James Andrews

Hi I'm James and I'm a self confessed fitness fanatic. When I'm not personal training I enjoy multi discipline endurance events, mma and hitting the gym. I also love to write about my passion and I'm a firm believer in healthy body healthy mind.

Power Clean Benefits Should you Include Them In Your Workout

Power Clean Exercise

What is a Power Clean? A Power Clean is an explosive move that is a total body exercise. Power Cleans are typically known as an Olympic Style and a sport specific exercise from the force and power the exercise requires and the benefits one can gain from executing the exercise properly.What Muscles Do Power Cleans Use?Power Cleans do not work one …

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Dips vs. Bench Press For Working Triceps

Dips vs. Bench Press

In this article we take a look and see how Dips compare to bench press for working the triceps muscle. First lets take a detailed look at each exercise.DipsWhat Muscle Group Do Dips work?The primary muscle that Dip exercises target are the Triceps Brachii, which is the large muscle at the back of the arm. There are secondary muscles that are …

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Resistance Band Exercises For Flabby Arms

Resistance Bands Arm Exercise

Resistance Bands are a fabulous piece of workout equipment that is available in a variety of strengths, lengths and sizes. Resistance bands can be used alone or incorporated with other workout equipment. Whether your goal is to gain muscle strength, tone and tighten your muscles and skin elasticity for definition, maintenance and rehabilitation from injuries. A resistance band can be used …

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Top 5 Best Weight Lifting Belts For The Money

Reviewing weightlifting belts

You’ve probably seen weightlifters in the gym wearing belts whenever they workout on the heavier loads and you’re thinking that they’re wearing one because they don’t want to get injured. There is an on-going debate as to whether you should wear one or not and just like with any other gym equipment, there are pros and cons that you need to …

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Most Popular Workout DVDs for Women – Our Top 5 Recommended

Most Popular Workout DVDs For Women

In this day and age, you can get just a good a workout at home as you can pounding away at the gym and some of the workout videos are a lot more fun.​Using workout DVDs can have many other remarkable benefits, especially if you’re using the best products out there. Enhanced health, increased strength, vitality and stamina, and a …

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The Top 5 Best Yoga Pants for Women Reviewed

Best Yoga Pants For Women

Ever wondered about the types of yoga pants that are most versatile, comfortable, hygienic and efficient when it comes to any type of use or workout? While yoga pants are generally suitable for almost any activity, there are five distinct varieties of yoga leggings we will be looking at shortly, that determined, successful and empowered women prefer while doing their workouts.If …

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Best Cheap Olympic Weight Plates Sets Reviewed

Cheap Olympic Weight Plates

Weight plates are often used to create more resistance to an adjustable barbell, dumbbell, or even those weight-bearing machines that are designed to target those hard to reach muscles for a more sculpted look. How weight plates are made depends on how they will be used. Most of the time they can be made from plastic filled with cement, cast iron, …

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Benefits of Lunges in Your Leg Workout

Benefits Of Lunges In Your Workout

Ever wondered what might be the most effective and practical type of exercise you can do to work on your core and lower body like a pro? Lunges are among the simplest and best exercises recommended for this purpose by myself and other professional trainers, and for good reason. Not only are they able to strengthen your leg, buttock and …

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Best Running Headphones Reviewed 2019

The Best Running Headphones

Running headphones nowadays are fast becoming in demand as running has become a popular activity not just with the adults but with kids and even the elders once more. There is no denying how music can enhance one’s performance on the road but going with regular headphones can be a real pain especially when the sound quality isn’t as good …

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Body Types – Are Some People Naturally More Muscular?

We are all different and special and this principle applies to the amount of muscle we possess and to our capability of building lean muscle mass as well. Determining your body type prior to starting a nutrition or exercising regimen is essential because your body type influences the way your body as a whole will respond to exercising and diet, …

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