The Best Gym Towels Our Top 5 - [Editors Pick 2017]

The Best Gym Towels Our Top 5

​ When I look around the gym and still see people using cotton towels for their workout towel it makes me cringe. Whilst cotton towels are great for when you step out the bath or washing your hands, they are not the best for dealing with sweat.

As most people know if you’re not sweating when you working out you’re not working hard enough, but what are the best gym towels to keep the sweat under control?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

We have analyzed some of top exercise towels on the market and our editors pick for those of you that don't want to read the whole article was the Youphoria sports towel which can be purchased from Amazon. You can read below how it compared with the other top five towels on the market.

​The Most Recommended Gym Workout Towels

Youphoria Sport Multi-Purpose Travel Towel

Available in various sizes and colors, the Youphoria is a great choice not only for the gym, but for travelling and home use as well. Made from special microfiber material, these towels are able to hold four times their weight in water, so they are great for swimmers as well. The towel dries very quickly, too, no matter how soaked it was when you lay it out – just spread the wet towel and in a couple of hours you will have a fresh and fluffy piece of fabric that smells just as great as when you took it out of the washing machine.

With the Youporia, it is not only the material that is of the highest quality – the stitching around the edges is not only attractive, but also very strong to guarantee that no fraying occurs. Your set will include a mesh carrying bag and a hanging loop to make usage even more comfortable.

Fit Spirit Super Absorbent Microfiber Sport Towels

Whether it is traveling, swimming, hiking or gym training that you need a soft, fluffy, quick-drying and highly absorbent towel for, Fit Spirit Super Absorbent Microfiber Sport Towels will surely be to your liking. Manufactured with the latest microfiber technology, these Fit Spirit towels are soft when you start using them and will stay soft for long years. They are also lightweight and fold into a compact shape to make sure they do not take up too much space in your bag.

Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports

This extra-large towel measures 40 inches in length and 12 inches in width to provide all the comfort and pampering a towel can offer. The Alfamo is a mesh towel, not a fluffy piece of fabric and it comes with a very special feature: it has a cooling function that becomes activated when you soak the fabric, then wring it out and snap it. The fabric stays chilled for three hours without any dripping, so the towel is great not only for leisure activities, but also for people who need cold therapy. The product comes in an anti-bacterial bag and a carabiner hook to allow you to dry it and then pack it easily.

Sunland Microfiber Towel

Sunland Microfiber Workout Towel is a compact, super-absorbent, lightweight microfiber towel that is ideal for traveling, workout as well as for everyday usage homes. It dries so quickly that it can be used several times during the same day – you will not feel the discomfort of having to use a damp piece of fabric to dry yourself. The soft towel comes in an attractive carry bag that features a mesh design to facilitate drying.

Swol Fitness Bamboo Fiber Towel

These towels are made from bamboo fiber of the highest quality – not the variety preferred by pandas, but one used for making fabrics – and it gives you the combined benefits of the great material and the state of the art technology used for processing it. Swol Fitness towels are not only environment-friendly – they also have great anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities, so they prevent skin irritation and are free from unpleasant odors, they come with an absorbing power that is superior even to the finest cotton and they are also soft and fluffy to give you the perfect care.

Going to the gym, exercising at home or working out outdoors is not only about the physical activity – it is also about relaxing and pampering afterwards. Many of us enjoy a long bath or shower after training hard and using a soft and smooth towel when we get out of the water is part of the experience, too. Gym towels are very important for maintaining proper hygiene during your workouts as well – many gym goers use separate towels to cover workout equipment before using it, as well as to drain the sweat from their face and arms. Towels are indispensable not only if you want to follow proper gym protocol, but also if you want to protect yourself against germs and bacteria, so they fulfil a triple role: pleasure, protection and etiquette.

Choosing the right gym towel is just as important as choosing the right training gear, so here are a few ideas about what to look for if you want the perfect piece of fabric.

What Material Should You Choose?

Gym towels are nowadays made from various materials, allowing you to choose the material that works best for your needs.

Cotton is the traditional material towels are made from and the choice of many gym goers for a good reason. Cotton towels have great absorbency features, they dry very fast and they are mild on the skin, being suitable even for those who have very sensitive skin or are suffering from skin problems. Cotton towels are also very durable – you will be able to use a good cotton piece for years, without having to worry about fading color, diminished absorbency rate or a worn appearance.

However, cotton is not the only good material that you can choose. Microfiber is becoming a more and more popular option when it comes to gym towels – the combination of polyester materials used to make the microfiber guarantee durability, easy cleaning and high water absorbency. The material has several features that makes it superior to cotton:

- the fibers in the composition of the material are almost indestructible, they don’t shed or deform, not even after years of usage,

- microfiber dries almost ten times faster than cotton towels,

- the synthetic material has excellent dirt repellent qualities, being able to keep off germs and bacteria,

- microfiber towels are soft to touch and gentle on the skin.

Bamboo is another material widely used for manufacturing towels. Bamboo towels are practical and they also have a luxurious feel – they have great absorbent qualities, they are breathable, they repel odors and they are hypoallergenic, too. They are easy to take care of as well – bamboo towels do not need any ironing or softeners to stay fluffy.

These are some of the most dependable and practical gym towels, ensuring an excellent workout experience – whichever one you choose, you can be sure you’ll love it!

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