Ironmaster Quick Lock adjustable Dumbbell Review

​The nut locking mechanism on a pair of dumbbells is the least favourite option for many fitness enthusiasts. Often tedious, time consuming, and simply not practical, the screw-on dumbbells are far inferior to the standard, cast ones.

But that is about to change! Ironmaster brings us its fresh new Quick Lock design that will bring a much needed revolution and a pair of highly adjustable dumbbells that will change the way you’ve worked out so far.

With a pair of these, you can save on money, space, time, and energy – by combining several pairs of dumbbells into a single, compact design. ​

​If you are in any doubt about if the ironmaster is the right adjustable dumbbell for you, it's worth taking a look at this article where we do a head to head comparison of the best adjustable dumbbells on the market.


​It was easy to dismiss these dumbbells when we first reviewed them. No one likes the screw-on, plates mechanism on a dumbbell. It simply doesn’t work out. But once you take a deeper look into how exactly the Quick Lock system works, you’re going to be bought.

Ironmaster’s design features an all-steel, chrome plated build, and comes with twenty four 5 lbs plates, and four 2.5 lbs plates. These allow for a very adjustable workout, as the weight can be adjusted in moments, with a combined weight of 150 lbs (69 kg), with each dumbbell weighing around 75 lbs. This is enough to meet every basic need.

Another feature is the space saving. With a streamlined design, perfect dimensions, and a compact optional rack, the Ironmaster Quick Lock will take up no space whatsoever. This is a perfect change from the bulky dumbbell racks that can fill up an entire room.

The design itself is quite modern, with chrome plated, textured handles, and an all black cast plates. With a perfect weight to size ratio, these dumbbells sit snugly in your hand, and provide a natural feeling. Another nifty feature is the fact that the plates are squared. That means that you can put them down safely without them rolling off. It also gives you an option to perform several exercises that require them to be placed on the ground.


​Weight Range

​As we mentioned, each dumbbell, when fully loaded, weighs 75 lbs. That gives you a fair amount of weight to workout. Only the professional body builders might require more weight. But those 75 lbs are separated into several 5 lbs and 2.5 lbs plates, which really gives you a lot of options.

For those demanding more weight, you can purchase an addon kit which expands the dumbells by an additional 45lbs per dumbbell. Whether you’re seasoned or a beginner, the Quick Lock has you covered.


The Quick Lock mechanism is completely different from what we were used to thus far. No more unscrewing the nuts and all that. The whole process is simple, with three steps that take only seconds. When you wish to add or remove plates, you simply rotate the outer lock, take it out and add plates, and then just rotate it back into place. One, two, three – a matter of seconds. Considering that efficiency and time are often an imperative when working out, this feature certainly comes as a much needed change.

Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System with Stand
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  • Adjustability plays a great role in every perfected workout. To be able to quickly adapt to every mode, to quickly do supersets, and add or remove weight – all of these can make or break your regime. Ironmaster has this covered, and their Quick Lock system really makes an important difference.                                                                                        
  • Modern and streamlined in design, these dumbbells are not your regular piece of iron. The chrome plating and the black iron combo really makes for an eye-catching piece of equipment. No need to worry about hiding it out of sight.      
  • A lifetime warranty is really a fantastic bonus coming with this product. Together with a fantastic customer support as well as a nearly indestructible design, you can count on a product that will last you a lifetime.


  • Price is the only downside we can find on this product. With a bit of a hefty price tag, these dumbbells might easily deter beginner customers.  If you consider the shipping, the extra custom rack, you’ll realize that the costs are perhaps not for everyone's budget.


Finding the perfect pair of dumbbells can be a challenging task, especially when you want to consider efficiency, adjustability, and size. And for all of you considering a small home gym and working out from the comforts of your house – then Ironmaster’s Quick Lock dumbbells might be the perfect choice.

Gathering the best of both worlds and combining it into a pair of unique and straightforward dumbbells was perhaps the perfect choice for this excellent brand.

Hopefully this ironmaster dumbbells review has been helpful. I firmly believe that once you go over to adjustable dumbbells you will never look back.