Body Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board Review

Person on a sit up bench

For years the Ab boards and Sit up benches have dominated the market and companies have competed in their attempts to deliver the best, most ergonomically refined and efficient design. Today in our body solid gab60 review we look at one of the more unique sit up benches out there – a design that offers a … Read more

The Best Sit up Benches On The Market

Ab bench feature

Today we had the joy of looking at the best sit up benches on the market. Our editors pick for the top ab bench was the which can be purchased on amazon. Whilst some of the other benches where not far behind, the xmark was good on both build quailty and price. See our full review … Read more

Confidence Fitness Pro Ab Bench V2 Review

Man performing a situp

The bench that we are reviewing today is the Confidence Fitness Pro Adjustable Sit Up Ab Bench V2. It’s a bench that has been getting a lot of hype recently, but is it actually worth the cost? Let’s take a closer look to find out with this Confidence Fitness Pro review. Key FeaturesThis bench has an adjustable incline … Read more

TKO Sit-Up Bench Review

Ab Board Workout

The TKO Sit-Up Bench is a mini bench that rock hard abs are made on. Whilst mini benches are not for everyone they certainly have their niche market if you are limited on space. For individuals with limited time to visit a gym or who love working out at home, TKO sit up bench is a … Read more

Fitness Reality X-Class Sit up Bench Review

Ab bench

How would you like to significantly improve the effectiveness of your ab workout? Doing sit ups are good for improving your core strength, but you eventually get to the point where you need to do more to overload the muscles. This where using a sit up bench can really help. Whilst we previously mentioned the Fitness Reality X-Class … Read more