How To Perform Dips At Home With Or Without Equipment

Tricep Dips Home

Dips are among the most effective isolation exercises that target the muscles of the chest, the back, the forearms and the upper arms. These compound exercises engage most muscle groups in the superior part of the upper body, but besides the extraordinary efficiency, they come with one more very important benefit: they can be performed equally efficiently with and without equipment.

All you need to work your upper body doing dips is two handles or two objects that can double as grips – grab the handles with your arms straight, then lower your body slow and controlled to the ground. Dips can be done at home, using pieces of furniture or structural elements of the building such as the stairs and they also can be done with the help of affordable pieces of equipment designed for home use.

Places in Your Home to Perform Dips without Any Equipment

Besides being efficient, dips are also versatile exercises, allowing for many variations in the gym and at home, with and without equipment. If you want to perform dips at home without using any gear, try the following:

- Use the stairs – sit on the stairs, facing the bottom of the flight, then grip the step behind you with your hands. Straighten your arms and lift your bottom relying on your arms more than on your legs, then return to the starting position.

- Use chairs – you can do the exercise using chairs instead of the steps of your stairs. Make sure the chairs are tall enough to allow you to lift your body off the floor and also make sure the chairs are stable enough to support your weight. You can increase the difficulty of the exercise using one or two chairs to place your legs on and performing the dips with your bottom in the air between the chairs that support your hands and the pieces of furniture you use for the legs.

Using Simple Gear for Dips - Investing into Some Basic Equipment

Doing dips using stairs or chairs is perfectly efficient, but if you think you would enjoy your workout more using some basic dip equipment, you can get the gear you need without having to spend a lot of money and without needing a lot of space in your home to accommodate the equipment. The following two types of dip gear are available for home use:

- Dip stations – these units consist of handles attached to a stable base that can sustain even the tallest and heaviest users. These stations can be placed anywhere in your home, they are easy to move around, but also very stable and they add variety to your workout by allowing you to perform not only dips, but leg raises, too.

- Benches – these pieces of equipment work as a combination between the stairs and the chairs. When you use a simple bench, just grip the edge of the bench, plant your feet firmly on the floor and descend towards the floor bending your arm. Some benches have an additional component for the legs, allowing you to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

While improvising at home can be a decent solution, it can also be a bit risky. Using specialized equipment might mean a small investment, but it will help prevent accidents and lead to a more efficient workout.