An Intense Lower Ab Workout Routine – Fast Results

Lower ab workout

If there is one thing I hear more than most in the gym it is how can I strengthen my lower abs.

Whilst the abs are one muscle group there are certain exercise that really target the lower portion of the abs.

These are the five exercise we are going covering in this article:

  • Reverse crunch
  • Hanging knee rise
  • Cross body climber
  • Rolling plank
  • Ab Pulse-Ups

Make sure that you follow the exercise instructions below because it is important to have the correct technique when doing these exercises.

To get started I would choose two of these exercise and do 2-3 sets until failure. After doing it for 6-8 week switch it up by adding in some additional exercise.

Exercises Routine That Targets The Low Abdomen.

The reverse crunch

  • Lying on your mat bring up your legs so that they are straight above your hips.
  • Bend the knees at an angle of 90 degrees and place your hands below your lower back to enhance your support.
  • Contract the abs and bring the knees close to your chest then hold in this position for about 3 seconds before you return to the starting position.
  • Repeat three sets of ten repetitions.

The hanging knee rise

This helps in isolating the muscles of the lower rectus abdominus. 

  • On a chin-up bar harness, attach your arms and allow your body to hang below.
  • Ensure that your feet are kept together then pull up the knees close as you can to your chest.
  • When your knees are raised pause and squeeze the abdominals for about 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Lower the legs back to the position that you started with then repeat.

The cross body climber

  • From a high plank position with the body straight, core braced and the hips level, lift your right leg and draw the right knee towards your left elbow.
  • As the right leg is returned to the plank, lift the left leg then draw your knee towards your right elbow.
  • Continue alternating.

The rolling plank

  • Begin in a plank position that is low on your forearms.
  • Hold this for ten seconds and roll onto the right elbow, stack the feet and hold a side plank for ten seconds, engaging the obliques.
  • Roll back through the centre and over to your left elbow, stack feet and hold for ten seconds.
  • Continue alternating, keeping the core engaged and not allowing the hips to drop.

The Ab Pulse-Ups

  • Start by lying flat on the floor and put your hands below your butt.
  • Tighten up the core, contract the lower abs and raise the legs until they are 100% vertical. Ensure that the body forms 90 degrees. This is the starting position.
  • Squeeze the butt and lower abs then use the hips in pushing your legs upwards directly. This is the “pulse”. Don’t bend the legs.
  • For about 5 seconds hold at the top, slowly lower then allow your butt to touch the floor briefly.
  • Reprise the pulse motion for a complete set.

Along with the exercises here there are a number of good home gym equipment that can help with progression including ab benches and ab belts.

Getting to achieve such a level of definition of course require, you to look at your diet and also getting in some good cardiovascular exercise.

Why People Find It So Hard To Get A Six Pack

  1. The postural alignment may have negative effects on the lower abdominal region’s postural appearance which makes it look like you have a bulge in the lower abdomen even if your body fat is low. Avoiding this is by ensuring that you have best pelvic posture.

  2. Some people may have a hard time defining their lower abdominal region due to genetics. You must therefore have low body fat to get desirable results. So despite the fact that it may be harder achieving low body fat due to genetics, you are likely to achieve your fitness goal by dieting properly and exercising regularly.

Some tips

The lower abdominal region is where the body likes storing fat. It therefore takes longer to notice fat loss in this area due to the extra storing of fat.

This psychologically can wreak havoc as it seems that you aren’t getting prompt results. 

1. Limiting your carbs to the days of workout only

Starchy carbohydrates like potatoes and rice when leaning out can be very good- if they are eaten at the right times. When you save carbs to the days of hammering the muscles with heavy and complex exercises, you can be sure that the body is specifically using that energy for recovery and growth of muscles.

2. Boosting Your Testosterone with heavy and compound exercises

I you however eliminate carbs completely from your diet, this will work against you. Carbs give a person the fuel needed in building muscle, melting fat and targeting your abs. Your gym performance suffers without it.

Research has suggested that lower testosterone levels in some men can be to blame for a disproportionate body fat amount on the lower abdominal region. Such a person therefore needs heavy lifts and for the whole body in stimulating a lot of growth in the muscles and unleashing hormonal response that is massive.

Exercises requiring heavy strength also help in speeding loss of fat which reveals lower abs quickly.

3. Do the right exercises for the core

For a serious lower ab definition, direct exercise for the ab are needed. But it isn’t every exercise of the core that targets the lower abs- for some, their focus might be on the obliques, while others are effective in isolating the top part.

If you are wondering how long it takes to get a six pack you should take a look at this article.