Are Gatorade Protein Bars Good For You

Man eating a protein bar

Eating a protein bar is an effective way to boost your daily protein intake. Such bars are often chosen as part of a workout routine, as they help fuel the body and promote muscle recovery and growth after exercise. There are lots of choices, but are the Gatorade version good for you? You’re about to … Read more

When is The Best Time to Have a Protein Shake

Protein shake in a glass

You want to take a protein shake but are confused about the best time to drink it. Well not for much longer because I am going to tell you everything you need to know about incorporating protein shakes into your diet. When we speak about protein shakes we are usually referring to protein that comes … Read more

4 Of The Best Leg Curl Alternatives

Hamstring Curl

If you are getting tired of doing the same old leg curls for you hamstring, the good news is that you can still tone the hamstring, the glutes, and the entire leg by engaging in alternative exercises. These leg curl alternatives can be done at the gym or even at home in some cases. It’s great … Read more

The Best Ab Machines on The Market for Home Use

One of the most coveted rewards of a healthy lifestyle is the six pack. Year after year, it seems that bathing suit season creeps up on us. Why not avoid the panic and rock a solid set of abs year-round? Whether you began your fitness journey for health reasons, competitive ambitions, or with purely aesthetic intentions, … Read more

Workout Routines And Exercises Using the Power Tower

Power tower

One of the things that I’ve always said is that if you want to build full-body strength, there’s no better investment than a Power Tower. If you’ve never heard of a Power Tower before, I’ll explain it here for you. A Power Tower is a fantastic piece of kit that allows you to do a huge … Read more

The Number of Calories Burned Spinning vs Running

Burning calories

Both spinning and running use basically the same major muscle groups (though they are used very differently) and they are both among the most efficient calorie-burning exercises – some would go for a run whenever they can, either outdoors or on a treadmill, while others prefer the special exercise equipment called spinning bike, but no … Read more

High Knee Exercise Benefits And How To Perform Correctly

High Knee Exercise

Whether done running on the spot or over a distance, high knee exercises are often underrated in their ability to improve health, ensure an adequate cardiovascular workout, and improve your speed, strength and flexibility more easily than any other exercise. Performing high knee exercises or high kicks as some like to call them will greatly influence your … Read more

Horizontal & Vertical Pull Exercises Increase Your Upper Body Strength

Horizonal Pull Exercises

We are in the midst of an epidemic. This condition is rampant in every weight room, fitness center, night club, Ed Hardy t-shirt distributor, and Nickelback concert. This enabling condition is called:Imaginary Lat Syndrome or “ILS.”Symptoms include tapered shirts that are two sizes too small, constant bilateral funny bone trauma from banging both elbows on … Read more

Bench Press VS Dumbbell Fly – Which Exercise Is Better

Bench Press vs. Dumbbell Flys

We know that both Bench Press and Dumbbell Fly work the chest muscles, but is one exercise better than the other? Lets first take a look at each exercise and then we can compare them head to head. Dumbbell Fly’s Dumbbell fly’s are an Upper body exercise that can build strength, size and flexibility. They … Read more