Horizontal & Vertical Pull Exercises Increase Your Upper Body Strength

Horizonal Pull Exercises

We are in the midst of an epidemic. This condition is rampant in every weight room, fitness center, night club, Ed Hardy t-shirt distributor, and Nickelback concert. This enabling condition is called:Imaginary Lat Syndrome or “ILS.”Symptoms include tapered shirts that are two sizes too small, constant bilateral funny bone trauma from banging both elbows on … Read more

How To Perform Dips At Home With Or Without Equipment

tricep dips

Dips are among the most effective isolation exercises that target the muscles of the chest, the back, the forearms and the upper arms. These compound exercises engage most muscle groups in the superior part of the upper body, but besides the extraordinary efficiency, they come with one more very important benefit: they can be performed … Read more

Shoulder Muscles Anatomy-Functionality and Exercises

Shoulder Muscle

Shoulders are part of the upper body and are considered as a sign of power. Three bones are involved in the formation of the shoulder: the scapula, the clavicle and the humerus. Shoulders are closely related to the movement of the arms, the back, the chest etc.The major Muscles of the shoulderThe muscles that make up the anatomy of the … Read more

Pull Ups vs Chin Ups – Muscles Worked and Comparison

Pull Ups vs. Chin Ups

Pull ups and chin ups are notorious for being among the most difficult of all strength training exercises, regardless of the strength levels you are currently at. Similar in execution, but catering to different muscle groups, the two exercises can help you boost the size, strength and definition of a number of upper body muscles, including … Read more

Exercises that Target and Build the Inner Chest Muscles

Exercises that Target and Build the Inner Chest Muscles

A strong chest looks good, promotes burns calories and improves your athletic performance in sports such as tennis and baseball. If you want to be able to target your inner chest then you need to understand a few principles first when it comes to chest workouts. You see, there is actually no such thing, anatomically, as … Read more

Good Bodyweight Exercises that Target the Shoulders

Body Weight Exercises that Target the Shoulders

The shoulder (deltoid) muscle is an important muscle as it is the main abductor of an arm. This muscle is an essential element of the shoulder’s appearance, and it helps to get a v-shaped torso. The three heads of the deltoid muscle are attached to the upper part of the arm bone. Working out the … Read more

The Best Kettlebell Chest Exercises To Do At Home Or Gym

The Best Kettle bell Chest Exercises to get Shaped and Defined Pecs

Kettle bells have been gaining popularity in the United States. The kettle bell is a heavy weight (usually cast iron) covered in vinyl with a hand grip. They are used as an alternative to dumbbells and barbells for a complete upper body workout. By using a kettle bell during your workout, you can increase lean … Read more

Bodyweight Chest and Triceps Workout for Muscular Endurance

Chest and Tricep Workouts

If you’ve ever gone to a gym with the purpose of strengthening your chest and triceps muscles, you’ve probably focused mainly on machine-based exercises and/or free weights. In fact, many people think the only way to get a strong, sculpted upper body is to work with machines; and maybe free weights if they’re feeling extra … Read more