The Best Optimum Nutrition Flavor

The Best Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Flavor

We hear a lot about the importance of consuming quality proteins – without protein, no muscle growth and cell regeneration would be possible and we would not be able to grow and to develop. However, it is very difficult to provide the body with protein in sufficient quantity and quality only from out diet and the situation becomes even more complex and difficult for those who have a physically active life and need even more protein to be able to keep going.

Fortunately, products containing whey protein extract have been invented to cater to our needs for healthy and pure protein. Whey products are made from the watery component of milk (not the fatty component that is used for making cream and cheese) and they contain high quality amino acids that are easy to absorb. In its initial form, whey extract is a fine, brownish powder that does not taste very good, but the best suppliers, such as the world-leader Optimum Nutrition, have found a way to flavor the powder, creating products that taste like the most delicious creations of your favorite confectionery.

Our Favorite Optimum Nutrition Flavor

  • Double Rich Chocolate – as the name suggests, this flavor is very, very chocolaty, it has a smooth texture and a beautiful, velvety color
  • Chocolate Mint – a classic combination of delicious chocolate and pungent mint
  • Banana Cream – a great, smooth, refreshing banana taste
  • Cookies and Cream – like savoring chocolate chip cookies with a cup of strong, good coffee tamed with some silky, thick cream
  • Delicious Strawberry – strawberry is among the most frequently encountered flavors when it comes to whey protein shakes, but this flavoring is closer to the flavor of the fruit than some fresh strawberries.

What Flavors Are Available

Optimum Nutrition’s most popular whey product, Gold Standard, comes in 16 flavors ranging from fruity flavors, fruit flavor combinations to classics such as chocolate and vanilla. Those who have a sweet tooth will surely enjoy the Caramel Toffee Fudge or the Double Rich Chocolate, while those who prefer exotic flavors will love the Tropical Punch or Root Beer Float.

Tips for Picking a Flavor

Whatever whey protein flavor you choose, you can be sure that the powder inside is of the same impeccable quality. If you are not sure which flavor to choose, Optimum Nutrition has put together a Variety Pack to help you decide – the package contains a package of each of its flavors, altogether 16 helpings of healthy and delicious whey sake powder.

When prepared with milk, the flavors are more intensive, but your protein shake will be amazing with water as well. If you have no problem consuming milk and you are in a bulking cycle, prepare your shakes with skimmed milk, but if you are planning to make Optimum Nutrition shakes part of your weight loss diet or if you are allergic to dairy, prepare the shakes with water to avoid extra calories and break-outs. Either way, your shakes will be not only delicious, but also very good for you.







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