Should You Take Protein Shake on Rest Day

Resting man

The purpose of a protein shake is to quickly get protein to your muscles before or after a workout because liquid is digested faster than the protein found in solid food. So, do you need a protein shake on your rest day? Keep reading to find out. Benefits of Protein Shakes on Rest Days There … Read more

Are Gatorade Protein Bars Good For You

Man eating a protein bar

Eating a protein bar is an effective way to boost your daily protein intake. Such bars are often chosen as part of a workout routine, as they help fuel the body and promote muscle recovery and growth after exercise. There are lots of choices, but are the Gatorade version good for you? You’re about to … Read more

When is The Best Time to Have a Protein Shake

Protein shake in a glass

You want to take a protein shake but are confused about the best time to drink it. Well not for much longer because I am going to tell you everything you need to know about incorporating protein shakes into your diet. When we speak about protein shakes we are usually referring to protein that comes … Read more

Protein Shakes With Milk or Water – Which Is Best?


Everybody knows about the benefits of protein shakes for weight training nowadays–they promote the development of new muscles, they prompt the body to produce components that promote the health of the immune system, of the cardiovascular system and they also help with muscle regeneration, to mention just a few. While everybody agrees that protein shakes … Read more