How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Dieting

Losing Belly Fat

The accumulation of visceral fat, also known as belly fat, is a problem that many people encounter nowadays, including those who struggle with weight problems and, quite surprisingly, those who don’t as well. Belly fat is a very controversial issue – there are overweight people who have a flat belly and there are thin people having a hard time getting rid of the adipose tissue in their abdominal area.

Whichever is your case, you must know that there are various simple and easy methods that can help you significantly reduce or even completely eliminate belly fat without having to follow a strict diet or without having to sweat for long in the gym. With the following simple changes, you can set off on the road towards that trimmed, flat belly you have been always dreaming of.

Cut Down on Portion Sizes

Switching to a restrictive, super-low calorie diet from one day to the next is not the best thing to do, but gradually reducing the size of the portions you consume will help a lot. Many people make the mistake of reducing their caloric intake drastically. They may experience a certain amount of weight loss during the first few days of their diet, but what they will lose is mostly water, not fat, and they will expose their body to lots of stress.This, in turn, will prompt their system to release a stress hormone called cortisone, one of the primary causes of having accumulated visceral fat in the first place.

Food Portions Size

When your body and your nervous system are exposed to an increased amount of stress, cortisone makes it accumulate fat around the most important organs such as the kidneys, the liver or the bowels. As these organs are located in or around the abdominal cavity, the result of switching to a very low calories diet will directly lead to the further accumulation of belly fat. However, if you introduce reasonable portion control, your body will not perceive the change as a shock and will respond to your slightly lower calories intake with gradually breaking down fat from everywhere on your body, including your belly area.

Try to use smaller serving plates, that way you can trick your brain into feeling fuller sooner. Include breakfast among your meals – if you start your day giving your body the energy it needs early on during your day, you will feel more energized and you will stop craving food as well. Also try to consume five or six smaller portions of food during the day, rather eating only two or three large and consistent meals – you will be able to see the positive results almost instantly. Also cut down on your junk food which is a very important point to add. Make your portion smaller but of the right balanced foods.

Walk Whenever You Get the Opportunity

Cardio exercise is said to be the most efficient form of physical training for those looking for a way to lose belly fat. Most people think that cardio training means hours of sweating on a stationary bike or on a treadmill or participating in strenuous aerobic classes and they feel put off and discouraged before even leaving for the gym.

The good news is that walking is among the most efficient forms of cardio workout – you don’t need to go jogging or to ride your bike for long miles, all you need to do is to try to walk whenever you have the opportunity. Get off the bus or the metro one or two stops before your destination and cover the last few yards or miles on foot; try to use your car less and go shopping on foot.

These small changes will make all the difference in the long run by accelerating your metabolism and prompting your body to decompose the fat cells it has accumulated, especially the fat that has accumulated around your waist.

Drink Plenty of Water

The importance of adequate hydration cannot be sufficiently emphasized. Water increases your metabolic rate, which will result in more efficient fat burning, too.

The recommended amount of liquids is around 2 liters for a day. Mineral water is the best for your body because it detoxifies your system without burdening your digestion, but you can choose to consume herbal teas, green tea or freshly squeezed fruit juices as well. It is an excellent idea to start your day with a big glass of lemon water – drink it on an empty stomach and you will feel how your body becomes instantly supercharged with energy.

What you should avoid by all means, though, is sugary or acidulated beverages and alcoholic drinks – these drinks contain liquid as well, but they also contain lots of calories, sugar and unhealthy additives that will hinder the process of losing belly fat.

Just think about these three easy changes – none of them is too difficult to implement into your day-to-day life, but the results will be quick and amazing. So why not start eating smaller helpings, drinking a few glasses of water more and walking a few blocks right away?

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