Body Vision Power Tower PT600 Review

Body Vision PT600

If you are looking for a great and efficient way to develop trimmed and strong arms, shapely back muscles and that killing six-pack abs in the comfort of your home, the Body Vision PT600 work station is all you need.

We had the chance the take a look at the PT600 Power Tower and we will be revealing all in this review.

The tower has been developed with efficiency and comfort in mind – if you maintain the correct posture during your workout and you increase your workload gradually, you will get the first results in no time, no matter what level of physical fitness you are right now.

The Features That Make the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower So Popular

The Power Tower is practically a five-in-one multi-station that you can use to create your own varied and super-efficient workout program at home.

You can use the unit for pull-ups and chin-ups, for leg raises and dips; the station is equipped with a stand for push-up bars as well, and it comes with great adjustable features, allowing you to set the height and the grip positions that suit you best.

Checkout our power tower workout routine to see even more exercises you can perform on this versatile gym equipment.

The station is made from sturdy, but lightweight steel that can hold up to 250 pounds, and the back and arms cushions are padded with resistant material that provide all the support and comfort that your body needs to be able to perform at its top capacity.

​The foot rests are comfortable to place your feet and not to wide to cause a problem of over stretching for most people.

When assembled, the unit measures 42 x 43 x 85 inches and weighs 64 pounds, making it comfortably sized, easy to handle and lightweight at the same time.

Whilst the PT600 failed to make our top 5 when we reviewed the best power towers on the market it is a good tower for those on a budget. If you can stretch your budget a little  more you should take a look at the article above.


The Pros of the Station in More Detail

This free standing tower and multi-functional station is a great choice for a number of reasons:

- The unit is versatile, so you will no longer need separate machines for training individual muscle groups of your upper body – you can have it all with one single tower;

- Great construction – all the exercises on the unit are done facing one and the same direction, so you can save a lot space by placing the tower next to the wall or in a corner;

- All the components on the unit are made from the best materials – the grips are comfortable and resistant, the frame is sturdy and the base guarantees that you can set up the station on any type of flooring, it will stand equally stable on tile flooring, on carpet and on concrete as well;

- The cushions are of the right size and of the right softness, providing just the right amount of padding – no component of this tower will ever dig into your body or will cause you any kind of discomfort;

- Adjustability – you can set the height of the tower to suit your workout best and you can add variety to your exercises by adjusting the grip position, too;

- It is very easy to assemble – all the nuts and bolts necessary for putting the unit together are shipped along with the station, so you will not need any tools or training as a mechanic to be able to set up the unit in a few minutes. All the parts come neatly organized in separate compartments and the assembly manual is very straightforward, with easy to follow instructions;

- It comes with a single straight pull-up bar, rather than two separate bars, thus giving you more variety in terms of exercise choice as well as the possibility of efficient workout for users who are not the same height or weight;

- The product is affordably priced compared to other units in the same category.



The unit is indeed sturdy and comfortably sized, but if you are taller users ​you might find your head gets close to the pullup par when fully extended, while users who are shorter than the average might find the distance between the arm bars a bit too wide for perfect comfort. ​

Final Thoughts

The Body Vision PT600 provides excellent value for your money. You will enjoy how compact and feature-rich it is and you will surely love the variety that the unit adds to your workouts.

You can do dips, vertical knee raises, push-ups, pull-ups, any kind of abdominal crunching, biceps and triceps exercise that you can think of – with the Body Vision PT600, all you need is creativity and stamina to pursue the training regimen you proposed for yourself.

The unit has been designed for being used at home, so you can now easily save the time you would otherwise have to spend going to the gym and the money you would spend on your gym pass, not to mention that you will be able to train whenever you feel like it.With the Body Vision PT600, you will surely see your muscles become well-defined and strong, getting the quick results that you want, no matter how fit you are when you start using the tower.

 Hopeful this review of the body vision power tower has been helpful and you can see how this kit is great for a full body workout.