The Top 5 Ez Curl Bar Review

The Top 5 Ez Curl Bar Review – Editors Choice Winner

CAP Barbell EZ Curl Bar

​As of this year, I have tested over 50 different EZ bars, and I have to say a lot have been very poor including some of the ones you see in commercial gyms. The worst bars can feel completely unnatural and often the spacing between the grips can be too far apart or to close together, often resulting in your elbows sticking out ​when doing bicep curls, which most weight trainers know is very bad form.​

The Best EZ Curl Bars

ModelCollarsMax Weight CapacityEditor RatingPrice
XMark EZ Curl Bar

Snap ring lock System400lb9

Best All Round Bar

BodySolid EZ Curl Olympic Bar

Collars not included200lb8.5

Marcy Olympic Curl Bar


Best Budget Bar

CAP Barbell EZ Curl Bar


Champion Barbell E-Z Curl Bar


The Top 5 Ez Curl Bar Weight Reviews

Add the Ez Curl Bar to your arsenal of workout equipment and you’ll be sure to have a competitive advantage over your gym counterparts. Here are the top 5 Ez Curl Bar’s out on the market, with some pros and cons for you to consider:

1. XMark EZ Curl Bar

XMark EZ Curl Bar

Heavy duty commercial grade bar

​2. BodySolid EZ Curl Olympic Bar

Body Solid EZ Curl Bar

Talk about an Ez Curl Bar with a nice aesthetic finish. The Body Solid Z Curl Olympic Bar offers the best of both worlds – a great reliable workout whilst achieving maximum gains. One of the key pull features is the safety component which it brings. The angled dual grip ensures that there is minimum damage to your elbows and wrists, and reduces any possible wear and tear to your body. The angled dual grips also targets both inner and outer bicep muscles, so it’s really a great piece of equipment.


  • The bar can sometimes leave black mark on your hands after a workout
  • Great durability and easy to store anywhere


  • The bar can sometimes leave black mark on your hands after a workout
  • Collars not included

​3. Marcy Olympic Curl Bar

Marcy Olympic Curl Bar

Comfortable grip for anyone

​4. CAP Barbell EZ Curl Bar

CAP Barbell EZ Curl Bar

The CAP Barbell EZ Curl Bar is a tried and tested product, and highly recommended if you want something quick and easy to use.

​5. Champion Barbell E-Z Curl Bar

Champion Barbell EZ Curl Bar

When the Champion barbell Ez Curl Bar is mentioned in gymming circles, there are immediately smiles all round. It is a known contributor to explosive muscle gains. It’s sturdy and is found in most gyms, and also can easily be used at home. The standard size is 1 inch, weighing 21.4 pounds. It’s easy to put together if you do happen to purchase it.


  • Is one of the most affordable Ez Bar curls on the market
  • Does not have a fixed weight, so you’re not limited.
  • Comes with speed clip.

If you’re into intermediate working out, this bar is not for you. Use it as stepping stone with for greater weights and workouts in future. If you’re a beginner, then this is perfect.

And Finally, It’s easy to use! Hence the name “EZ bar”. You’ll get the hang of it within minutes of picking it up.

If you want to know how an ez bar compares to a straight bar we have written an article about the differences. ​

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