Best Running Headphones Reviewed 2020

The Best Running Headphones

Running headphones nowadays are fast becoming in demand as running has become a popular activity not just with the adults but with kids and even the elders once more. There is no denying how music can enhance one’s performance on the road but going with regular headphones can be a real pain especially when the sound quality isn’t as good as you want plus you will have to find a way to not get your hands tangled in the wire snaking from the headphone to your device.

Thanks to technology and its constant evolution, headphones are no longer the same as before. Today, we are provided with new options where you can wear it comfortably in your ear with impressive sound quality. Of course there are a few factors that we need to take into consideration when shopping for running headphones such as comfort, battery life, sound quality, and other features. We have already taken a look at some of the best trail running shoes and hydration packs for runners, So today we take a look at the best headphones currently on the market.

Choosing Your Running Headphones

Like it was mentioned before, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account when shopping for headphones such as:

  • Comfort. Since you will be wearing your headphones for hours, you need to find a pair that will be comfortable to wear without causing pain or discomfort in your ears.

  • Sound quality. Headphones have changed over the years and now we have some of the best in the market where the sound quality is almost perfect. Of course, this depends on which one you’re going to buy so pay attention to any noise or loss of sound when in use.

  • Battery life. Nowadays, we can get our hands on Bluetooth or wireless headphones where they are connected to your listening device using Bluetooth. Since it doesn’t have any wires connecting them to your device, it has its own battery which enables it to work for several hours. If you plan on using your headphones for long periods of time, you will need to look for headphones with quality battery life.

Safety Tips for Running With Headphones

There is a concern, however, with the use of headphones when running as it poses a risk for those who are wearing it. This is understandable especially when wearing noise cancellation headphones but there are some safety rules that can be followed to reduce the danger of running with headphones.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Just because you are wearing headphones it doesn’t give you any excuse to forget your surroundings. If you are running in city streets, you need to pay attention to foot and vehicle traffic.

  • Use apps. You can equip your device with apps that will help you listen to your favorite songs even while hearing your surroundings.

  • Keep the volume down. This is probably a no-brainer but one that many are still forgetting when wearing headphones in their runs. Keeping the volume of your music down can help you hear your surroundings without missing out on your favorite songs.

  • Run in groups. Another safety tip that can be tried is to run in groups. Running with your best friend or your circle of friends can increase your safety even when you’re using a headphone because you will be able to see how your friends move or react in any situation.

Types of Running Headphones

There are three types of running headphones available in the market today and these are:

  • Neckband. This type of headphone is also called on-ear, behind-the-head, or supra-concha among others and has a single cable snaking down to be attached to the listening device. Although comfortable to wear, it might put pressure on your ears especially when wearing it for several hours. It is considerably heavier compared to other types of running headphones. Bluetooth and in-ear headphones fall under this category.

  • Buds. Considerably lighter as opposed to the neckband types of headphones, the buds can actually be plugged into the ear canal to reduce the sounds penetrating. This type of headphone makes the sounds clearer. The problem with some bud type headphones is that they may fall off when moving vigorously.

  • Clips. As the name suggests, this type of headphone uses hooks or clips to secure the buds into the ear. Although it is considerably lighter than the neckband, the cups might swing in the ear causing uneven sounds. Also, clip type headphones usually have two wires, one for each ear piece which can get tangled if you are not careful when running.

The Advantages of Running with Headphones

You’ve probably seen joggers and runners in your area wearing headphones as they try and complete their usual running route. Yes, there are certainly safety issues at stake with wearing headphones but there are advantages as well. For example, listening to music while you are running can actually help you improve your performance because you’re not looking at running as a difficult workout but one that you can do with ease. Wearing headphones can actually change your perception on the difficulty level of a workout by up to 10%.

Another advantage to running with headphones is that you won’t get bored with your old route. If you haven’t checked other running trails in your area, listening to music as you run for miles can relieve you of the tediousness of your workout. Athletes tend to listen to music before a race because it helps them get pumped up at the start. Listening to their favorite song can lift their mood hence they become more eager to get started and perform well in their runs.

A Review of Running Headphones

Now that you have an idea on why running headphones are very much in demand, it’s time we figure out which ones are worth considering for your next run.

Atill Bluetooth Headphones

Atill Bluetooth Headphones

Atill Bluetooth headphones are comfortable to wear because they have been designed to fit anyone’s ears. The extra-soft gel tips that are included in the package are angled which means you can fit it perfectly into your ear canal. Unlike those headphones that require hooks or clips, the Atill Bluetooh headphones won’t get jolted out of your ears even when you’re doing some extreme workouts. It has a rechargeable 80mAh battery that can let you to talk or play up to 6 hours straight and a standby mode up to 14 hours, plus it is compatible with most android smartphones as well as iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s, iPad, and iPod.

Of course, when it comes to sound quality, I found Atill Bluetooth headphones impressive. It gives you a crisp sound when listening to music and the technology used can immediately cancel out ambient sounds for better listening. Even when you’re talking to someone on the phone, the other person will be able to hear crystal clear which is a plus especially when you’re outdoors. And because this headphones doesn’t have any wires to bug you, you can simply slip it on, connect it to your device, stream your music and start running.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones

In the case of TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones, I appreciate how comfortable it was to wear. The cables attached to the earpieces did not get in the way when worn and the ear buds themselves remain secured even when I was out on my usual run. When you take a closer look at your headphones, you will find that each piece has a powerful audio driver embedded in it that delivers quality sounds to your ears. I like how balanced the bass was with the other components of the music that I was listening to which was a huge plus for me. It is also equipped with noise cancellation so you won’t be bothered by ambient sounds plus, if you’re talking to someone, you will be heard clearly.

In terms of pairing, you won’t have any trouble using these headphones in your device regardless of whether it is a tablet, an iPhone or an android phone. As long as your device has Bluetooth connectivity, you’re good to go. The battery life for this headphone may not be as good as Atill, but five hours’ worth of playing, chatting, and listening to music is good enough especially when you’re outdoors and training for your next run.

Treblab Bluetooth Headphones

Treblab Bluetooth Headphones

As a runner, I prefer to wear headphones that don’t pop out during my runs or when I’m too sweaty. The silicone earbuds in Treblab Bluetooth headphones allow for a comfortable fit while the fins secure them even when I’m running at maximum speed on rough terrain. What I love about this particular headphone is that it makes use HD sound which puts me in the zone. And because it doesn’t have any wires to hamper the swing of my arms, I completely forget that I’m wearing one! Noise cancellation is a plus especially when you don’t want anyone bothering you with useless conversation when you run thanks to the foam ear tips that expand to completely block ambient sound.

Compatibility isn’t a problem with Treblab Bluetooth headphones because they connect with Apple and android devices. You can even pair it with your laptop or desktop if you like which won’t be a problem as long as your device has Bluetooth. What you’ll love about this device is that it can run up to 6 hours with its charging for 2 hours to achieve full charge. So if you are looking for a pair of headphones that will deliver HD sounds with comfort and security, this one should definitely be on your list.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow Wireless Headphones

What I like about the Mpow wireless headphones is that they are comfortable to wear even when I use them for hours. Even when I’m working out in the gym or out on a run and sweating a lot, the headphones remain in my ears to the point that I completely forget about it especially when I’m in the zone. In terms of sound quality, the HD stereo music plus the noise reduction feature deliver crisp and quality sounds regardless of whether you are listening to music or talking or chatting with someone. This is one of the most important features of the Mpow wireless headphones that is worth mentioning especially if you are the type of person who can spend hours listening to music while working out or doing other chores.

The battery life of the Mpow Wireless headphones is good enough for five hours of non-stop music or talking and with a single charge, it can go up to 175 hours of standby mode. Simply put, you will have more time enjoying your favorite songs or chatting with your friends on a regular basis. It can easily connect with Apple, Samsung, and other Android devices so you won’t have a hard time pairing it with your current device.

Hussar Bluetooth Headphones

Hussar Bluetooth Headphones

When it comes to getting the best value for your money, the Hussar Bluetooth headphones definitely fits the bill as it delivers exactly what it promises in terms of comfort, sound quality, and battery life. What I like about this product is that the headphone is ergonomically designed to fit from small to large ears and with the ear hooks fitting snugly behind your ear, no matter how vigorous your movement is when you run or do other physical activities, the headphones will still remain in place. Even when you are all sweaty, the ear hooks don’t slip which is a plus really.

The problem with Bluetooth devices is that there may be some hiccups during the streaming which can affect sound quality. You won’t notice this at all with Hussar headphones. Even the sound quality is impressive regardless of whether you turn the volume down or up and thanks to the CVC 6.0 noise reduction feature, no sound will bleed from the headphones to bother other people while at the same time prevent ambient sounds from filtering in. The battery life is a huge plus as it allows you to experience 7 hours of non-stop music streaming and chatting. What more can you ask for in running headphones?