James Andrews

Hi I'm James and I'm a self confessed fitness fanatic. When I'm not personal training I enjoy multi discipline endurance events, mma and hitting the gym. I also love to write about my passion and I'm a firm believer in healthy body healthy mind.

The Best Ab Machines on The Market for Home Use

One of the most coveted rewards of a healthy lifestyle is the six pack. Year after year, it seems that bathing suit season creeps up on us. Why not avoid the panic and rock a solid set of abs year-round? Whether you began your fitness journey for health reasons, competitive ambitions, or with purely aesthetic intentions, having a strong core is …

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The Best Keto Diet Cookbook For Beginners


If you are serious about following a Ketogenic diet you need to get a decent recipe book or have a good resource for recipes or you will fail to stick to the diet.  The ketogenic low carb diet is one of the most debated and, at the same time, one of the most popular and most efficient diets. The keto diet …

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Workout Routines And Exercises Using the Power Tower

Power tower

One of the things that I’ve always said is that if you want to build full-body strength, there’s no better investment than a Power Tower. If you’ve never heard of a Power Tower before, I’ll explain it here for you. A Power Tower is a fantastic piece of kit that allows you to do a huge variety of bodyweight exercises, allowing …

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The Number of Calories Burned Spinning vs Running

Burning calories

Both spinning and running use basically the same major muscle groups (though they are used very differently) and they are both among the most efficient calorie-burning exercises – some would go for a run whenever they can, either outdoors or on a treadmill, while others prefer the special exercise equipment called spinning bike, but no one ever denies that both …

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High Knee Exercise Benefits And How To Perform Correctly

High Knee Exercise

Whether done running on the spot or over a distance, high knee exercises are often underrated in their ability to improve health, ensure an adequate cardiovascular workout, and improve your speed, strength and flexibility more easily than any other exercise. Performing high knee exercises or high kicks as some like to call them will greatly influence your ability to reach all those …

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Horizontal & Vertical Pull Exercises Increase Your Upper Body Strength

Horizonal Pull Exercises

We are in the midst of an epidemic. This condition is rampant in every weight room, fitness center, night club, Ed Hardy t-shirt distributor, and Nickelback concert. This enabling condition is called:Imaginary Lat Syndrome or “ILS.”Symptoms include tapered shirts that are two sizes too small, constant bilateral funny bone trauma from banging both elbows on either side of doorways that …

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Bench Press VS Dumbbell Fly – Which Exercise Is Better

Bench Press vs. Dumbbell Flys

We know that both Bench Press and Dumbbell Fly work the chest muscles, but is one exercise better than the other? Lets first take a look at each exercise and then we can compare them head to head. Dumbbell Fly’s Dumbbell fly’s are an Upper body exercise that can build strength, size and flexibility. They are often over looked for …

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The Best Gym Sweat Towels On The Market

Workout sweat towel

​When I look around the gym and still see people using cotton towels for their workout towel it makes me cringe. Whilst cotton towels are great for when you step out the bath or washing your hands, they are not the best for dealing with sweat. As most people know if you’re not sweating when you working out you’re not working …

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The Best Single Speed Bike For Under $300

Singles speed Budget Road bike

A single gear bike is exactly what the name suggests it is: a bike that has one single gear ratio, which means that the bike is propelled with the help of a flywheel, but the rider has no choice in terms of alternative gears, making pedaling intensity directly related with speed. Single speed bikes have a special sub-category: fixed-gear bikes, also …

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Nutrisystem Diet Plan Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Nutrisystem Diet Plan Review

Arlen Specter once said; “there’s nothing more important than our health, that’s our capital asset.” Today, a lot of people including myself have grappled with health issues related weight and diet. The Nutrisystem has more than 4 decades experience in helping millions of people manage weight through provision of weight loss products and services.  You can see my nutrisystem diet plan review …

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