Body Vision Power Tower PT600 Review

Body Vision Power Tower 600

Did you know that you can develop trimmed and strong arms, shapely back muscles and that killing six-pack abs in the comfort of your home, the Body Vision PT600 power tower is all you need. In this body visions pt600 review, I’ll go through all the features and what we liked and disliked. The Body Vision pt600 … Read more

Workout Routines And Exercises Using the Power Tower

Power tower

One of the things that I’ve always said is that if you want to build full-body strength, there’s no better investment than a Power Tower. If you’ve never heard of a Power Tower before, I’ll explain it here for you. A Power Tower is a fantastic piece of kit that allows you to do a huge … Read more

Powerline PPR200X Rack Full Review

Powerline 200 Review

The Powerline PPR200X power rack is among the most complex and most versatile pieces of equipment available in the category – if you are looking for a great walk-in rack to maximize the efficiency of your workouts, you have found it. The unit is the go-to solution in most gyms, so you can surely benefit … Read more

Best Power and Squat Rack For The Money

Top Power Rack

 If you are really serious about working out, then a form of power rack or squat rack is going to be essential in your gym.  A place is needed for racking the bar for heavy squats and overhead presses plus also a person needs something that has spotters for performing back squats and bench presses … Read more

The Best Power Towers – Full Reviews and Comparison

​It seems that, with each passing day, the fitness market becomes ever more saturated with equipment promising new ways to transform your body. The infomercials and advertisements for these products can be enticing, however many of these products are expensive and target only one muscle group. Those which pledge total-body workouts tend to be bulky and … Read more