Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine Review

Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine
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If you're looking to buy a stretching machine or perhaps want to upgrade your existing model, this Century Versaflex Stretching Machine review intends to introduce you to the product, its features, benefits and possible drawbacks.

The Century Versaflex is a real aid to better flexibility by helping you to extend your range of stretch in a controlled environment. It targets your leg and hip areas, so is ideal as a training method for competitive sports such as martial arts, dance, gymnastics or athletics. Even non-athletes will find this machine brings great improvements to flexibility through regular use, with some users reporting therapeutic benefits and a greater sense of well-being.

Easy to use, the machine is a great way to push yourself as far as you want to and hold a stretch position. One of the big plusses is the ability to track your progress through a degree indicator. Many of this product's competitors such as the Valor Fitness CA-27 which we previously reviewed don't offer this facility, which is invaluable for serious athletes or anyone who wants to monitor their fitness goals. Now, let's take a look at the product features, pros and cons to find out more.

Key product features

This stretching machine has key features that make it an excellent choice:

  • Made from heavy duty steel with a powder coated finish for robustness and durability
  • Deluxe padded vinyl upholstery, which is easy to wipe clean
  • Stretch up to 190 degrees
  • Track progress through a degree indicator
  • Generous back support
  • Adjustable thigh pads
  • A multi-position stretching arm
  • A quick release lever
  • Both thigh decks have stretching handles
  • Equipped with an effective ratchet and gear mechanism
  • One year limited warranty for peace of mind

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Benefits related to the product features

The robust and durable nature of this machine makes it ideal for using in your hone gym on a frequent basis. The powder-coated finish means the product won't rust and the vinyl covered foam padding provides excellent support. It's also simple to wipe clean after use.

A further bonus is the adjustability of the seat, back support and thigh pads. This means that you can get a precise fit for your body shape and your height. However, the real icing on the cake for this machine is the information it provides on your degree of stretch. With a precise and smooth gear mechanism, you can increase your stretching steadily, then track your results.

Build and design

The Century Versaflex is made from heavy-duty steel and is equipped with a high-performance gear mechanism that shifts to increase or decrease your stretch. The machine is designed to fit you as an individual and benefits from the adjustable features mentioned above. So now, we'll cover off the dimensions so you can picture this machine in your home gym.

Century, the manufacturer, specifies the following:

  • Length: 35 inches (90cm)
  • Width: 20 inches (51cm)
  • Height: 8 inches (20cm)
  • Machine weight: Approx. 55lbs (25kg)

The Pros and Cons of the VersaFlex Stretching Machine


  • Track your stretching:
    Not all leg stretching machines show you your stretch results, but this one does. Therefore, you can track your progress over time, see your improvements and reach your goals.

  • Adjustable positioning:
    The adjustable thigh pads and back support are definitely a plus for this machine. Setting them to the right angle will make your workouts effective and ensure your comfort.

  • Robust design:
    Reviews of some entry-level stretching machines mention wobble or instability. However, thanks to its solid construction, this intermediate-level machine is rock steady, as long as correctly assembled and placed on a level surface.


  • The 5 degree stretch increase/decrease:
    The Versaflex only allows you to adjust the degree of stretch by 5 degree increments, unlike some models that allow smaller changes. You might find this feels like a big step when you're already close to your maximum stretch.

  • Self-assembly:
    Upon delivery of your Century Versaflex Stretching Machine, you'll need to assemble it with the provided screws and bolts. Some users have noted that the assembly instructions aren't very clear or easy to follow, leading to a frustrating assembly experience.

  • Price:
    This intermediate level stretching machine is in a higher price bracket than entry level machines. Therefore, the price/performance benefit needs to be considered when buying.

Final thoughts on this machine

When you use the Century Versaflex regularly, you'll notice flexibility improvements. This makes the machine well worth looking at if you're serious about tracking your progress. Buy this machine if its your first of this type or even if you're upgrading from an entry level model.

Having the right information at your fingertips is empowering and hopefully this Century Versaflex Stretching Machine review has given you enough details to make a considered and informed purchase.