Life Fitness X5 Elliptical Cross Trainer Full Review

Elliptical cross trainers (known to most simply as elliptical trainers) have been around for quite some time, but they are still the hottest and most popular machines in gyms. What makes these machines so poplar is the extraordinary efficiency they add to your workout, the opportunity to enjoy low-impact workout that makes them suitable for people suffering from recent injuries as well as for those in the process of getting into shape and the complexity these ingenious machines offer.

While, in the past, you could enjoy all these benefits only in the gym, now you can have your own equipment and use it in the comfort of your home with the Life Fitness X5 model. There is no muscle group that this commercial-grade unit cannot work, and its adjustable features and smooth operation make sure you will absolutely love it, especially when you start seeing the results of your efforts, too.

General Features of the Life Fitness X5

The Life Fitness X5 is a relatively large size machine – it weighs 270 pounds when packaged, so it is probably a good idea to place it in a room where it is not in your way to be able to avoid having to move it all the time, and it is also recommended to choose a room with an elevated ceiling to avoid hitting your head when you move upwards on the machine.

The Life Fitness X5 is available in two different model versions: the Track + Console version and the Go Console model.

· The Track + Console variant is more expensive than the Go Console version because it offers more complex functionality. It comes with advanced Bluetooth connectivity features to mobile devices, it provides access to the manufacturer’s special app that you can use to maximize the efficiency of your workouts by tracking, storing and customizing your training sessions. This more advanced unit is able to store 4 different user profiles and offers incredible variety with 14 pre-set workout programs and 12 customizable programs.

· The Go Console is cheaper, but it also comes with lots of great features. It does not have Bluetooth, but it is able to store 2 profiles and it comes with 12 pre-set programs and 2 customizable ones.

Both models excel in terms of sturdiness and resistance – both versions come with maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, and the manufacturer has designed them both with increased durability in mind, so you will get one year warranty on the labor, lifetime warranty for the frame and 3 years on the parts.

The Most Important Pros of the Life Fitness X5

Adjustability, comfort and enhanced efficiency – these are the features we liked most about Life Fitness X5 versions. Here are more valuable traits:

- The stride length is adjustable in 2-inch increments from 18 inches upwards, the longest stride available being 24 inches, more than sufficient for even the tallest user;

- The pivoting foot pedals use the FlexPedal Shock Absorption System and are also adjustable to make the motion as comfortable as can be;

- The manufacturer’s advancedproprietaryWhisperStride Technology guarantees smooth and almost completely silent workout;

- The ErgoGrip handlebars are also special – they provide all the support you need to work your lower body as hard as you can and they feature heart rate sensors that display your pulse on the screen when you grab the bars;

- X5 models come with a coaching feature that work as if you had a personal trainer by your side and can maximize the efficiency of your training;

- X5 models are safe not only to use, but also to turn on and off with the Easy Access key and the QuickStart function;

- The rear drive design makes sure that workout on the machine will protect your joints, relieving the pressure your movements exert on your back.

The Cons

There is one feature that some users of the Life Fitness X5 consider to be a negative: the units do not provide any heart rate controlled programs. However, you can easily get over this minor shortcoming if you make a quick calculation to find out the heart rate zone that works best for your goals. Another downside to these machines is the size, they tend to be a little bit more bulk than other gym equipment like arm cycle machines, but if you are like me and love cross trainers you just have to have it.

The Verdict

Both the Track + Console version and the Go Console version of the Life Fitness X5 are reliable, sturdy and efficient gym-grade machines. Whether it will be only you using the unit or you will be using it with your friends or family, the profile storing options and the adjustability of the equipment will certainly make the Life Fitness X5 one of your most treasured assets.

With this advanced trainer, you will be able to reach your fitness goals sooner than you can imagine – whether you would like to lose a few pounds, you want to increase your endurance, recover after an injury or trim specific muscle groups, this is one of the best devices you can choose.

In our review of the Life Fitness X5 we found it to be a good solid bit of gym equipment and you won't be disappointed if you purchase this cross trainer.