Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill Review

Coming from a trusted brand, the TR1000 is definitely one of the better manual treadmills on the market today.

Fitness Reality is one of established names that takes the creation and the designs of fitness equipment to an entirely new level. And their expertise and attention to detail is really mirrored in this balanced and reliable manual treadmill.

Review of:
Fitness Reality TR1000



A good manual treadmill for the price. It features 2 incline adjustment setting, which puts above a lot of others in the same bracket.

Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill
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Sleek, sturdy, and compact, the TR1000 really delivers all that it vouches to. Perfectly balanced and designed for both beginners and experienced people, for thin and large alike, this piece of equipment satisfies every user

With its favorable reviews and truly a product to represent them, Fitness Reality simply confirmed their widespread reputation. And that is the creation of top notch fitness equipment.

The general design of the TR1000 follows a closely knit set of pre established details. The whole principle relies on the tried and tested mechanism where the users propel the belt with their own movements. This simple method ensures that the whole exercise is focused on the physical effort from the user, and thus optimizes the burning of calories and engages the metabolism.

The belt itself has two cast iron fly wheels at the front. These ensure smooth movements of the belt and guarantee no friction or difficulties when you move.

The difference between this, and the treadmills without the fly wheels is noticeable from the get go. The manual aspect also ensures a completely easy method of going on and off from the treadmill. No dangers of sliding off or twisting an ankle.

The TR1000 also comes equipped with a very nifty and thorough user computer. The digital display will show you all the important info, and in a concise and readable way. With a touch of the button you can cycle through distance walked, calories burned, time elapsed, speed and scan.

This is important for users who like to keep a track of their progress – you too can get an insight in your abilities and their development over time. You’d be surprised how quickly improvements can come.

One important feature that definitely makes the TR1000 stand apart from its competition, is the ability of two different incline levels – 6 and 10 degrees.

While most manual treadmills have a fixed incline, Fitness Reality came up with a brilliant and novel design that allows you two change between two inclines. This is great for giving you an extra challenge and combines two very different exercise modes into a single and compact manual treadmill.

Whilst we have found adjustable inclines on some of the top manual treadmills we reviewed in this article, they tend to come at a slightly higher price point.

The outer frame is a very durable, powder coated steel construction that ensures longevity and great user weight capacity. The handles are wide and protrude far out as to ensure a steady grip to give you stability.

And on top of it all, the Fitness Reality TR1000 comes with the much appreciated folding option. Although it is pretty compact as it is, with the folding option it will virtually take up no space at all. Simply fold it up vertically and wheel it away with the help of two transportation wheels. Simple as that! And you can tuck it literally anywhere, as long as it is out of sight.

This is a great option for apartment owners and anyone who has limited space for exercise. Heck, you can even work out in your living room and no one will be the wiser!

Product Dimensions

TR1000 is definitely on the compact side, with even, sleek design and a lot of right angles. Whether folded or set up, this treadmill will still take up a minimal amount of space.
The dimension are as follow:

  • Footprint Dimensions: 47 x 23 x 51 inches
  • Folded Dimensions: 21"L x 23"W x 51"H
  • Running surface dimensions: 43"l x 13 1/4" w
  • Max user weight: 230lbs


  • The option of two different inclines really stands out as a refreshing and welcome change. Fixed inclines can prove less challenging over time, so having the ability to choose from 6 or 10 degrees can really bring a needed difference in your exercise patterns.

  • Balanced design is the trademark of Fitness Reality, and a trait they should take pride in. TR1000 is one well rounded, balanced design that has everything done by the book – and done properly. As a manual treadmill, it is worth every penny.


  • The only downside could be the slightly short running belt. This shifts it more towards the walking form of exercise, or light jogging. With the short track you are slightly limited with your strides, so choose according to your exercise regime. But all in all, fast walkers, walkers and joggers, will surely find the TR1000 to their liking.


Full of perfectly executed designs and a well thought through, balanced final product, this piece of fitness equipment easily checks all the marks that it should. And in this Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill review, we hope to have presented to you just how good this treadmill really is. So, whether you are a beginner, or an experienced user, the TR1000 will suit all your needs!