Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine Review

Stretching is one of the pillars of a solid fitness routine. If you're not stretching you risk having a bad posture, injuries and a reduced sense of wellbeing.

For some of you, stretching might be a tad bit too boring to do regularly. Luckily, we have machines that make it way more fun and better. The Nitrofit limber pro stretch machine offers a solution to your everyday stretching routine. Having one of these machines at your home can make stretching a lot more convenient and frequent.

We have previously compared the Nitrofit Lumber Pro against some the  best full body stretch machines in the market​ and whilst it wasn't the winner it certainly held it's own.

I am going to review this product from the bottom up for you guys so you don't have to do all the research. I will be going through the best and the worst parts of this machine so you can ultimately decide on your own if you would like to buy one.

Design and Build Quality

Nitrofit is a reputable brand. They've got quite a few other products that have sold well. No complaints generally about cheap material or broken down machines. This stretch machine itself looks great, brand new and is durable. It can hold up to 300 lbs of weight safely.

When they designed this machine they did a good job setting everything up so that we can get a comfortable stretch. The seat is not too small, where normally your but would end up hurting if you sat on it for too long. The seat adjustable as it slides back and forth to meet the needs of just about any height, which some machines don’t have.

 It's got comfortable and soft handle bars which are important as you will be grabbing these a lot tightly. They've got a small board attached on the front that's a visual list of different stretches you can do and how you can do them. This definitely comes in handy.

There’s wheels on the feet of the machine making it quite easy to move around anywhere in your office or home.  They added two accessories with this machine. The first one is a pair of straps that can be used just in case if you fall or can be used as an alternative if you don’t want to use the handle bar. The second accessory they have got, which I think makes it to be one of their best features, is their calf stretch board.

This thing is great because most other machines don't have a good platform to stretch your calves with. This board can be adjusted for steepness allowing for full range of motion for when stretching your calves. They have added extra handles to place your hands for support when using the calf stretcher board.


Types of Stretches You Can Do

Your entire body can be stretched all in this one machine. If you want to stretch your back, simply lean back against the seat and hold your arms up straight as you elongate your entire back. If you want to target more of your upper back, do the same thing but reverse the grip with palms facing the ceiling.

To stretch your shoulders, cross grip the bar to make an X with your wrists, then lean back and push your head down. To hit the chest grab one end of the handle bar firmly with one hand, then lower your head and push away diagonally from your extended arm until you feel the stretch in your chest.

For your legs, hold the handle bars and lean back with one leg extended forward to stretch your hamstrings. The more you lower your torso the more stretch you will feel here. If you want to stretch your glutes, place your ankle just above your knee cap or on your thigh, lean back and stretch forward while grasping the handle bar. For the groin area, get both soles of your feet to touch while resting on them on the kneepad and pull back.

You can always flip the seat and have it standing vertically where you can then do standing stretches such as for your quads and hips. The calf board comes with 3 varying degrees of steepness allowing you to control how intense of a stretch you want. To get more out of the calf stretches you can point your toes slightly inward or outward instead of straight and that will target other heads of the calf muscles.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable price in comparison to other competitors
  • ​Comes with two unique added accessories that are useful 
  • Comfortable adjustable seat for all body types
  • Transportable and easy to move around


  • ​Can take up quite a bit of space when the calf board is attached.

​Final Verdict

The Nitrofit Limber Pro is great for whole body stretching, improving posture and balance, increasing blood flow and relieving pains. While other stretch machines come with their perks too, I would say the Nitrofit Limber Pro overall better matches the ideal of an all in one stretching tool and comes at a great price.