Kettlebell Abdominal Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

Abdominal workout with Kettlebells

If you are tired of doing crunches day after day or your not seeing the results you think you should, then using kettlebells as part of your workout can really add a different dimension to your routine. The problem with doing just body weight exercises is that you can't adjust your own body weight, this where a kettlebell can really help. Your abdominal muscles are like any other muscle in the body they need to be overloaded.Not only will they help to tonne and shape your abs but they also bring in to play other stabilizer muscle groups which you would not normal work with your standard routine.

How To Choose The Right Weight Kettlebell

Most kettlebells can be purchased in a range of different weights starting at 2kg right up to 16kg. You need to choose a weight that is going to add some resistance to your routine but not be so heavy that you loose your form. Remember if you cheating on the exercise by having bad form your not going to see the full benefit and also more importantly you could cause yourself an injury. If you can afford it, my advice would be to buy a set of kettle bells that include the 2kg, 4kg and 6kg. This should be enough for most beginners to intermediate to get started with kettlebells.

Good Beginner Kettlebell Abdominal Workouts

We have compiled some of the the best abdominal kettlebell workouts below.

This workout incorporates some good beginner exercise and slowly progresses towards the end to some more advanced stuff. Take not of the form that is used in the exercise and remember to start off using the light kettle bell you can always progress to a heaver as you progress.

5 minute Kettlebell Workout

Another good workout routine that is suitable for beginners and for those that are short on time. Start off doing this routine 2-3 times per week, making sure that you have at least a days rest in between. If you feel any abnormal pain at any point stop and check your form and then reset and try again.

Advanced Abdominal Kettlebell Workout

​If you are looking for some more advanced exercises, this 15-minute kettlebell workout had some similar exercise as in the other videos but done at a greater resistance. To complete some of these exercises, you will need to have two kettlebells of the same weight. He also uses some resistance bans for some of them, but these are not essential you can still get an excellent workout just with the kettlebells. Instead of doing the squats with the resistance ban simply hold a kettlebell in each hand and squat, making sure to keep your arms straight and close to the body.

To also increase the difficulty even further you could perform some of the exercises on sit up bench.

All In One Abs and Cardio Workout

This workout not only hits those target abs but it has been mixed in with some cardio exercises.I would probably say these are good for those that have been using kettlebells for a while as it can be a little fast past.

I hope you find some value in this post and it has added another dimension to your ab routine. We have also featured some additonal workout routines with kettelbells like this arm workout routine and checkout this article for a good kettlebell cardio workout. exercise take a look at If you have any exercise that where not included and you would like to share feel free to comment below.