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LifeSpan Fitness SP1000 Stretch Partner Review


The first thing I always ask myself about a ​piece of exercise equipment is do I really need it. My first thought was that I have been doing stretches for years without any equipment, why do I need the Lifespan Fitness sp1000.  Well, the best way to describe it is like stretching with a personal trainer. You simply cannot do some of …

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TKO Sit-Up Bench Review

Ab Board Workout

The TKO Sit-Up Bench is a mini bench that rock hard abs are made on. Whilst mini​ ​benches are not for everyone they certainly have their niche market if you are limited on space. For individuals with limited time to visit a gym or who love working out at home, TKO sit up bench is a comfy equipment that you should …

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Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine Review

Groin stretching

 If you're looking to buy a stretching machine or perhaps want to upgrade your existing model, this Century Versaflex Stretching Machine review intends to introduce you to the product, its features, benefits and possible drawbacks. The Century Versaflex is a real aid to better flexibility by helping you to extend your range of stretch in a controlled environment. It targets your …

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Valor Fitness CA-27 Leg Stretch machine Review

Dancer stretching

 Want to be able to do the splits? ​The Valor Fitness CA-27 has everything you need to reach that goal. ​Thanks to a its well-dimensioned size, it's excellent for a home gym setting. You can use it to stretch your legs and hips, gradually increasing your limits with repeated use. Whether for improving your performance in competitive sports or achieving a better physique, …

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Fitness Reality X-Class Sit up Bench Review

Ab bench

​How would you like to significantly improve the effectiveness of your ab workout? Doing sit ups are good for improving your core strength, but you eventually get to the point where you need to do more to overload the muscles. This where using a sit up bench can really help. Whilst we previously mentioned the Fitness Reality X-Class in our review of the …

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The Best Manual Treadmill: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Running Exercise Machine

Manual treadmills are affordable, yet very efficient cardio devices. Unlike their larger, electrical relatives, manual treadmills are powered by the energy that comes from the user’s pacing, walking or running movements – in other words, you yourself are the power that keeps the treadmill in motion.Our Favorite Manual TreadmillsThere are numerous good manual treadmill models out there, so choosing between …

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Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine Review

 Stretching is one of the pillars of a solid fitness routine. If you're not stretching you risk having a bad posture, injuries and a reduced sense of wellbeing. For some of you, stretching might be a tad bit too boring to do regularly. Luckily, we have machines that make it way more fun and better. The Nitrofit limber pro stretch machine …

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Top 7 Best Push Up Bars Reviewed

Top 5 Best Push Up Bars

The push-up is for many, the genesis to any exercise, the gateway to your workout lifestyle. The bread and butter of fundamental training. ​The best push up bars ​provide you with a diverse and near endless array of possibilities for workouts and conditioning exercises,  giving your upper body access to anything from rehabilitative training, to a full challenge circuit experience. So whether it …

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See MY Review of The Flex Belt: Does It Really Work?

​Build Quality​Good solid construction​ Price​Not the cheapest but worth the extra cost.Performance​Showed solid results after 6-8 weeks  What We Like 150 intensity levels Good Solid Construction Simple to setup​What We Dont Like​ No back light on the display No USB charging option Pads should be changed after 30 daysSummary: ​The Flex belt is a great bit of kit, which allows you …

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Powerblock Elite Adjustable Dumbbell 50/70/90 Review.

​We managed to get our hand on a set powerblock Elite 50 dumbbells to review. ​Find out why we thought ​they are so good and how they compare to other models in the power block adjustable dumbbells range. Composed of integrated adjustable weights, PowerBlock dumbbells sets are comfortable and easy to use. A space-saving alternative to more traditional dumbbells, they are ideal …

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