See MY Review of The Flex Belt: Does It Really Work?

Build QualityGood solid construction PriceNot the cheapest but worth the extra cost.PerformanceShowed solid results after 6-8 weeks  What We Like 150 intensity levels Good Solid Construction Simple to setupWhat We Dont Like No back light on the display No USB charging option Pads should be changed after 30 daysSummary: The Flex belt is a great bit … Read more

The Best Ab Machines on The Market for Home Use

One of the most coveted rewards of a healthy lifestyle is the six pack. Year after year, it seems that bathing suit season creeps up on us. Why not avoid the panic and rock a solid set of abs year-round? Whether you began your fitness journey for health reasons, competitive ambitions, or with purely aesthetic intentions, … Read more

What is An EMS System?

Ems Ab Belts

You may have heard a lot of people talking about EMS systems but not full understand what it does or how it could benefit your workout routine. EMS stands for Electrical muscle stimulation and essentially what it does is pass small electrical signals to the muscles to stimulate the muscle in to a contraction. This … Read more

Slendertone Ab Belt Review – Does It Really Work?

 Whether you want to get a firmer abdomen or you’ve tried different exercises to get a good firm shape without any success, then you should definitely try out the new Slendertone Ab belt. With a revolutionary design and a lot of science behind it, this device will help you get toned muscles in the abdomen … Read more