The Best Gym Sweat Towels On The Market

Workout sweat towel

When I look around the gym and still see people using cotton towels for their workout towel it makes me cringe.  Whilst cotton towels are great for when you step out the bath or washing your hands, they are not the best for dealing with sweat. As most people know if you’re not sweating when you working … Read more

Best Cheap Olympic Weight Plates Sets Reviewed

Cheap Olympic Weight Plates

Weight plates are often used to create more resistance to an adjustable barbell, dumbbell, or even those weight-bearing machines that are designed to target those hard to reach muscles for a more sculpted look. We decided to review the best cheap weight plate sets to find out if you really can go cheap but still get … Read more

Body Vision Power Tower PT600 Review

Body Vision Power Tower 600

Did you know that you can develop trimmed and strong arms, shapely back muscles and that killing six-pack abs in the comfort of your home, the Body Vision PT600 power tower is all you need. In this body visions pt600 review, I’ll go through all the features and what we liked and disliked. The Body Vision pt600 … Read more

Bowflex 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Bowflex 1090 Review

 If you are looking for a Bowflex 1090 review you are in the right place. We have had this dumbbell in bits just so we can see how it stacks up against a standard dumbbell.Believe me that once you try an adjustable dumbbell you will never go back to dumbbells with traditional weight plates. The time … Read more

Perfect Pushup Elite Review [Does It Really Work?]

Perfect Pushup User Reviews

If you already do push-ups as part of your regular training routine and you think it is time to take your upper body workout to the next level, a pair of Perfect Pushup handles is just what you need.  These bars are available in two different and equally great versions, the Original and the Elite; both … Read more

The 5 Best Ez Curl Bars Reviewed By Fitness Experts

Cap Barbell EZ Curl Bar

The Ez (meaning ‘easy’) curl bar is the mother of all bicep builders. Shaped with a zig-zag design, it has a great focus on the necessary upper body muscle group. The Unique shape of ez bar allows you to target muscles in ways that are not possible with a standard straight bar.Unfortunately the quality of some … Read more

See MY Review of The Flex Belt: Does It Really Work?

Build QualityGood solid construction PriceNot the cheapest but worth the extra cost.PerformanceShowed solid results after 6-8 weeks  What We Like 150 intensity levels Good Solid Construction Simple to setupWhat We Dont Like No back light on the display No USB charging option Pads should be changed after 30 daysSummary: The Flex belt is a great bit … Read more

Body Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board Review

Person on a sit up bench

For years the Ab boards and Sit up benches have dominated the market and companies have competed in their attempts to deliver the best, most ergonomically refined and efficient design. Today in our body solid gab60 review we look at one of the more unique sit up benches out there – a design that offers a … Read more

The Best Sit up Benches On The Market

Ab bench feature

Today we had the joy of looking at the best sit up benches on the market. Our editors pick for the top ab bench was the which can be purchased on amazon. Whilst some of the other benches where not far behind, the xmark was good on both build quailty and price. See our full review … Read more

Ancheer Treadmill Review

As relative newcomers to the market of motorized treadmills, Ancheer had a lot of goals to achieve in order to deliver a competitive piece of fitness equipment. With many contenders on the market, achieving a great result certainly isn’t an easy task. Review of:Ancheer Treadmill Rating Summary: But as we get to know their flagship … Read more