A Look At The Best Adidas Trail Running Shoes On The Market

Trail Running Trainers

​​​Trail running shoes seen bettter days?

Are you finding it difficult to find a good pair of running shoes that have the comfort and grip to deal with these harsh running environments?

We looked at the top line of Adidas trail running shoes and after much pounding have picked our top 4. Having a good pair of trail running shoes on is one of the most import purchase you can make so don't settle for anything less than the best. ​

adidas Men Rockadia Trail M Running Shoe
adidas Men Rockadia Trail M Running Shoe
adidas Performance Kanadia 7 TR M
adidas Performance Kanadia 7 TR M
adidas Performance  Vigor 6 TR M
adidas Performance Vigor 6 TR M
adidas Performance Men Slingshot TR M
adidas Performance Men Slingshot TR M

This is an iconic shoe designed by Adidas to specifically meet the unique needs and challenges of performance in running trail athletics. Per se, it features a gripy sole which is supremely durable which not only aids in enhancing your stability at speed but ensures you also have a perfect ​traction as you run across grounds which are treacherous.

Away from it performance credentials which are unique this is both a comfortable and stylish shoe to wear on daily runs.


  • ​A solid grip which is capable of standing up to the toughest of abuse.
  • For air flow and comfort there is a ventilated air mesh.
  • A smooth transition of heel to toe with the EVA midsole.
  • For added comfort a nonslip footbed and polyester fabric are added.


  • Higher stability.
  • Great comfort.
  • Awesome quality and durability.
  • Good looking.
  • Breathability.


  • Fewer cushions as compared to other running shoe types.

Adidas Performance Men's Kanadia 7 TR M Trail Running Shoe

adidas Performance Kanadia 7 TR M
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Performance in athletics meets the Men’s Kanadia 7 TR M Trail Running Shoe featuring excellent design by Adidas.The has the latest generation technology in athletics performance which guarantees comfort from your very first run.

The tread patterns featured by the sole itself are revolutionary which ensure a better grip and protection against injuries. As such, whether someone is running in a dense trail having plenty of undergrowth or on a flat surface this shoe ensures that a person’s performance isn’t unduly compromised.


  • Traction for a superior grip which is all direction.
  • 3 stripes engineering for the optimal support in lateral and linear motion.
  • Light and comfortable

Adidas Performance Men's Vigor 6 TR M Running Shoe

With the Adidas Vigor 6, trails which are mountainous do not stand a chance. This is a trail running shoe which the construction of a mesh upper that is reinforced for an awesome combination of durability and breathability.

In our review of the adidas vigor tr we found the shoe comfortable to ware in even the toughest conditions and the price tag was good for the quality of shoe.


  • A synthetic and mesh upper
  • A laced up front
  • The bold logo of Adidas
  • A smooth lining and footbed that is cushioned.
  • A full length EVA midsole.
  • A rubber traction outsole for high performance


  • Good traction
  • The cushioning
  • Shock absorbing
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Durable

Adidas Performance Men's Slingshot TR M Running Shoe

The men's adidas trail Slingshot TR M trail running shoes have rugged out soles drawing inspiration from tyres of mountain bikes and an upper mesh which is very durable for providing comfort and awesome traction when someone you are out on the trails.

For a more secure fit, you can buy upper bands which are reinforced and surround the foot. Whilst it is a solid shoe for the money it is not as good as the other 3 shoes in this article.


  • A dotted print.
  • A laced up front for a fit that is more secure.
  • The 3 stripes adidas trademark on the quarter panel.
  • On the heel is a Trefoil logo.
  • Canvas uppers are available for breathability
  • A rubber sole that is very durable.

What to Look For In A Good Trail running shoe

Light Weight- Basically the more the weight that a person carries the more energy that is expended in carrying it. But much more significant is the weight that is carried on your feet.

The weight on the feet zaps four to six times more energy compared to the weight on the back. So if you swap a 4-pound pair of shoes for ones with a pound it will save you energy. But lighter does not always mean better as some running trainers are very light but the soles are sometimes too thin to use for trail running.

Cushion-For people whose feet don’t roll inwards or outwards, cushioning is very importantas this movement of rolling helps in absorbing shock and impact which would otherwise have been sent to the spine via the joints. The design of cushioning helps in reducing shock when the foot hits the ground. If someone’s feet are immobile and they have the tendency of under-protonating then shoes that are cushioned have soft mid-soles and lesser medial support.

Durability- All trail running shoes need to be rugged and durable because the vast amounts of terrain you will be running on. Durability shouldn’t be overlooked as in the long run it helps save you money. A durable shoe will ensure that you put it to use for a very long time before the need for buying another pair.

Traction- The friction between the shoe and surface that you are using it on is called traction. Along the trail we usually encounter surfaces such as snow, grass, mud, wet or slippery rocks, logs, andhavunga trail running shoewhich help you move through these surfaces is very important.

What is the difference between trail running and road running shoes?

The main difference between these two shoe types is in the materials used in manufacturing them. Generally, road running shoes are made from materials that are light-weight and their treads are thinner. On the other hand, trail running shoes are heavy and made with a thicker sole which helps in maintaining the shoe’s integrity even in conditions which are tough.

Running outside

The majority of runners run on smooth surfaces, pavements and trails that are groomed. Running in these types of conditions, most runners needs are met by road running shoes. When you go off the beaten track is when you need the thicker soles of the trail running shoes.

Whilst we have already reviewed the best running headphones and hydration packs, without doubt a good pair of trail running shoes should be your first purchase.