Core Workouts for Women At The Gym

Core Strengh For Women

The word “core” is used in reference to just about everything on a person’s body except the arms and legs. This implies that you are correct to think of the hips, glutes, scapula, abdominal muscles, inner abdominal muscles and pelvic floor as the core. A person’s core is where the generation of power for carrying out movement occurs. A large role is played by the abdominal and inner abdominal muscles in the stability of the core but by themselves alone, they do not make up the core.

A majority of people mistaken their core as only being the abs and thus end up training the core in many ways that are ineffectual.

Why It is Important to Have Strong Core Muscles

They improve a person’s balance and stability

Exercises of the core train muscles located in a person’s abdomen, lower back, pelvis and hips to work in harmony. This enhances the balance and stability of a person whether they are in the field playing or engaging in other daily activities. As a matter of fact, a number of sports and physical activities are all dependent on core muscles that are stable.

Protect your inner organs and central nervous system

Staying healthy also implies the protection of vital systems under the surface. The core not only is the place of work for the organs and central nervous system but it’s where also the largest arteries and veins in the body are located. By keeping core muscles that are strong you are sure that as you are moving throughout the day, everything is under protection. A perfect example is the spinal cord. As we all know, the spinal cord is basically everything but if it has pressure due to poor support by a person’s core muscles, then movements are going to be affected. Eventually it is bound to cause pain and this affects a person’s quality of life very much.

Get a posture that is strong and confident

People with strong cores will be hard pressed to not carrying themselves with confidence. A posture that is tall and upright is an exudation of strength. On the other hand if someone has a slumped posture he will appear weak and beaten. A recommendation is the practice of good posture while in the car. Do this by properly sitting upright then adjust the rear view mirror in view of yourself. The moment you start to slump you will lose sight of yourself and you’ll need to again sit up tall.

Drive out back pain

A common side effect resulting from a weak core is back pain. If the abdominals are weak it often is due to overly strong back muscles. Building of strength in our core helps bring balance to the front and back of the body.By sitting all day at your desk you aren’t helping either, the fact that a person doesn’t mind how he sits and does not engage the core leads to things such as disks that are compressed in the spine. A majority people sit for long periods of time with a pelvis that is tilted and a back that is arched which is a huge mistake, instead a person should be sitted tall on his sit bones.

Helps in preventing injuries

It takes a person a little more crunches to build a strong core. The development of a strong torso also implies that both the core strength (the abs) and core stability (the deep internal muscles closer to the spine)are also built.It’s important to first of all build your core stability then building the core strength afterwards. It’s good that the deeper muscles get to work first. After getting a stronger core every other thing will fall into place on top, and this implies that your fitness overall will improve making you lesser prone to injuries along the road.

Exercises to tone and strengthen the Core

Beloow we have some good core workouts that women can do in the gym. Start of by picking two of the exercises below, one abdominal exercise and one one lower back. Try to complete each exercise  for 2 sets of 10-15 reps. If you are more advanced or as you progress you can increase the reps and include more of the exercises below. Remember to listen to your body and don't over do it especially when first starting out.

Decline situps

A majority of people dislike doing sit ups, but if correctly done its one excellent exercise. It’s important keeping the back straight then form the motion in the correct way. You should do this exercise carefully if you are having lower back pain. Adding a weight across the chest as in the video will increase the resistance.

Leg rises on a sit up Bench

This is the characteristic exercise of raising the legs that is very effective in training a woman’s entire core, the lower abdominals chiefly.

Rotational Plank Push Ups

Still plank exercises have proven to be very powerful exercises for abs in training of the midsection. By having a combination of the planks with other movements you can excel in training your muscles even better. The rotating plank push ups not only train the abdominal muscles but also the shoulders in addition to the chest.

Split leg arm raises

10-15 reps each side
Start by lying on your back and have your arms and legs straight up in the air. Lower the right leg towards the floor and the left arm towards the head simultaneously until they are hovering about three inches from the ground. Return back to the position that you started with. The neck, head and shoulders should all throughout remain on the ground.This exercise helps in the protection and strengthening of the spine as it helps in the transmission of forces between the lower and upper body. To know if you are doing this correctly, a person is expected to feel the contraction of the muscles around where the belt normally is.

The Spiderman crawl

50 - 100 yards
Begin on your hands and knees. Lift the knees off the ground whilst looking straight ahead and keeping the head up. Start crawling forwards on the hands and feet using the core in stabilizing this movement. Ensure that your hips are low and the knees are bent and pointed to your elbows’ outside. Work without stopping up to 100 yards.

Suitcase carry

30 - 40 yards
 Stand with your arm straight while you hold a kettlebell of 50 to 70 lbs. You shouldn’t be leaning towardsthe weight, rather,contract the abs so as to maintain a straight posture. Begin walking forwards for about 30 to 40 yards while heavily breathing behind the abs as they are contracted. Try walking as normally as possible. If the weight bangs into the legs this implies that you need a weight that is lighter. This is a move for working your quadratus lumborum and obliques.

These core workouts which can be done by women and men are sure to give you a strong solid core if done regularly.