The Top 6 Best Pull Up Bars Reviewed - Editors Pick

The Top 6 Best Pull Up Bars Reviewed

Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

The pullup is one of the most challenging of all bodyweight exercises. This is because pullups are compound exercises and properly performing pullups recruits muscles all throughout your back, arms, and core. The ability to perform consecutive pullups is a sign of true strength that will have the ultimate effect of a chiselled physique.

In addition to being a mark of true physical fitness, pullups also boast the draw of requiring almost no equipment. All that you need to perform pullups is a bar that can support your weight. Once you have your bar, there are also exercises apart from pullups you can do to further improve your fitness!

What Muscle Groups Do pull up bars Work?

Pullups are an essential and effective exercise that will challenge your body, regardless of your fitness level. With a pullup, you will work all of the muscles in your back, chest, core, shoulders, biceps, and even your forearms. Altogether, that is more than seven muscle groups. Imagine all of the time you can save performing one pullup as opposed to individually exercising each of those muscles! Additionally, when you perform compound exercises that engage these muscle groups in conjunction with each other, you are gaining functional strength.

As I mentioned previously, there are many exercises you can perform on a pullup bar aside from pullups, such as:

· Chin-up

· Toes-to-bar

· Knee raise

· Negative pullup

· Windshield wiper

· Climber pullup

· Hanging reverse shrug

As you can see, pullup bars are a simple, versatile piece of equipment that can provide you with a complete workout.

What to Look for When Choosing a Top Pull up Bar

Now that you’re convinced that pullups are a detrimental part of any fitness routine, you may be in the market for a pullup bar of your own. It may seem simple: find a bar that will support your weight, and you’re all set! However, there are several other factors and features you will need to consider.

For instance, what will support this bar as it holds your weight? There are pullup bars that fit in doorways, are mounted from your ceiling, come with their own stands,and several other options. Later in this article, we will cover the different types of pullup bars available and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In addition to the type of pullup bar you choose, price may also be a determining factor in your purchase. Each brand and style of pullup bar offers a different set of features. Generally speaking, more features equates to a higher price. It’s important to find the best balance between a high-quality pullup bar with the features you want and one that fits into your budget!

Different Types of Pull Up Bars

Doorway Pullup Bars

Doorway pullup bars are designed to fit into the frame of your door. These options are usually removable to allow the door to close completely, however some do require some light drilling for installation.

WALL or Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bars

Pullup bars can also be mounted on your wall or ceiling. This option will require more complex installation than a doorway pullup bar, though it may provide increased stability. If you live in an apartment or rented property, this may not be the best option for you.

Freestanding Pull Up Bars

Freestanding pullup bars are the bulkiest of pullup bar options and may not be the best choice for those with limited storage space. However, they are a good option for people in rented living spaces, as they require no damaging installation. You can also get a pullup bar on the power tower workout station.

Below you will see the best pull bars as reviewed and chosen by our editor. They where chosen on easy of  assembly, build quality and cost.

ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up

Best Pullup Bar

The ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up bar is an adjustable pullup bar designed to fit into any doorway between 24 and 36 inches. This pullup bar does not require any screws for installation and won’t damage your doorway. The steel frame boasts a 300-pound weight limit when paired with a sturdy doorframe. The most appealing feature of this pullup bar is that there are 12 grip options, allowing you to work your muscles from multiple angles.

Iron Gym Upper Body Workout

Iron Gym Upper Body Workout

The Iron Gym Upper Body Workout pullup bar is an easy-to-install pullup bar option that fits easily into your doorway. The design of the Iron Gym Upper Body Workout pullup bar utilizes leverage to stay in place while you perform exercises and therefore does not use any screws that may damage your doorframe. It features three different grip positions for switching up your routine.

Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus is an affordable pullup bar option with five foam padded grip positions. This pullup bar requires no hardware or installation and supports up to 250 pounds. It is easy to assemble and should take you no longer than 5-10 minutes to be fully setup. Because there is no hardware setup it can easily be removed when not in use. This is a good all round solid  product with a nice sturdy feel.

Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up Bar

Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up Bar

The Sunny Health & Fitness Doorway Chin-Up Bar is the simplest and least expensive option on this list. It is a very sleek, straight bar that is easily installed into your doorway using the included mounting hardware. It also features foam padding around the bar for increased comfort. The only disadvantage to this bar is unlike some of the others you only have one grip option and the padded area is a lot shorter.

If you are looking for something relatively inexpensive that does the job this bar is a good option, but if you want a bit more variety in your pullup exercises go for one of the other bars reviewed in this list. 

This pull bar is ideal if you dont want to be drilling holes in your wall of you live in a rented apartment. It is very easy to setup and install.

Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

The Body Press Wall Mounted Pullup Bar is the most expensive on this list, but is still much cheaper than most exercise equipment. Installation of this pullup bar requires a power drill and a few other tools, and it is not recommended that you install this into a rental property. This incredibly stable pullup bar features padded foam grips and parallel grips in addition to the standard curved pullup bar.

Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar

Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar

The Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar is a doorway pullup bar option. You have the option to permanently mount this pullup bar in your doorway, however it is not necessary for use. There are two size options to fit different doorway sizes, and the pullup bar comes with frame guards to protect the doorframe from scratches or dents. This pullup bar also features 12 grip positions, foam padded grips, and a 250-pound weight limit.

I hope you enjoyed our review of the best pull up bars and have found a bar that suits your needs.

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