How to Lose Face Fat – Is it Really Possible?

How to Lose Face Fat – Is it Really Possible?

Losing face fat can be a problem sometimes. Just like, for some people, the predominant amount of fat tends to find its way to their abdomen, hips or thighs, some people tend to have fuller cheeks and an overall rounder face, due to increased fat deposits in that area.

While reducing fat in specific areas of the body is not really a practical attempt–as opposed to overall fat burning–there are a few tips on reducing fat through diet and exercise, that could be quite efficient in losing face fat.

Why Doing Facial Exercises Won't Help to Lose Face Fat

You may have run across articles claiming they have five fool-proof face fat reducing exercises for the best facial exercises for getting rid of face fat. Although they are based on a logically sound theory, that exercising a certain part of the body would trigger the fat burning process more easily in that area, medical experts tend to say that most of these exercises are bogus.

Even though some of them might be able to help you get stronger face muscles, and help increase facial muscle coordination–or even giving you a healthier complexion–they won't help you burn face fat faster, because you simply can't pick and choose where the burnt calories are coming from.

As a result, it's basically a lottery when you try out facial exercises, and this is why the success rate of these workouts are quite slim. Unfortunately, most of those trying them out will likely not get even close to being as slim.

How to Lose Face Fat – Is it Really Possible?

Can You Spot Reduce Fat From Certain Parts of the Body?

Trying to burn fat using facial exercises is called spot reducing, and according to medical experts, nutritionists and professional training specialists, it doesn't work at all. In fact, it doesn't work on any part of the body–not just your face.

The theory is that exercising a certain part of your body, such as your abdomen, should help you burn the fat stored in that area. However, even though the muscles you use the most are right there, fat deposits can be transported from anywhere on the body to be broken down and fuel the work performed by your muscles. As a result, you never really know if the facial or abdominal training exercises you perform are taking away from your belly fat, face fat, or even the fat that may be stored on your legs.

On the other hand, a consistent diet and exercise plan will help you burn fat and lose weight uniformly, and yes, it will also assist you in reducing your face fat.

Some Simple Dietary Advice for Lowering Body Fat

Lowering overall body fat can be done quite easily with the help of a few simple diet modifications. A few good tips would be to shift from saturated fat to low-fat dairy and whole grains, introduce nutrient-rich leafy greens and vegetables–such as kale, barley, spinach, broccoli or eggplant–and eat a higher concentration of lean protein in order to discourage your body from burning muscle mass instead of fat.

With carefully rationed portions and by organizing your meals in such a way that you reserve more of your calorie intake for the morning and afternoon hours and less in the evening, you'll find yourself slimming down quite easily, especially with a well-chosen workout plan.

Exercising Helps to Burn Fat

You can't burn fat without proper exercise. Knowing when and how to perform your workouts for maximum efficiency will be the most essential factor for helping you burn a good amount of fat.

Knowing your body type, and alternating the right amount of cardio and weight lifting exercises should help you burn a steady amount of fat on a weekly basis, and lead to about 2-4 lbs lost per week. Timing your rest periods and consuming the right amounts of protein and carbohydrates a couple of hours before, and shortly after your workout sessions will also help keep you energized and in good shape throughout the following weeks.