Hip Hop Abs – Weight Loss At Its Hippest, Happiest And Healthiest!

Hip Hop Abs – Weight Loss At Its Hippest, Happiest And Healthiest!

Hip Hop Abs – Weight Loss At Its Hippest, Happiest And Healthiest!

The Hip Hop Abs weight loss program has been devised by your man Shaun T, and what an excellent job he has done.

Why is this program so different from others?

For a start it is fun, far too many weight loss programs are far too rigid and can discourage you before you even get started.Hip Hop Abs

The Hip-Hop tracks which go with your exercises are top-notch. Even if you were just listening to this music it would have your toes wriggling and your body moving.

It is clearly structured and well explained. Shaun T dances you through each and every move and exercise to ensure you know exactly what to do and why you are doing it.

What do you get for your money?

This weight-loss and body toning program is great value for money. You get 4 easy to follow DVD’s. These will help you lose that unwanted weight and tone your body in a fun and effective way.

Secret To Flat Abs

Shaun explains and demonstrates his exclusive techniques which will target your upper abs, lower abs and obliques. Follow his Tilt, Tuck and Tighten advice and you will burn fat leaving you with a flat and seductive midriff.

Fat Burning Cardio

While listening to the hottest music around you will dance your way to calorie burning and fat shedding like never before.

Ab Sculpt

Follow yet more of Shaun’s signature Ab moves to define that sexy six-pack, and then appreciate those admiring looks wherever you go.

Total Body Burn

This set of Hip Hop Abs exercises are the final and most comprehensive set of workouts in the collection. You will be carrying out head-to-toe exercises which combine cardio work with complete body sculpting as well as ab-defining moves. Following these workouts will leave you with a tighter and firmer body.

Shaun is far from finished yet!

You will also receive a step-by-step nutrition guide which will help you choose the right foods to eat for even greater weight-loss. There is a 30-day workout calendar which allows you to chart your progress and success, and you will receive 24/7 online support.

Included in this support are live chats with Shaun himself and contact with his online community. Then there is a measurement card and tape measure. It will be a pleasure using these as they will show you what progress you are making.

4 free gifts

On top of everything above you will also receive 4 free gifts. There is a ‘Hips, Buns and Thighs DVD which will help get rid of those ‘stubborn’ fat areas. Forget those boring squats and lunges. You will dance your way back into those skinny jeans.

There is also a ‘results on the run’ guide which lets you know what you can eat at your favourite fast food restaurant without feeling guilty. You will also get an excellent 6-day slim-down plan which is designed to jump-start your weight loss. Following this will help you to lose up to 3 inches from your waist in the first week alone.

The final Hip Hop Abs free gift is a DVD with 3 full Hip Hop dance routines that are amongst the biggest in the industry. Once you’ve got the hang of these you will be burning up dance-floors everywhere you go!