If You Want To Dance Into Shape And Define That Six-Pack Read This Hip Hop Abs Review

Hip Hop Abs Review

If You Want To Dance Into Shape And Define That Six-Pack Read This Hip Hop Abs Review

If you love Hip-Hop and are looking at ways to shed those unwanted lbs then please continue reading this Hip Hop Abs review. Shaun T is your man behind this fun and ultra-hip workout program. Not only will it do wonders for your waistline, it will also work to give you a six-pack to be proud of.

What do you need to complete this program?

The first thing is a love of hip hop. If you have this then boy is it going to be fun. Throw in a little willpower, and enough space to dance to your hearts content and that is it!Hip Hop Abs Review

Don’t worry if you can’t dance!

Please do not worry if you think you can’t dance. The clips Shaun T has filmed show you exactly how to follow his dance routines. Once you get the hang of these you can store them in your ‘dance locker’ for when you have lost that weight. Then you can show them off on any dance-floor you please!

How long does the program last?

This is a compact 4 week program. You will get 4 workout DVD’s with a variety of exercise routines on each. These vary in length with the shortest being 13 minutes and the longest just 45 minutes. This means that even the busiest hip-hopper should be able to fit these routines into their daily schedule.

What is the programs aim?

While you shake everything you have you will be carrying out fat burning exercises as well as exercises targeted to strengthen your body.

Tilt, Tuck and Tighten

When reading any Hip Hop Abs review it will become clear that by following this program you will lose weight in a really enjoyable way. Shaun T’s Tilt, Tuck and Tighten technique will burn your excess fat, eat up those unwanted calories and tighten your midriff. This is a perfect combination when helping to define that sexy six-pack.

Easy to follow

Unlike many other weight loss programs Hip-Hop Abs is easy to follow due to the excellent way it is structured.  The first of your 4 weeks will bring you up-to-speed with what is required. The second and third week will see a reduction in your waistline as those unwanted lbs of fat disappear, and in the fourth week you will be concentrating on a;

Total Body Workout

Each session is a full 45 minutes worth of complete head-to-toe exercise. You will be combining cardio work with total body sculpting. By the end of the program your body will be leaner and tighter. This will leave you feeling healthier and give you a far more attractive body shape.

Wow your partner

At the end of this excellent program your partner will see a new you, and if you do not currently have a partner the results this program offers mean you will soon have many suitors waiting in the wings!

Hopefully this Hip Hop Abs review has given anyone carrying excess weight an insight into a fun way to lose it. If so get up and go for it BIG time!