Great Arm Workout for Women | With or Without Weights

Good Arm Exercises

What are the best arm workouts for women? There are many arm workouts out there that many people think only men should do. This however is not true. Many of the arm workouts that men do can also be done by women. After all, women also want to have nice sculpted arms. Many of the … Read more

Good Body Weight Home Bicep Exercises | Get Fast Results

Good Body Weight Home Bicep Exercises

It is hard to imagine a bicep workout without weights. Building big biceps is associated with hitting the gym and cranking out numerous sets of bicep curls. This is understandable since the only move that directly hits the bicep is the curling motion. Which is best employed using dumbbells or barbells. But what most fail … Read more

Boxing Exercises That Are Good For Weight Loss

Boxing Exercises that are good for Weight Loss

Boxing training is a great exercise program with many benefits leading to an increase in lean muscle and weight loss. Arms and legs become stronger and more toned and pounds shed from the waist. Many gyms offer these boxing training programs as a regular, scheduled exercise class, and there are many boxing exercise videos available … Read more

Forearm Workouts That Can Be Done At Home Without Weights

Forearm Workouts That Can Be Done At Home Without Weights

From an anatomical standpoint, the forearm is your arm’s most complex muscle area. Unlike your biceps and triceps, which essentially have the single function of flexing and extending your lower arm, your forearms contain many intricate muscles and tendons that control individual flexion and extension of our fingers, thumbs and wrists. In fact, the forearms … Read more

Bodyweight Chest and Triceps Workout for Muscular Endurance

Chest and Tricep Workouts

If you’ve ever gone to a gym with the purpose of strengthening your chest and triceps muscles, you’ve probably focused mainly on machine-based exercises and/or free weights. In fact, many people think the only way to get a strong, sculpted upper body is to work with machines; and maybe free weights if they’re feeling extra … Read more

A Good Calisthenics Workout Routine for Beginners

A Good Calisthenics Workout for Beginners

Calisthenics is a form of workout where one uses only their body weight to achieve strength and get in shape. Calisthenics exercises can be practiced without much machinery or elaborate gym structures. The basic idea is to get endurance, stamina, flexibility and strength without depending on any tools or sophisticated equipment.Calisthenics workouts are designed differently … Read more

Core Workouts for Women At The Gym

Core Conditioning

The word “core” is used in reference to just about everything on a person’s body except the arms and legs. This implies that you are correct to think of the hips, glutes, scapula, abdominal muscles, inner abdominal muscles and pelvic floor as the core. A person’s core is where the generation of power for carrying … Read more

Hanging Leg Raises – How To Perform Them and What Machines to Use

Lower abs exercise

If you want to strengthen your core, and you’ve been solely focused on crunches up till now, I welcome you to the hanging leg raise. If you’ve ever seen real calisthenics in actions, you would have noticed how sculpted their muscles are, especially the muscles in their midsection. This is because they work their abs consistently, … Read more

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Exercises That Target and Strengthen the Obliques

Oblique Exercises

No matter who you are, what you do, or where you live, you will certainly benefit from having a better posture. A better posture will not only provide you with benefits in your social life, but it can also help to reduce back pain. However, to get a better posture, you need a strong core. And … Read more

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Kettlebell Abdominal Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

Abdominal workout with Kettlebells

If you are tired of doing crunches day after day or your not seeing the results you think you should, then using kettlebells as part of your workout can really add a different dimension to your routine. The problem with doing just body weight exercises is that you can’t adjust your own body weight, this … Read more

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