Keto Diet Eating Out – 10 Delicious Meals You Can Eat

Keto diet meal whilst eating out

You might think that a diet is extremely limiting, but the truth is that the keto diet actually allows for more than you might believe. With a few smart choices, you can still enjoy some amazing food.

We have previously covered the top keto cook books for recipes you can enjoy at home but how do you stick to the keto diet while eating out? The answer is simple: stick to the fat, and stay away from the carbs. Of course, this is easier said than done. Here are ten delicious meals that you can enjoy while eating out, while still sticking to your keto diet.

10 Delicious Keto Meals to Pick When Eating Out

Fish and Veggies

Fish Dinner

Just because you have to adhere to a strict diet, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy an incredible fish dish (you might want to make sure that the fish is fatty, as well). One of the great things about eating fish is the omega 3 fatty acids that can help with respect to both your body and mind as well (some say it can even help alleviate anxiety and depression).

Pro-tip: Make sure the fish isn’t breaded!

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Salad Dish

The salad has existed for centuries, but the chicken caesar salad is one of the most popular, and will soon be celebrating a century of existence (it was invented in 1924). One of the great things about the salad is that it is a favorite for those who are chicken fans and who might not be the type to constantly eat a salad, considering there are so many salad options out there that might include cheese or vegetables, rather than meat. My personal favorite dressing for a chicken caesar salad that meets keto standards is bleu cheese vinaigrette dressing.

Two thing to remember:

  • no croutons, and
  • pay attention to the dressing! (ranch works, and so does olive oil and vinegar)

A Good Steak

Steak Keto Diet

It’s no secret that people all around the world love a great steak. For those who might doubt this fact, consider that 25 billion pounds of beef are consumed ever year (and that’s just in America!!) A couple things to remember is to order the steak with no sauce, and to eat veggies with the steak instead of rice, if you want more than just a steak.

No Bun Burger

If you are like me, then you enjoy a good burger – but the bun is an issue when it comes to your keto diet. However, there is still a way to eat burgers on the keto diet – simply use a lettuce wrap instead of bread for a bun! This might not be appealing for everyone, but every time you get a burger craving, this might be the move for you.

The “Unwich”

For sandwich lovers, it might be tough to imagine – but the right lettuce-wrapped sub might be the thing that you acquire a taste for. We all can appreciate how convenient subs can be, especially if you are a busy individual that is constantly on the go. One of the great aspects of an “unwich” (a sandwich that is lettuce-wrapped) is that you can prepare them at home and take them with you wherever you need to go. One of the most celebrated sandwich chains (Jimmy John’s) even offers this option, if you don’t feel like making your own.


Keto Meals Made With Egg

Everybody has their own favorite breakfast food – whether it’s pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, or otherwise. However, for those who truly want to stick to the keto diet: the best option is eggs. The great thing about eggs is that they are even available at fast-food restaurants, so it shouldn’t be that tough to find some eggs on your next breakfast date. This is a great option for those who believe in a keto diet (try to grab eggs that are free-range).

Vietnamese Tradition

For those who are unaware, an important debate (for foodies, at least) emerged recently on social media that involved celebrities such as Wale vs Chrissy Tiegen, and that was whether ramen was better than pho, or vice versa. If you are like me, the decision is simple: the Vietnamese soup wins, plain and simple (interestingly enough, its origins are debated). However, to stick to the keto diet: ask for no noodles. If you add the right beef and veggies, you’ll be too busy savoring the broth to even notice the difference!

Good Old Wings

Your keto diet can often prevent you from going out to grab some beers with the boys, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat with them! We all know that wings are one of the most popular bar foods, and there are even successful chains that have focused on wings, such as Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings. There’s great news: wings are keto-friendly (as long as there is no sweet sauce involved!)


barbecue food on keto

There’s a famous saying that many people have used, “Don’t get lost in the sauce”. You might have deduced from just me writing this that sauce can get plenty of people in trouble. While barbecue sauce is famous for how much it can add to meat – that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy BBQ food without the sauces!

For real keto fanatics, two ways to be extra strict on yourself:

  • Get veggies/collard greens as a side
  • Ask for sugar-free seasonings, where possible

Middle Eastern Options

There are many that have pointed out that some Middle Eastern options are particularly geared towards the keto diet. For example, the fact that kebabs and meat skewers are all meat takes away a bit of the hesitation with other cuisines, that might combine more meat with rice. Consider this as a great dining out option for those who are on a keto diet.