The Best Hand Grippers to Improve Strength

The Best Hand Grippers to Improve Strength

Best Hand Grippers to Improve Strength

Hand grippers are an amazing tool to help build hand, wrist, and forearm strength. Professional weightlifters have acknowledged that this muscle group should not be ignored because the stronger our wrists, hands, and forearms are, the better we are at lifting heavy weights. We use our hands every day to do basic things such as drive, type, and make our food. So why do we always overlook these muscles in our weekly workout routines? It is simple to add a hand and forearm workout to your exercise routine. The best hand grippers are small enough, and powerful enough, to give these muscles a good burn even when you are away from the gym.

Benefits of using a hand gripper

Increase hand endurance: Hand grippers are popular among musicians, professional race car drivers, and writers because the more they exercise their hand muscles, the longer and easier it is for them to work. Guitarists find hand grippers with the ability to work individual fingers a great endurance exercise on the road because hand grippers take up little space and can be used virtually anywhere. When you are lengthening your endurance you will find that it becomes easier to firmly grasp an object for long periods of time without your hand cramping.

Improve your dexterity: Have you ever heard of someone complaining of hand cramps after writing a lengthy letter? Using hand grippers will improve your skill in performing tasks, especially ones that rely greatly on your hands and fingers.

Increase hand strength: Do you struggle opening a can of pickles? The more you increase your hand strength, the more jars you will find yourself being able to open. Not only do hand grippers increase your hand strength, but they also strengthen your wrists and forearms. This becomes incredibly important in sports where you are required to strongly grip an object–such as a tennis racket.

Better defined forearms: Forearm muscles control your fingers, and the more you work out your fingers the more defined your forearms will become. Opening and closing your hands engages your wrists, forearm flexors and extensors and over time these muscles will make gains and create an ideal defined look.

Relieve stress: Sometimes it just feels good to squeeze. Clinching and opening your fists is a great way to relieve stress and lower blood pressure.

Enhance weight training: Greater hand strength and endurance means that you will be better at lifting weights. Lifting heavy weights put major stress on the wrists and hands. If you are not working out these muscles it is going to be harder to lift heavy weights because your wrists are going to become too tired too quickly. Many weight lifters encourage others to work these muscles because they know the importance they play when it comes to lifting heavy weights.

Muscle Groups Targeted

There are over 30 muscles in each hand and forearm that benefit from the regular use of a hand gripper. These muscles work together every day for each one of us to carry out our most basic tasks. Hand grippers force these muscles to work in unison to help get a quick and easy burn. It is a little shocking,and amazing, to use a hand gripper for the first time and feel sore in places you have never been sore before.

Flexor Hand Muscles: These muscles are located in the anterior side of the arm which reaches up to the forearm. The three major muscles are the flexor carpus radialis, flexor carpus ulnaris, and the palmarislongus muscles. The flexor hand muscles help move the wrist around. These muscles are responsible for carpal tunnel pain and strengthening these muscles can sometimes elevate the pain.

Extensor Hand Muscles:These muscles are found in the posterior side of the forearm and extend to the wrist and each finger. This muscle tends to separate the fingers as it extends them. These muscles work with the intermediate hand muscles to move fingers and the wrist.

Hand Muscles: thenar, hypothenar, and intermediate:The muscles of the hand can be broken down into three main areas. The thenar region is the grouping of muscles at the base of the thumb and is mainly responsible for the hand’s gripping ability and flexibility. The hypothenar muscle, the palm of your hand by the pinky finger, is responsible for the movement of the pinky finger. The intermediate muscle region is between the thenar and hypothenar, or the palm of your hand. These muscles are mainly responsible for moving your fingers around and pinching.

Different Types of Exercises:

A poor grip can prevent your workout regime from hitting the next level, especially if you are a weight lifter. When your grip improves, so does the rest of your body. With over 30 muscles in your hand and forearm, it is relatively easy to overlook a major group while working with a hand gripper. Here is a list of exercises to utilize all of the targeted muscle groups:

Basic squeeze: The most common way to use a hand gripper is by doing the basic squeeze.For this exercise place your thumb around one handle and your fingers around the other handle. Squeeze the handles as close together as you can and hold for 5 seconds. Do a set of 8reps and switch hands.

Reverse squeeze: Close the grip using both hands. Release one hand and use the other hand to slowly–slow as possible- release the grip. Try starting out with 4 reps before switching working hands.

Pinch squeeze: Place your thumb around one of the handles. Wrap one finger around the other handle and squeeze the handles as close together as you are able to. Repeat with each finger and start with 3reps each.


Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

At first we chuckled at the packaging, until we tried it out. This is a serious hand gripper that provides a lot of resistance and a solid grip.The Captain of Crush hand gripper is made with aircraft graded aluminum and comes in a variety of difference resistances.


  • High quality materials


  • Expensive price tag
  • Can feel abrasive without grip covers

Lifestyle Lite

LifeStyle Lite Hand Gripper

This perfectly green hand gripper uses a spring release to adjust tension, making us feel incontrol of how intense we want our workout. The grip allows a firm grab without slipping. We liked howwe could do a variety of exercises with this particular grip.


  • Adjustable–22-88lbs of resistance
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive green color


  • Feels unstable and flimsy when it’s adjusted to its max resistance

j/fit Starter Hand Grips

j/fit Starter Hand Grip

This is a basic foam hand gripper that you are more likely to see in a gym. This particular one feels like it is best for beginners and is nonadjustable for resistance. We feel like this would be an ideal product for someone recovering from an injury and is trying to establish hand muscles again.


  • Simplistic design and generic grips makes it easy to modify workouts
  • Affordable
  • The resistance is love which makes it great for beginners


  • Squeaky
  • The grips become overly sweaty and slippery and are thin making the hand grip uncomfortable after long periods of time.

Supreme Squeeze Hand Strengthener

Supreme Squeeze Hand Strengthener

The first thing we noticed with the Supreme Squeeze was how rockin’ the packaging is. This hand gripper is very appeasing to the eye with its red and black design. This hand grip is moderately easy; supplying a resistance of 66 lbs means it is perfect for beginners.If you find the resistance to be too easy, the grips are removable giving it greater resistance.


  • Removable grips to adjust resistance or comfort
  • Moderate resistance for a range of workout enthusiasts


  • Grips move around too easily
  • The grip width is small which prevents a full open range of motion

​Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

This unique hand gripper provides individual finger workouts with its spring loaded pistons. We thought this hand gripper was fun because it gave our work out a different variety of exercises that the other hand grippers did not. We thought the individual springs gave us more choices and more resistance.


  • Creates many variables and exercising
  • The individual finger workouts are great for improving individual finger strength


  • Can get extremely slippery
  • Uncomfortable
  • Too small for larger hands


Although most of us do not actively think about working our hand and forearm muscles, we can see instant improvement after using hand grippers in our daily routine. The best hand grippers on the market can better define our forearm muscles, relieve stress, and most importantly build hand and forearm strength.

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