complex, professional, gym-grade equipment that provides you the possibility to perform a wide range of exercises, but does not occupy a lot of space, the Precor S3.23 Functional Trainer and Bench Combo is all you need. With this unit, you will be able to work all your major muscle groups efficiently – whether you want …

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