Fire Rescue fitness Programme Review

Firman With Axe

Are you fascinated to become lean yet the strongest and toughest on your team?

Are you interested in getting your goal quicker than everyone else?

Do you want to be a firefighter?

Well! To get the answers to these questions, you have landed on the right page.

You are going to learn all about getting lean and getting stronger in no time with the fire rescue fitness programme.

The company’s main focus are the paramedics, EMT’s and firefighters who are the essential part of our society and need to be in good shape to keep helping people the way they always do. The best part is, this programme is compiled and created by someone who himself is a firefighter, an EMT, and an athlete.

The motto of this fitness program is “train like your life depends on you” and it really does. For a firefighter, being prompt, quick and strong is utmost important as their crew, their family and their team depends on them.

This product is called a “fitness programme” because it gives you a complete set of lifestyles to follow, which includes your training routine, your meal programme as well as the recipes that you need to follow.

After taking hearing so many good things about the program we decided to take a look and give our own review So, brace yourselves and stay put.

About the author:

The author and creator of this program, “Aaron Zamzow,” who himself worked as a firefighter and as an EMT for 12 whole years which is why he exactly knows what kind of training anyone in this profession requires.

Apart from being a firefighter and EMT for 12 years, he has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and Fire teamhas worked beside several athletes and top trainers. All this experience helped him gain the insight to “how to make you the best firefighter?”.

Every author and every creator have an inspiration or a story that compels him/her to take the step and create something so innovative and creative. So, what compelled him was the fact that during his firefighter days, when he wanted to train to become the toughest and strongest firefighter on his team, there was no single fitness program that helped him do that.

All the programs that claimed to help train the fighters to their best did not live up to their claims and the only reason for this are that the programs were created by trainers and athletes who had no idea what firefighting is and what kind of training is required.

Hence, Aaron came to the conclusion that he should create a programme that not only helps firefighters, EMTs and paramedics train but will also help other individuals get the required body and strength in no time.

Aaron gives you all the best yet easy to follow training programme that took 20 huge years to complete and the best part is many of the world-famous athletes and trainers have endorsed this programme which shows it really is effective and works.

What do you get from this programme?

Fire Team at Work

As mentioned earlier, this fire rescue fitness programme is a complete lifestyle change that helps you achieve your goal in no time. It comes as a set of seven things that you need to follow. The package includes:

  • A training calendar that is spread over a total of 12 weeks. Each day the training program targets a certain set of muscles in your body. For example, one day will be a cardio day, the other is legs day, and the next might target your core muscles. This way all your body is targeted and every muscle is worked on and exercised.
  • The next thing that comes with the package is a set of full body workouts. They are 12 in total and each one is for one week. You follow this full body workout followed by the training exercises explained in the first point. This way, the programme aids you to exercise full body every day and then target a set of muscles for strength.
  • The next is a set of 5 workouts which are basically your challenges. These are constructed to evaluate your level of fitness and the gains after changing your lifestyle according to the program. You can consider these challenges as a test for your fitness. Each test is done after two weeks. It is advised you take this challenge as a group because the motivation supports you get through it.
  • An important part of being a firefighter is also to be flexible and agile. The program has got you covered here as well with a full section on stretching exercises to maintain flexibility and movements. These are not just you’re average stretch routine each one has been chosen for the job requirements.
  • Set of easy cardio workouts. These workouts are to be done at any time in the office or at home. They are basically interval workouts that imitate the patterns of a fire ground. By making you do cardio, Aaron makes you fit for your job by making you familiar with the pattern of a fire ground. These are small 30 minutes workouts but can help you go a long way in your career and your fitness.
  • A set of 150 different exercises at different times. These exercises are not compulsory but come with a guide that is printable and video links that can be seen on any device. These instructions and the videos explain when and where to do these exercises. They are added to the programme to make you fitter and to familiarize you with the complete system of how firefighters need to act when they are on the field.
  • The last but not the least is a guide giving you a proper argument of why this workout is best for firefighters, EMTs and paramedics and how it is different from other workouts that claim to be the best for these fields.

If you purchase a deal that has added bonuses in the package, like the one we have managed to source for you here then there are a few other items that will also come with the package. These bonus items are:

  • A recipe book that urges you to eat healthily and has easy to make and prepare healthy snacks and meals.
  • A log book to include all your exercises and routine. This can be your ultimate gym companion.

This programme makes sure you turn this journey into a successful one.

Pros and cons of the programme

We found this to be the best on the market there is no one else out there offering a complete workout programme and diet and nutrition program from start to finish. It has helped numerous firefighters, EMTs and paramedics find their motivation and assist them to get the body they want.


  • Quite reasonable and comes with a set of bonuses as well.
  • It targets each and every part and muscle of the body.
  • It also accommodates people who want to go a step ahead and want to work out more by giving them a set of 150 optional exercises.
  • It has stretching exercises included which prevent injuries and pains by increasing flexibility.
  • Gives you tests so that you can check how you have progressed.
  • The first workout that has actually helped firefighters reach the level of physical fitness they need.
  • It familiarizes the firefighters with the pattern of fire field.
  • Excellent value for money


  • It Can feel a little overwhelming with the amount of information.
  • It can take your body a little while to get used to the routines.


How is this program more efficient and different than other programs?

Fireman Exercise program

As compared to other fitness programs, this one is way more beneficial for firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics as unlike others, this programme is made keeping in mind their line and action of work.

Since most of their work includes lifting heavy weights and running in the fire field, the workout focuses on these parts and familiarizes them with the kind of physical effort that is needed on the field. Some of the components that this fitness programme has which lacks in other fitness programs are:

  • It is planned based on periodization and science. The programme is not developed haphazardly according to whatever exercise helps you build muscles and strength rather it is constructed such that it is backed up by science. During the whole tenure of the workout, it is seen that the workout follows a developmental and progressive pattern which aids the user to grow physically and mentally.
  • It focusses on the kind of cardiovascular conditioning needed by firefighters and EMTs. Where aerobic fitness is extremely necessary for firefighters the anaerobic fitness is also very important. The concept of anaerobic fitness is Greek to other fitness programs and it hardly focuses on this. Which is why they fail to support the firefighter’s train to that certain level of physical fitness.
  • Have you ever heard a firefighter hurting their back and having to leave their career in the middle due to this? Well! According to studies, about 50 per cent of the firefighters end up hurting their lower back due to lack of core strength and balance. This fitness program works towards developing the core strength and balance by working on abs, glutes, shoulders etc. It is not necessary that you have a six pack after the workout, but you will see a difference in your core strength.
  • Apart from focusing on a certain set of muscle groups throughout the body to develop the strengths needed as a firefighter, it also gives you a full-body workout to help you keep all your body in shape and strong throughout your career.

Workout Results

In order to review the firefighter workout, we tried it out for a month. What we found was it is very demanding and a completely different type of workout than we are used to at traininghardcore but I can 100% see how it was designed for emergency teams. I believe that in a short space of time my explosive power has increased along with my endurance.

If you are a firefighter or thinking about becoming a firefighter you need to get this program because the core strength exercise alone is worth the investment

Take a look at some of the results other firefighters have got with the program.

Fire Rescue ResultsFireman Strengh training



This article is all about the fire rescue fitness programme that is the ultimate fitness program for firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics. There are many programs that claim to give the firefighters the exact body they need but they lack research and scientific background which is why they cannot give the users the results they are looking for.

Since this fitness program is developed by a person who worked as a firefighter and an EMT for 12 long years, it has all the essentials needed by people in the field and all the essentials that help them reach their level of physical fitness. Hence, this program is worth the time and money it requires. If you follow it properly, you will definitely emerge successfully.