Top 5 Best Push Up Bars Reviewed

Top 5 Best Push Up Bars Reviewed

Top 5 Best Push Up Bars

If I were to ask you what do you think Push-up Bars are used for? You’d probably immediately point out the obvious and say it’s used for push-ups.

This is obviously true, but this relatively new piece of workout equipment is more versatile than the name implies. Push up bars are one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment. It provides you with an endless possibilities of workouts whilst giving you the full upper body workout experience. Whether it is chiseling,toning or pure muscle gaining you are looking to do, push up bars provides a way to do this.

Why you need to start using push up bars:

Before purchasing one of these push-up bars, it might cross your mind why you would need it when you can rely on traditional push-ups. The concept behind the push-bars is that it enables to go beyond the standard push-up exercise. Consider the following benefits of push-up bars:

  • Greater depth–with standard push ups you are limited to the space between the ground and your arm length. Push-up bars allows you to extend your body a bit more,to go down lower to the ground. Your flexibility and strength training multiplies because you are able to double the depth of how far you go to the ground. This stretches your chest a bit further as well, and uses the full range of your pectoral muscles.
  • Push up bars allows you to exercise in different ways, and is not only limited to pushups. The tool is versatile and you’re able to various workouts with it; including planking, L-sits, triceps dips and so forth. It also enables you to do a more versatile set of push up exercises–whether it is a diamond shaped push up or military style.
  • Less stress on your wrists–one of the disadvantages of using traditional push ups to workout is the increased strain that is put on your wrists due to over-extension. A pushup bar alleviates much of the pain and stress on the wrists and arms.

The best 5 push up bars out there:

There are several great push up bar products out there. We’ve reviewed the top 5 push up bars on the market. Take a look:

1)CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars

Top 5 Best Push Up Bars

With a classic push up exterior design, the CAP Barbell Push up bar provides a great value for money workout product. The main feature of the product is that the handles do not rotate,allowing for stability and protection. . The foam covers allows for a firm grip and extra comfort on the hand.The bars also have a rubber surface underneath, which prevents any slipping and scratches on any surface.


  • It is cost effective
  • The design of the bars provides you with greater posture in your push-up stance
  • It specifically targets your back, shoulder and chest muscles.
  • The product is known to improve your strength, particularly in the upper body.
  • It is easy to use and is an 'on the go’ product–convenient to carry around and transport wherever you are.


  • The product does not come as a completed product
  • it has to be assembled.

Overall, the CAP Barbell Pair of Push up Bars proves to be a great investment if you are looking to get fit. It has a great value for money proposition, and despite you having to put it together yourself, it should not discourage you from purchasing this product and putting it to full use.

2) Power Press Push Up

Top 5 Best Push Up Bars

This product is one-of-a-kind in the push up bar workout arsenal. It makes use of a color-coded system to guide the user in working out different muscle groups. The power press pushup is in the form of a board with different colors. The combination of these colors and the way in which it is used determines which workout routine and push up position you will betaking. It is great for focused muscle building as well as sculpting to gain a maximum body definition. It also acts as a great calorie burner considering the multitude of positions which the board provides. The material is also sturdy, made from heavy duty material and an easy to store system.


  • Great for chiseling your muscle groups–and really boosts the definition of your triceps, back and chest.
  • The color-coded system guides the development of the upperbody
  • Caters to most people trying to get fit
  • Different angles allows you to ensure you workout parts of your body that you would typically neglect.
  • It is safe and doesn’t put as much stress on your body as other push up bars.


  • It is a bit more expensive than other push up bar products.

The power press push up caters to both beginners and intermediate users. The color codes is a huge plus as you spend more time focusing on the muscle groups you wish to develop–which is the products greatest edge over other push up bars.

3)Maximiza Push-up Bars

Top 5 Best Push Up Bars

If you’re looking for a push up bar that is strong, reliable and extra durable then the Maximiza push up bars is what you need. Much like all the push up bars, it is customized with non-slip material made of rubber in order to ensure a stable form when working out. It’s versatile in the way in which it can be used, and caters to males and females. The extra padding prevents potential injuries, decreases the risk of stress on the wrists and also reduces the likelihood of developing calluses. It is ranked amongst the best push up bars in terms of intensity and increased depth in workout.


  • Very light and strong–easy to carry around and use ‘on the go’
  • Affordable–good return on investment
  • Easy to use–no complications in the way in which it is used.
  • It has a high structure which allows you to go deeper with your workout.


  • The bars due to their light framework may not be suitable for certain broader push upworkouts

If style is important to you, then this product may appeal to you as it has a neat end look. It also comes assembled, so no need to put it together yourself. It provides everything you need and is easily portable, which is a huge buy in.

4)GoFit Push-Up Bars

Top 5 Best Push Up Bars

One of the key reason why push up exercises have stood the test of time is because it’s a workout that really enhances all parts of the upper body–and this is what you get with theGoFit Push-up Bars. One of the huge plus of the GoFit push-up bars is that its design allows you to exercise the full range of push up exercises out there. Whereas other products focused more on shoulders and back, the GoFit Push-up Bars has a particular focus on the chest and triceps. It can be used both to increase muscle mass as well as tone your body–which provides a dual benefit. The bars are made of stainless steel and therefore should be durable.The design is quite compact and so it is an easily portable and storable product. The grip that the bars provide is second to none, and thus automatically increases your push up form.


  • Really affordable–one of the best value for money push up bar products on the market
  • Provides a good height for over-extension push ups
  • Allows for focused muscle development.


  • Does not provide as much wrist support as other push up bars as the foam padding is not as thick.
  • At times, it does not provide support for heavier users -not the most stable push up bars on the market.

5)Harbinger Training Push-up Bars

Top 5 Best Push Up Bars

One of key components across all push up bars is the grip which it provides users. TheHarbinger training push up bars certainly tops the charts when it comes to providing proper grip support–which enables a whole host of different exercises. Longevity of the body when working out is key and this product has been designed specifically to alleviate the harshness of push ups on the wrists. It also has extra padding which allows for increased comfort and less stress on your entire body.


  • Great overall body support, particularly on your wrists.
  • The design ensures an even distribution of your weight when doing push ups.
  • Can support users that have a bit of extra weight
  • Affordable

The Harbinger training push-up bars provides the user with safety first. The cost of these bars are very competitive and the design may suit you if you find it hard to get on with other push bars.

The top exercises to start doing with push up bars:

As mentioned above, push up bars does not only enable you todo push ups. With just a bit of imagination, the range of exercises that one can do is endless. Below are some of the most effective exercises that can be done using the push up bars:

  1. Push ups–you are able to lower your chest closer down to the ground. This will increase your work on chest and shoulders. An alternate way to increase the exercise difficulty is to raise your feet off the ground–by using a chair or exercise block. Also get creative and do military or diamond shaped push ups. You’ll notice once you start using it, the more intermediate styled push ups are easier to achieve with push up bars.
  2. Triceps Dips–The push-up bars allows you to do triceps a bit easier. Place your legs in front of you as you would, and have your hands on the pushup bar handles behind you. Move your body up and down, maintaining your form to give yourself a proper workout.
  3. Handstand push-ups -Find a wall, and place your feet against it in a handstand position. Proceed to place your hands on the bars and do push-ups in this position.
  4. Wide arm Push-ups:For an increased focus on working on your triceps and back muscles, place your hands on the bars a bit further than the spread of your shoulders and do push ups.

How to use push up bars:

In terms of frequency and intensity, the way you would use push up bars is not much different int he way you use traditional push ups in your normal workout week. With push up bars, you do not want to overwork your body, despite the comfortability and less stress on wrists which it provides. Best practices show you should do three push up workouts per week. Between pushups you should at least have 24 hours rest. There is also no replacement for proper form and good amount of reps relative to your workout goals.

Like most work out products, they are great if they are bought with the right intention and then used effectively. Before choosing which push up bar, consider what the purpose is you’re buying it for, what you hope to achieve and what will benefit you in the long run. The best way is to have an end goal, and work your way back from there.This will enable you to choose the best fit for purpose push up bar that will not leave you disappointed!

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