The Top 5 Best Yoga Pants for Women Reviewed

The Top 5 Best Yoga Pants for Women Reviewed

Best Yoga Pants For Women

Ever wondered about the types of yoga pants that are most versatile, comfortable, hygienic and efficient when it comes to any type of use or workout? While yoga pants are generally suitable for almost any activity, there are five distinct varieties of yoga pants we will be looking at shortly, that determined, successful and empowered women prefer while doing their workouts.

Best Yoga Pants Style

If you’re not familiar with the best types of yoga pants and yoga pants styles, it can be a real chore to select the ones that are best suited to what you specifically need.

In the following, we will take a look at five of the best yoga pants that are well-designed and stylish, made to be both practical and comfortable, while meeting all your style-related requirements.

Spalding Yoga Pants

1. Spalding Yoga Pant

For a looser pair of pants that will make you feel free and at ease during your relaxing yoga sessions, spalding pants are the way to go!

The straight leg fit will be great for walking and jogging, but also for light and moderate exercise. These pants are generally made from 92% cotton, which means they are machine-friendly, as well as reasonably affordable – as long as the competition isn’t polyester.

90 Degree Yoga Pants

2. 90 Degree Yoga Pants

These pants are ideal for working out and running outside in colder weather. Due to its quality fleece material and warmer feel, they can be used for a variety of activities, both indoors and outside.

If you’re used to cotton, you might find it difficult to get used to these, as the combination of polyester and spandex could feel somewhat out of place for a while. Once you get accustomed to the pants, however, they will feel surprisingly soft and comfortable, and the lower than average price is definitely a great asset as well!

Danskin Yoga Pants

3. Danskin Yoga Pantx

Danskin pants are available in a number of different styles and fabrics, and their main focus is to facilitate comfortable stretching and posing in all yoga discipline, as well as pilates.

A snug fit, casual look and wide range of sizes are the main characteristics that define Danskin yoga pants and give them the versatility they are known for. Also quite durable, they will withstand the test of time, even if you work out every day.

Viosi Yoga Pants

.4 Viosi Yoga Pants

Smooth and comfortable fabrics, fashionable styling options and genuine cotton selections are the qualities that have made the Viosi brand one of the most well-known manufacturers of quality yoga pants worldwide.

With a beautiful selection of stylish colors, these pants will probably give you the most freedom when it comes to choosing the yoga pant designs that will look just perfect on you.

Hollywood Star Fashion Yoga Pants

5. Hollywood Star Fashion Yoga Pants

For women who want to feel both comfortable and sexy while working out, Hollywood Star Fashion yoga pants will deliver on that and much more. Made from more than 90% cotton, most items absorb sweat quite easily, and are very soft and comfortable. They also conform to your body shape, so you’ll feel great throughout your workout.

Inexpensive and well-made, they are ideal for long term use, and can be washed without difficulty, as long as you only use cold washing cycles.

Yoga Pants Benefits

For starters, let’s take a closer look at what makes yoga pants so special. Here are a few of the main yoga pants benefits you should be looking for when shopping for a new pair:

  • Yoga pants are, first of all, ideally suited for yoga due to their remarkable comfort and lightweight, flexible construction. They are suited to all types of workouts, and can comfortably be used both at home and during your yoga classes. With regards to yoga pants, one-size-fits-all is typically what you get.
  • Sweating can be a great problem if you don’t want to take a shower 3-4 times a day, especially after intensive workouts when you don’t always have the time or energy. Yoga pants absorb sweat more easily than other clothing items, and leave you feeling dry and extremely comfortable.
  • While yoga pants used to only offer a few different styling options, today you can go wild and pick just about any type of yoga pant you want. From flare-bottom to spalding and danskin yoga pants, or even Hollywood star fashion yoga pants, you have plenty of versatile options to choose from.
  • You don’t have to buy separate pants for running, cardio, yoga and strength workouts. One pair (plus replacements) will suffice regardless of the types of workouts you plan on, and in most cases they will even make your workouts easier, when compared to anything you may have worn in the past.
  • Finally, the great thing about yoga pants is that they can be worn all day, so you don’t have to worry about having to change after a session – that is, unless you need to get to a formal gathering. Yoga pants can be worn during any activity, offering ideal comfort, as well as practical benefits.

How to Clean Yoga Pants

Although choosing the right yoga pants is a good idea, buying expensive pants will mean you have to take good care of them. Since yoga pants have to be washed after every workout session – to prevent yeast and bacteria from being reintroduced to the body if you wear them again – it’s important to take great care when cleaning them.

So go easy on detergent, avoid fabric softener at all costs, and never add your yoga pants to the same load as towels and similar heavy fabrics that could leave your newly bought pants looking like a used pair after the first couple of washes. Also, make sure you use cold water cycles, as synthetics, organic cotton and bamboo pieces hate hot water.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you find the best types of yoga pants for your own specific use, and to take good care of them in the long run. You’ll find that, if cared for properly, yoga pants will reward you with comfortable and pleasing workout sessions every time.

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