The Best Mini Stepper Exercise Machines Reviewed

The Best Mini Stepper Exercise Machines Reviewed

Gold's Gym Mini Stepper

What to look for when choosing a mini stepper

1. The maximum user weight- It’simportant to always check out a mini stepper’s maximum user weight to see if it can accommodate you as the user especially if you are overweight or have a large frame.

2. Durability- This is another key feature for consideration as you will find out that some lower end models can be quite unreliable.

3. Levels of resistance- As you will come to realize after working out, your leg strength will increase and you need to ensure that there are several levels of resistance to choose from and they should range from very easy to difficult.

4. Versatility- This should be considered if it is of importance to your workout program.Some newer mini steppers have resistance bands attached which allow you to work the upper and lower body simultaneously.

5. Safety- This without doubt is paramount to any mini stepper that you decide to buy. There are some which can slip around and as such can be unsafe if used on a slippery surface.

Are Mini Steppers Effective At Getting A Good Workout?

When compared to larger steppers, ministeppers aren’t as good in workout quality overall but do offer anaffordable, portable and convenient means of supplementing a person’s daily exercise routine, but don’t entirely rely on them for conditioning.


Burning calories

The mini stepper provides a good option if you are looking for ways to burn additional calories throughout the day. If you for instance decide to use a mini stepper at your desk, this could help you burn around 100 calories extra every 60 minutes. Standing and vigorously moving on your mini stepper also means that even more calories are expended but it doesn’t burn as many calories. A full sized stepper’s power of burning is around 450 calories every hour for a person who is 155 pounds.

Toning muscles

Mini steppers work a person’s lower body toning the hips and legs. During continues use you can expect some improvement in toning of the muscles in the area previously mentioned.

What muscles do mini steppers work?

A mini stepper’s motion mimics climbing of stairs and can provide a good cardio workout for burning fat. It also helps in toning the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles which compose the calves; the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, ; gluteus minimus and tensor fasciae latae muscles located in a person’s glutes;hamstrings and quadriceps in the thighs. A number of mini steppers lack handles for holding unlike machines located in the gym which means that your body is forced to engage the core muscles so that balance can be kept. There are some mini steppers that come with resistance bands for working out your arms and upper body.

Do mini steppers tone your bum?

If you really want to whip the rear end into shape, the stepper can be very helpful. Working out the glutes and legs, the stepper builds muscle tissue which perks up and shapes the bum. To be clear, this machine doesn’t spot remove fat from the bum. You need to eat fewer calories than what you burn as this leads to fat loss throughout the body.

How the mini stepper helps

With each stepper motion, your thigh and gluteal muscles are contracted. This provides strength and toning to the butt and over time providing lift. For a workout that is fuller, you may even use this machine backwards if your model can guarantee doing this safely. You still will engage the glutes but reach different areas.

Below is what we deemed to be the best mini steppers currently on the market. They where chosen for their build quality ease of use and price.

Gold's Gym Mini Stepper

Gold's Gym Mini Stepper

This mini stepper has a design that is very compact and easy to use and doesn’t take up much space.

It’s well balanced frame can support up to 250 pounds while the inbuilt electric monitor can track the number of calories that a person has burned, the step count and time that has been spent per session.

Both the machine’s pedals are large, patterned and produce a rolling action that is smooth and gentle on the bones and joints. On the other hand its feet that are rubberized are a boost to stability plus they help to protect your floors.

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

This is a very basic stepperand if all that you want is stepping then it just fits right in, but the great thing about this stepper is that it comes with resistance bands which allow you to work the upper and lower body. Although the display is very basic you do get a lot of stepper for the money.


· Rubber resistance bands that are detachable

· Computer screen

· Adjustable resistance

· A Large maximum weight of 250 pounds

Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

This is another good offering from Sunny which is competitively priced in the market. The machine offers a superb low impact cardiovascular workout.

Its resistance

This stepper comes fully equipped with 12 levels of resistance which perform an excellent job in varying out your workout. The lower resistance levels are perfect for beginners and the higher level resistance is another to give most fitness fanatics a good workout.

Stepping motion

It’s all thanks to the resistance cylinders which offer a good smooth stepping action. What is really loved however is the fact that this is a very quiet machine.

The pedals’ edges have a raised ridge and this makes it unlikely that a person’s feet may slide off while exercising which is common with cheaper stepper models.


Display isn’t anything special. It monitors everything that a person expects it to like step count, calories and time. The screen is also very easy to read even from a standing height.


It’s an easy task assembling this machine and it should take a person about ten minutes setting it up. All that needs to be done is attaching one of the pistons and the handlebars to the machine’s main unit.Everything needed for assembly such as washers and bolts have also been provided by the company. Storage of the unit is also very easy as the folding mechanism is a blessing.

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