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XMark XM-3305 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Choosing a Dumbbell

​XMark’s XM-3305 model makes a bold attempt to refine and solidify an already tried design, in hopes of delivering a reliable and efficient pair of adjustable dumbbells. Without too much redesigning, this brand achieved a sleek and modern design that turned out very compact and efficient for its intended purpose. Slightly bulky, these dumbbells are fairly simple in their design and …

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Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review 5-25lb

Man working out with dumbells

​Most of the time, adjustable dumbbells tend to follow the same set of principles in their design. These designs are often reliable and are centered around the same pattern. But with this pair of dumbbells from Bayou Fitness, things take a distinctly different path.At a first glance straightforward and much like the other similar models, Bayou dumbbells are in fact not …

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A Look At The Best Adidas Trail Running Shoes On The Market

addidas trail running Shoes

​​​Trail running shoes seen bettter days? Are you finding it difficult to find a good pair of running shoes that have the comfort and grip to deal with these harsh running environments?  We looked at the top line of Adidas trail running shoes and after much pounding have picked our top 4. Having a good pair of trail running shoes on …

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The Best Stretch Machines Reviewed 2019

Stretching Machines

​Stretch machines are not only good for those involved in martial arts ​that want to be able do the splits but are also great for dancers and gymnasts or anyone who really wants to make big gains and be more flexible. After researching countless stretch machines, I found the , which is available on Amazon and is, without a doubt, the …

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5 of the Best Hydration Pack for Running on the Market

5 Best Hydration Backpacks

One sip on the mouth piece of a hydration pack, and you’re hooked. It’s just one of those things that makes life so much more convenient, that it is a must have if you’re into any kind of running. It’s all you ever need for your outdoor activities, whether that is hiking, running or even cycling. It helps you perform better, …

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BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Body Craft SPX Bike

​In today's article we take a good look and review the Bodycraft SPX Club indoor spin bike. The health and fitness benefits of using stationery bikes are immense, and the BodyCraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike takes all of them one step further. With this durable and efficient machine, you can enjoy your cardio workout to the fullest, making your body work …

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Total Gym XLS Review

cable pully workout

Home gyms can often be bulky, ineffective, and overly complicated. They often aim to high and the end result is a mish mash of crazy designs. But one multifunctional piece of equipment is definitely an exception. Innovative, well designed, and above all extremely effective, the Total Gym XLS is a novelty that can redesign the way you work out. This multi …

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Total Gym 1900 Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Total Gym 9000 Review

​ ​Build Quality​Good solid construction​ Price​Not the cheapest, but I would not buy any other make.Performance​Great for a full body workout What We Like Over 60 Different Exercise ​Comes With Everything You Need For a Full Body workout Can Be Folded And Stored Away​What We Dont Like​ Takes Up A lot Of Room If Not Stored Away The Initial Setup …

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Ironmaster Quick Lock adjustable Dumbbell Review

Bicep from Dumbell curls

​The nut locking mechanism on a pair of dumbbells is the least favourite option for many fitness enthusiasts. Often tedious, time consuming, and simply not practical, the screw-on dumbbells are far inferior to the standard, cast ones.  But that is about to change! Ironmaster brings us its fresh new Quick Lock design that will bring a much needed revolution and a …

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Body-Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board Review

Person on a sit up bench

​For years the Ab boards and Sit up benches have dominated the market and companies have competed in their attempts to deliver the best, most ergonomically refined and efficient design. Today we review one of the more unique sit up benches out there – a design that offers a lot of innovations and is perfectly catered for both beginners and experienced …

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