The Best Weight Lifting Straps Reviewed

Sometimes lifting more weight and pushing forward with your workouts seems to lead you to a dead end. Your limitations, however, are not always due to improper dieting, cycles, or workout routines. Instead, it may simply be a matter of getting a secure grip on the bar bell.

That is what weight lifting straps are for. The best weight lifting straps are designed to help bodybuilders withstand heavier weights, prevent slips, and improve performance, they will prove invaluable, both during cutting and mass cycles.

Knowing what to look for when buying them is therefore an essential topic to focus on. So let's take a closer look at what the best manufacturer brands have to offer.

What to Look for from a Wrist Strap

Even though wrist straps aren't the largest or most expensive piece of gym equipment you carry around, there are still many notable characteristics you have to keep track of when you choose them. Consider the following points:

  • Sweat and occasional moments of weakness can sometimes cause injuries, especially if you use heavy weights and complex moves during your training cycles. A no-slip wrist strap can prevent such issues, keeping your workouts consistent
  • Long term resilience is another important quality to look for. You don't want your wrist straps to snap when you least expect them to. You also don't want to spend money buying new ones every month
  • The quality of the material is definitely somethingt o look into. Strong, heavy duty cotton or polyester are usually the best choices for an improved grip
  • Adjustable straps are a good alternative to cheaper products. Despite the extra cost, they fit much more comfortably, allowing you to benefit from increased stability and security
  • A safety-oriented design is essential. Even though there are many brands focused on helping you improve your grip, that won't help you if the straps fail to offer you the stability and assurance you need
  • It's a good idea to buy wrist straps that have a return policy. If you don't like the grip they offer, or they are faulty, you can simply return them and get your money back

Make sure you know your wrist measurements before ordering any products online. This is extremely important, even if you buy adjustable straps.

The Top Lifting Straps Reviewed

Lifting Wrist Straps by Rip Toned

Rip Toned is among the most reputable brands selling high quality wrist straps, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee support sleeves, and any other items designed to offer support for weightlifting. The company has a policy that guarantees you can improve your weight lifting efforts, or they'll give you your money back.

Their products are well designed and ideal for both men and women. They can help you work through exercises like chin ups, pull ups, and deadlifts more comfortably while offering excellent support and preventing circulation issues.

Fully adjustable, they will also eliminate wrist pain, so you can more easily target specific muscle groups. The straps will stabilize your wrists, allowing you to push yourself to the limit without worrying about injuries.

Anvil Fitness Wrist Straps

Another brand you should be on the lookout for is Anvil. This company has a few ingenious designs that look and feel great, while offering ideal practical benefits.

Made from high quality elastic material that promotes joint stability, comfort, and a full range of movement, they will serve you well. They are mainly designed to eliminate wrist pain, prevent strain and injury, and help you lift harder and longer.

Anvil's ultimate purpose with their high quality wrist straps is to help you train your muscles more intensely without holding back. Their adjustable and practical designs are also compatible with most exercise gloves, so you don't have to discard valuable equipment in order to use them.

Harbinger Lifting Straps

Harbinger is a manufacturer dedicated to innovation. They have been around since 1988, and their highly efficient wrist straps are still top-of-the-line.

If you're having trouble actually feeling your grip on the bar, these are the perfect straps for you. They promote ideal comfort and confidence with a lighter design. You can get used to them quite easily even if you've never used lifting straps before. Moreover, most designs are quite effective in keeping your wrists in the right position.

Due to Harbinger's innovative design, you get several special benefits from most of their products. They not only offer powerful stabilizing support while lifting, but can also comfortably adjust to the tension when you're working out without using weights.

How to Use Lifting Straps

Learning how to properly use lifting straps is one of the most common issues in the body building community. However, the steps are quite straightforward:

You have to start by stringing the free part of the straps through the loops to make circles. After that, slip your hands through the circles, until the ends of the straps are facing your fingers. Pull the ends of the straps until they feel snug, and wrap them around the bar bell Wrap the straps under the bar, going from front to back; then wrap them over the top. Hold the straps in place on the bar bell, and roll it toward you to tighten the straps Use slower movements when lifting until you get used to what the straps feel like and how they support your wrists

When to Use Lifting Straps

Wrist straps aren't meant to be used all the time. They are designed for the specific purpose of helping bodybuilders stay safe and improve their grip.

You should only have to use wrist straps when you want to...

  • Reach your weightlifting goals faster
  • Stay safe performing riskier exercises or when a slip could lead to severe injury
  • Focus on particular muscle groups without losing your grip
  • Lift weights comfortably despite any old injuries that would otherwise deter your efforts
  • Benefit from a higher volume of work during intensive workout sessions

It is clear at this point that using wrist straps can be quite crucial for reaching most of your goals. Experts would recommend their use even for beginners who don't yet have to train as hard as professional athletes.

We have presented our editors pick of the top weight lifting straps on the market and we don't think you will go far wrong with any of the ones reviewed in this article. If you want to boost your performance and improve your physique, get only the most resilient, well-designed lifting straps on the market.