Finding The Best Speed Bag Platform

Finding The Best Speed Bag Platform

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The speed bag is the little brother of the punching bag. It is seen as one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment and a staple for any boxer. The relatively small, inflated ball is fastened to a swivel that is attached to a sturdy, shock-absorbent metal frame fixed on the wall or to the ceiling. The user stands in front of the ball and smashes the ball with speed – an excellent way to let off steam, to increase strength, to improve hand to eye coordination and to have fun.

What to Look for in a Speed Bag Platform

You need the best speed bag platform to be able to make the most of your punching training, so here are the two most important aspects to keep in mind while looking for the most suitable unit:

- The quality of the bag – most platforms do not include bags, so you will probably need to buy your punchbag separately. Like any other piece of gym equipment, speed bags also come in various sizes and quality levels. You should choose your bag based on your goals and on how experienced you are as a boxer. Get a larger bag if you are a beginner, use a smaller one of you are more versed, but no matter how experienced you are, always choose the bag that feels the sturdiest and is made using the best material. If you choose a leather bag, inspect the stitching and evaluate the quality of the shell, too. If you prefer synthetic material, go for the highest quality, too.

- Adjustability – high quality is a must for the frame as well, but there is one more aspect you should pay attention to when you choose the platform: you will need to look for adjustability as well, especially if there will be users of different heights using the speed ball. Some of the best speed ball platforms use durable and sturdy spring pin locks to make height adjustments possible.

Reviews and Suggestions for the Best Speed Bag Platform

With the following mini-reviews, we would like to help you choose the platform that matches your requirements and which will serve you for long years to come.

XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811

The platform does not include the bag itself, but it has everything else you need for assembling and mounting the speed bag platform. The mainframe of the unit is made from 11-gauge steel that absorbs any vibration, even when you get carried away and you hit your ball very hard. The platform that the ball comes attached to is made from one-and-a-half-inch thick hardwood with smooth and shiny furniture finish for increased durability and attractive appearance. The unit includes the ball-bearing swivel as well – an example of professional engineering and practical design.

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

This platform features the impeccable quality that has made Everlast one of the world-leaders on the market of gym gear for home use. The board measures 24 inches in diameter, making it suitable for bags of any size. The swivel, the brace boards and the hardware provided for assembly are all of the highest quality. The platform does not include the ball and you will have to use your own mounting hardware, too, but it is available for an excellent price.

Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag Platform

The Valor Fitness CA-53 Speed Bag Platform not only looks durable, sturdy and professional – it is all that, indeed, what’s more, the package now includes the bag as well (a feature very rarely found with high quality platforms and only recently added by Valor). The steel frame is made using industry-grade steel and it accommodates the equally sturdy, 2-inch wood platform safely and firmly. The entire platform is surrounded by a platform ring to protect the ball, the frame and the area surrounding the platform as well. The unit allows for multiple height adjustments using the worm drive. The mounting brackets are suitable for installation on a cement wall ,as well as on wood mounts and the package includes mounting bolts as well. The package includes assembly tools and mounting instructions.

The Benefits of Using a Speed Bag

Integrating speed bag training into your exercise routine comes with multiple benefits:

-Improving hand-eye coordination, thus improving your performance not only in boxing, but in any sporting activity that requires you to react quickly to the action of your adversary such as ball games,

- Timing skills and rhythm can also be improved with the help of a speed ball,

- Speed bag training increases arm and shoulder strength,

- While large punch bags that don’t swing back increase only strength, speed bags improve reaction time, too,

- Speed bag training is excellent cardio exercise – combine the punching motion of the arms with some jumping around and leg work and you will soon feel as if you had been running for miles,

- Speed bags occupy relatively little space and using the bag does not require a large room either, so speed bag platforms can be installed in small places, even in a hidden corner of your office, providing you with an excellent, hidden tool against stress and anxiety,

- The speed bag is an excellent stress relief tool as well – just start punching it and you will feel all the tension go instantly. What makes the speed bag such an excellent relaxation tool is only partly the way it prompts you to move – the rhythmic, soothing, pounding sound the bag makes when it is hit is also incredibly relaxing.

Speed bag training is great and highly beneficial for anyone. If you are a boxer looking for a piece of equipment to use at home, an amateur boxing enthusiast, or an athlete who wants to set up his own small personal gym, a speed bag platform is certainly an excellent asset. Speed bag training is great for men and women as well – ladies too can use the bag to help lose weight and to get fitter, faster and more alert.

The models presented here can be great options for your training needs, so have a closer look at them, consider your specific requirements, and… happy shopping!

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