TSC Heart of a Champion Training Program Review

TSC Workout Review

Anyone who has been trying to achieve a certain level of physical fitness but has failed time and again, really needs to take a look at the TSC Heart of a champion training program.

U have seen many people comment “there is nothing special about this program”, “it is just a primitive advertisement that takes your money and gives nothing back” etc.

but today, I am going to give you an honest and sincere review on the TSC Heart of a champion training program and then you can decide on your own if you need it or not.

The author of this program, Chris Krueger, is at the peak of his physical fitness only because he follows this program. That is why he also urges his fellow athletes to follow this program.

The TSC Heart of a champion training program is a very comprehensive and is constructed after a lot of research and experimentation, which is why it is a complete set with no missing puzzles. Usually, you see training programs that are mundane and don’t help you reach the goal they claim to help you reach but the TSC Heart of a champion training program is not like that. You get what you pay for and it’s not only me who is saying this. This program has been endorsed by many celebrity athletes as well.

The TSC in the name of the program stands for transformation super challenge and it keeps up to the promise as well. This program challenges your body to transform and change from zero to the maximum level of physical fitness.

Chris Krueger workout routine

The best part is, it is not spread over a long-time frame which tends to frustrate people and forces them to leave it in between.

This program is only 70 days long with a requirement of 35 minutes of workout daily. Moreover, you don’t have to waste money on those unnatural fat burning pills and energy drinks that give you nothing but toxins in your body.[/box]

Who is the Author:

Like any other athlete, Chris Krueger, the author of this mind-blowing training program has also struggled with his fitness and physique in the start. Back in the day, when he was a freshman in the college, peer pressure and the will to fit in got to him like everyone else and he started working out by spending thousands of dollars on gym memberships and on buying all those energy drinks and protein supplements, but nothing worked.

All his money and hard work went down the gutter. It was then when he decided to quit everything and work on making his own track and his own training program.

He started researching and started contacting people in the field of fitness and training. He met many professors, athletes, and trainers but only one influenced him enough to change his lifestyle. A man named Emil Vebroski who was a strength training and conditioning coach helped him changed his life and develop his own philosophy that changed his body within a year.

During this tenure, Chris developed immense strength, power, and athleticism which helped him develop the sense of accomplishment and gave him the confidence he always dreamt of.

The structure of the program shows how much research Chris has put into this program. He has put thought into each and every part of the program to make sure the client understands everything and knows what he needs to do to get the best possible transformation of his/her body.

Usually, other training programs omit general information no matter how related it is to the genre thinking that the client will already know it or will have knowledge related to it but it is always these general things and concepts that lead to misconceptions and wrongdoings related to the fitness techniques.

Eat healthy

Keeping this in mind, Chris has put in extra effort to convey these general concepts to the client so that even the small things are perfect. This perfect lead him to his physical fitness peak and this is what he wants for you too.

What You Get

This program is not just a simple exercise program that shows you how to move around and exert rather it is a complete training program that helps you move your lifestyle towards the constant state of improvement and change. It helps you to thrive in your goal and motivates you to be focused and strive for your goals. It is a complete package that takes you to the best version of yourself and helps you maintain it. The package includes:

    • It comes with a complete nutrition guide for 70 days. The program urges you to read all the rules and conditions of the nutrition guide before you start the program. You need to be aware of how your lifestyle will be for the next 70 days in any case and for the rest of your life if you want to. Once you are done reading the nutrition guide you need to follow the next three steps that are very crucial for the program. These steps are necessary for starting the program. You need to clear out all the junk from the fridge, mind you not by eating it, by giving it away. The next step is going grocery shopping and then start eating healthy.


    • The next thing it comes with is a bonus program. This is for your week zero which only helps you introduce your body to a slight workout so that you don’t get sore and bedridden while you start the real workout. It comprises a simple physical activity workout that is not strenuous but helps your body get used to physical activity. It helps you stay active and develop a liking for a workout and physical activity. This is basically a warm-up for the tough yet extremely effective 70 days ahead.


    • A TSC 300 challenge is also added to the program that is a set of workouts that you need to do in order to test yourself. It is to be carried out on the Saturday of week zero. This test will help you determine where you lie on the chart of physical fitness and how much effort do you need to reach your goal. All you need to do is try to finish the program no matter how long it takes or even if you want to skip the push-ups and the pull-up. Just try to finish it and evaluate where you lie.


    • A log book that helps you write in your weight and your measurements in the start of week zero. Then after finishing your TSC 300 challenge, you need to write the goal you want to achieve in the 10 weeks. Be realistic and make sure you get the go


    • It also comes with a complete guide that helps you choose your weight and then choose your nutrition profile accordingly. You don’t see him in other programs. All they provide is a diet plan and a workout plan without being concerned about your goal weight and your body type which is why they don’t usually work. However, the TSC hear of a champion training program lets you customize your nutrition program so that you can reach your goal in a better way.


    • The last but not the least is its 10 weeks or 70 days training program that that begins on the Monday after the week zero. It is the most important part and even though it requires 35 minutes of your day, due to its high intensity and strain level, you will be tempted to leave it in between at least I was, but Chris makes sure your sense of optimism, integrity and responsibility stays put and you keep up with your training program. It focuses on all parts of your body including your back, legs, glutes, hips, thighs, chest, shoulders, arms, biceps and triceps so that you emerge as a new and better form of yourself. This part of the training program also comes with videos that you can follow for better training.

Pros and Cons

In comparison with other training and weight loss programs, this program by Chris Krueger is the best and helps people irrespective of their gender and physical fitness level. It is made for each and every kind of person out there, there are many positive aspects of this program that make it worth the buy. The best part is that it is hardly 36 cents per day which is extremely affordable and makes everything worth it.


  • It is a well-researched program that helps you learn the basics of physical fitness and shows you what practices to follow and what to ignore.
  • Even though the program was developed a long time ago, it does not mean all the rules and equipment used are old-fashioned as well. The author continues the research and keeps on adding more stuff and modern concepts that work better.
  • The program is irrespective of age, gender and body type. It can be used by anyone and everyone.
  • The routine that is required by this particular training program is quite flexible and customizable. Points that cannot be changed and are rigid are mentioned so the user does not fiddle with them.
  • No extensive and long workout sessions are required, only 35 minutes of your time during a day are required.
  • The program is approved by doctors and scientists, so it is completely safe to use in terms of workout and nutrition guide both.
  • The program does not set unrealistic goals for you rather gives you a test and lets you set the goal for yourself based on your physical fitness.


  • You need to follow each and every step of the guide like it is a bible to make sure you get the goals you have set.

What Makes it Different From a Standard Workout:

There are a lot of things in the TSC Heart of a champion training program that makes it stand out as compared to other diet plans and workout programs. One of the things is a lack of proper nutrition guide. What the other programs don’t understand is that not everyone is a nutritionist and they don’t know how hidden calories and carbohydrates work. Which is why the clients trust whatever is written on the packets and think that the number of calories written is true.

However, there are hundreds of hidden calories that cause them to deviate from their goal. They think they are doing exactly what the programme is asking them to do when it is completely contrary. Which is why Chris has included a complete nutrition guide in his program after consulting a number of nutritionist and researchers.

This has helped many clients and users to evaluate what they eat. Another thing that is not mentioned in other programs is the portion size of whatever you are eating. Having a large size bowl of chickpeas is not going to help you lose weight, taking care of your calories only work when you take care of your portion size as well.

Another thing that makes this programme so different from other programs is the sense of responsibility and motivation it instigates in the client. Other programs cause you to work on your willpower but what they don’t understand is that you only have a certain level of willpower that you will eventually run out of.

When I was using this program, there were times when I wanted to quit but the promise of a good physique and the changes I was seeing in my body kept me motivated. The best part is, it encourages you to be the best version of yourself and intrigues you to change your lifestyle for a lifetime rather than for a couple of days.

Final Verdict

The main aim of this program is to guide you and help you achieve your goals. Chris knows nobody can be forced to change unless they want to change which is why apart from keeping the nutrition guide and workout plan on point he has put in extra care in motivating and encouraging the client. This way, the client is intrigued to change his/her body and lifestyle for a better quality of life.

Anyone, who wants to change and become the best version of themselves need to invest in this extremely reasonable training program that can help you reach the zenith of your physical fitness.