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Bowflex 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

If you are looking for a review of the Bowflex selecttech 1090 you are in the right place. We have had this dumbbell in bits just so we can see how it stacks up against a standard dumbbell.

Training with dumbbells comes with lots of physical, physiological and practical advantages such as efficiency, flexibility, variety and affordability. The Bowflex selecttech 1090 dumbbells will give you all these and much, much more, too.

The General Features of the Bowflex 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells

The Bowflex 1090 is an adjustable dumbbell set with weights to adjust your workload in 5-pound increments from 10 pounds to 90 pounds.

The unit itself measures 17.5″ x 10″ x 10″, which makes the dumbbells long compared to other products, but this feature will only add more efficiency to most of your exercises, even if it is a bit harder to get used to it in the beginning. Weight adjustment is done with the simple twist of a dial.

The dumbbell unit comes in a durable molding that fits the bell so snugly and perfectly that you can be sure your dumbbell will never roll out of its casing, but you will never encounter any difficulties lifting the bell out of the casing either.

The package includes one dumbbell, 17.5 inches long and enclosed in the molding, so if you need a pair of bells because you want to train using both of your arms simultaneously, you will have to order two products.

What Makes These Dumbbells So Great?

The Bowflex Selecttech 1090 is a very fine addition to the gym equipment you already have in your home and it is among the preferred choices of gym owners for their own gyms, too. Here is why:

  • ​The unit features 17 different weight adjustments, making the unit suitable for beginners and professional power lifters, too;
  • ​Though not a very important feature for many users, we must mention that the unit looks incredibly good – the black bell, the shiny chrome handle and the black and red dial are very stylish and classy;
  • ​The dial is easy to adjust and responds very quickly, so you can be sure you will not need to stop during your training for more than a few seconds when you want to switch to a lighter or to a heavier load – all you need to do is to twist the dial to the desired load and the weights that you don’t need will remain in the molding. In fact, many users consider the system to be most intuitive and the easiest of all the weight adjustment systems provided by dumbbells in the same category today;
  • ​The unit is fitted with dials on both sides, which makes it possible to put more weight on one side than on the other, thus allowing you to include new exercises into your training program;
  • ​The unit is versatile and also a space saver – with the Bowflex 1090 you don’t need a set of dumbbells that might get rolling around in your apartment, you only need this one, ingeniously constructed set;
  • ​It is very affordably priced – compare the price of this unit to the costs of having to purchase a complete set of separate dumbbells in the weight range this one offers and you can see for yourself;
  • ​The Bowflex 1090 package includes a DVD with over 30 efficient exercises designed by professionals, giving you great ideas about how to diversify your workouts and how to do the exercises correctly;
  • ​The unit comes with a very long, three-year warranty.
  • ​It has a better design in terms of looks compared to the Powerblock Elite we reviewed.
  • The size is only slightly wider than a standard dumbbell.


A Few Aspects on the Con Side

The Bowflex 1090 is certainly a unit that will train your upper and, to some extent, your lower body very efficiently. However, you must know that the handle of the unit is oval-rectangular, not round, which can make the grip a bit rough. The shortcoming is far from being a deal breaker though.Besides, the issue can be easily eliminated by wearing fitness gloves with thick palms, which you already do, probably.

Another aspect you might want to know is that the Bowflex 1090 does not come with a stand included in the package. Stands designed for the unit are available, but they have to be purchased separately.

Final Thoughts

All aspects considered, the Bowflex 1090 provides excellent value for your money. These dumbbells fair very well against the best adjustable dumbbells we reviewed in this article.

Whether you are an experienced workout enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of weight exercises, this versatile and efficient dumbbell will train your upper body as well as your legs just the way you want it.

Versed weight lifters can start with the higher weight settings straight away, while beginners can enjoy the gradual increase of the workload they expose their muscles, too.

The unit is made from quality materials and is made to last, so if you don’t drop it from really high up (you will have a warning about that in the instructions manual as well), it will serve you well for years, until your reach all your fitness goals and afterwards, too.

For me the biggest advantages to these dumbbells is the time saved not having to adjust the weight plates.