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The Best Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Flavor For Milk and Water

The Best Optimum Nutrition flavors

​I have spent a lot of wasted money over the years on poor tasting protein powders and I want to try and avoid you making the same mistake.

The first protein powder I ever tried was a horrible vanilla flavour many years ago. I can't remember the brand but I certainly remember forcing myself to drink it because I had paid out a lot of money for a large tub.

Thankfully for you, I have done all the hard work for you and put together the best optimum nutrition flavors.

Be sure to also check out the flavors that I recommended to avoid later in the article.

Double Rich Chocolate
Double Rich Chocolate
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Mint
Banana Cream
Banana Cream
Cookies and Cream
Cookies and Cream
Delicious Strawberry
Delicious Strawberry

World leader’s in high-performance nutritional supplements, Optimum Nutrition, have honed in on what make good nutrition taste great, using state-of-the-art formulation to produce a healthy, protein dense supplement that not only acts as a ready convenient source of all 9 essential amino acids, but is also addictively delicious beverage, rivaling some of the most famous desserts while leaving you with none of the guilt associated with favorite after dinner treats.

Our Favorite Optimum Nutrition Flavors Reviewed

​#1 Double Rich Chocolate

 As the name suggests, this flavor is has a rich, decadent chocolate taste, without any real decadence. Delicious and nutritious, A double chocolate double win. Probably goes down the easiest of all the flavours in the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey protein range, because who doesn’t love chocolate?

The authentic chocolate flavouring and its beautiful texture make it a worthy ally for any post workout situation. Probably the best flavour profile we’ve tried from the ON range and one of the most versatile too because it can very easily be adapted as a wheat flour substitute for anything from pancakes to chocolate brownies.


#2 Chocolate Mint​

Chocolate Mint
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The nostalgic classic combo of mint and chocolate reengineered through high grade modern nutritional science for your drinking pleasure.

The Optimum Nutrition Chocolate Mint Flavour is both as rich

as it is refreshing as the traditional flavour combination has come to be known. ON Choc Mint is also perfect as a base for many popular desserts such as chocolate mint crisp puddind.

​Being a chocolate lover it was really hard to decide which one of these two great chocolate flavours was my number one but the double chocolate has just marginally the better flavour but if you love mint chocolate this is the one for you.


​3# Banana Cream

​On a more tropical note, we have banana. A simple but delicious flavour profile that left us gulping down entire servings in seconds.

Awesomely refreshing and easy on the pallet, Optimum Nutrition’s Banana Cream whey powder isn’t too rich, but still manages to hit the spot and pack a delicious punch.

Banana and cream also goes well with some of the smoothie recipes we recommend below.


#4 Cookies and Cream

We don’t know what to say except proceed with caution. This flavour is super addictive, you don’t want to go spiking over your macros, but with the delicious cookies and cream flavour, It's a real danger.

Use this ON whey as a versatile alternative to flour for that authentically fluffy sponge cake or use it as a morning oats creamer. The blend of chocolatey and creamy flavour lends itself to many delicious variations.

​I actually forgot how much I used to love this flavour and if it wasn't for my taste of trying new things cookies and cream would be my go to protein powder. ​


​5# Delicious Strawberry

We don’t know what to say except proceed with caution. This flavour is super addictive, you don’t want to go spiking over your macros, but with the delicious cookies and cream flavour, It's a real danger.

Use this ON whey as a versatile alternative to flour for that authentically fluffy sponge cake or use it as a morning oats creamer. The blend of chocolatey and creamy flavour lends itself to many delicious variations.

strawberry is among the most frequently encountered flavors when it comes to whey protein shakes, This one steps it up a notch, coming pretty close to the authentic notes, flavour and aroma of the actual fruit.

Optimum Nutrition’s Delicious Strawberry is a great way to flavour up a cold yoghurt snack or a bowl of steaming oats.


​What Flavors Are Available

​Optimum Nutrition’s most popular whey product, Gold Standard, is available in 16 delicious flavors ranging from tangy, tropical fruit flavors and fruit flavor blends to classics, rich dessert flavours such as chocolate and vanilla. If you feel like your sweet tooth is holding you back from achieving your diet goals, Optimum Nutrition has you covered.

Protein Shake

​You won’t hesitate to swig down a post workout protein serving with flavours such as  Caramel Toffee Fudge or the Double Rich Chocolate, and if you feel like having a fruity, smooth drink to enjoy on your rest days, Optimum Nutrition’s  exotic flavors such as Tropical Punch or Root Beer Float will leave your taste buds dancing on a tropical island, while your muscles replenish, recover and grow and grow.

​Tips for Picking a Flavor

Think of your favourite sweet, fruit or dessert. Whatever it is, Optimum Nutrition will cater to your taste. You can rest assured that whatever whey protein flavor you choose, the same premium whey powder formula inside is of the same impeccable quality across the board with no shortcuts and no compromise. Here are our top 3 flavour picking tips:

1. Pick a taste that resembles your favourite treat.
A simple way to make sure you enjoy your vital protein intake, and this never skip a serving, is by replicating your favourite dessert

2. Pick a flavour that has natural flavouring
Doing this not only limits the number of artificial additives you will end up consuming, but also gives a familiar and authentic flavour profile which you can easily enjoy

3. Pick a flavour that can be adapted to other recipes
most fit food enthusiasts have dabbled in many recipes variations that substitute conventional ingredients such as baking flour with whey protein powder.

If you’re thinking of trying out some protein pancakes or a whey protein birthday cake, be sure to select a flavour that can easily be adapted to follow the classic taste of traditional recipes.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

​We understand that having options is having freedom and that life is a matter of choice, Optimum Nutrition has put together a Variety Pack to help you decide and give you the power of choice with your powder of choice, and with 16 flavour variations to choose from, the power is all yours.

Optimum Nutrition Variety Pack contains single serving sachets of each of its fantastic flavors, altogether giving you 16 helpings of nutritious and delicious whey protein powder. The Variety Pack also acts as a convenient way to enjoy your...whey! By eliminating the hassle and potential mess associated with scooping from a tub, you just open the sachet and pour the powder into your designated shaker.

Optimum Nutrition Variety Pack sachets are also convenient for travel, whether you want to keep a quick fix to knock down in the gym locker room, for your lunch break at work or over long journeys where carrying a giant tub of whey is not an option, the variety pack is your ultimate travel buddy.

​Best Optimum Nutrition Flavor for Water

​My Personal favourite from the list above to have with water is Delicious Strawberry or Cookies and Cream.

When mixed with milk, whey protein shakes have a more vibrant, smoother more dessert-like texture and flavour profile. However, many high performance or weight loss dietary goals eliminate milk from the list, it is very calorie dense, and a few servings can quickly put you in an unwanted calorie surplus state making it difficult to cut or lose those extra holiday season pounds. 

You may have allergies associated with milk or not like milk in general. In any case, Optimum Nutrition’s whey protein offerings and flavours have been formulated to taste amazing with just water, after all, constant hydration is a key factor in optimizing your nutrition, and as the name suggests, that's precisely what Optimum Nutrition is all about.

If the idea of water doesn’t turn on your taste buds, there are plenty of non-dairy, low-calorie milk substitutes available in most local grocery and health food outlets such as soy, rice or almond milk. Be warned; these substitutes tend to cost a pretty penny more than your regular moo juice.

If you have no problem-consuming milk or you are going through a bulking cycle, mix your protein shakes with skimmed milk, Either way, your shakes will be not only delicious but also packed to the brim with all the essential amino acids to build a lean, clean muscle machine.

Whey Protein Smoothie Ideas

​With Optimum Nutrition’s protein offerings, you’re not just limited to the standard, basic powder and liquid combination. You can mix things up a little or a lot depending on where you sense of culinary imagination takes you.

You can blend smoothies that include other nutritious ingredients such as fruits, veggies, grains and nut butters. Some of the healthiest superfood shakes on a typical fit food menu have whey protein as the base ingredient. Here are a few of our favourite recipes.

​Double Choc Chunk Smoothie

​This rich, creamy chocoholic's delight is perfect for a bulking cycle or as a substitute to traditional after-dinner dessert.


●    125ml water
●    125ml almond milk/skimmed milk
●    1/2 cup of rolled oats
●    1 tsp of ground cinnamon
●    1 cup of sugar-free chocolate ice cream (Optional)
●    1 scoop of Optimum Nutrition Double Rich Chocolate whey protein
●    1 tsp of vanilla essence
●    1 tsp of chia seeds
●    Half a cup of chopped almonds

Blend all ingredients together.

​Strawberry Starburst Smoothie

Strawberries are a great way to start the day, needless to say, this is a refreshing first meal to add to your morning routine with fruity notes that will get you off to a stress-free start


●    1 scoop Optimum Nutrition Delicious Strawberry whey
●    1/2 cup of rolled oats
●    1 cup frozen strawberries
●    ½ cup fat-free Greek yogurt
●    ¼ cup almond milk
●    1 cup ice

Blend all ingredients together

​Barista Bomb Smoothie

​What happens when you need your coffee fix and your protein fix at the same time? The barista bomb smoothie of course!


●    1/2 cup of rolled oats
●    1/2 cup of water
●    1/2 cup of soya / almond milk
●    2 tsp. of instant coffee
●    1 tsp. of vanilla essence
●    sprinkled cinnamon
●    1 scoop of Optimum Nutrition Mocha Cappuccino Whey Protein
●    1 frozen banana

Blend all ingredients together

​Optimum Nutrition Flavors to Avoid

​Tropical Punch Protein Powder

This flavour has a unique fruity profile. Made to imitate a medley of tropical fruit, this flavour variant of Optimum Nutrition’s tried and trusted Gold Standard whey offerings falls short of what consumers have come to expect from the premium protein range.

The tropical flavour is overtly artificial, with no true resemblance to tropical fruit outside of the name on the packaging. Many were left disappointed and somewhat off-put by the bitter synthetic aftertaste experienced after the first gulp, this is probably due to the lack of natural flavourings, which would be difficult to add to the formula.

It is no wonder this flavour has since been pulled off the official Optimum Nutrition production line and product listings, although a few tubs can still be found floating around in your little obscure supplements store and on ebay.

​Orange Creme

​Another fruity flavour on our avoid list. The Optimum Nutrition ‘Orange Creme’ flavoured whey protein bears similar attributes and problems as the Tropical Punch flavour. This dubious honour can be attributed to the sour, tart aroma and flavour profile, probably due to citric acid used to mimic that classic citrus tang.

This leads to an overbearing flavour profile, one that once combined with the inherent milkiness of the whey powder, can lead to an unsettling collision of conflicting flavour profiles. Think orange concentrate mixed with milk, not very inspiring.

This lead to a decrease in demand for this variant, and just like the tropical Punch variant, Orange Creme was pulled from production and off ON’s official online store.

​Why Optimum Nutrition Protein Powders

Optimum Nutrition is the world’s best selling whey and that title isn’t just a throwaway tagline. Years of cutting-edge research into optimising the value and bioavailability of the micro and macro nutrients in their supplements range have given Optimum Nutrition a second to none quality guarantee, and leading the charge is the whey protein range.

ON’s whey protein isolate (WPI)  range from the Gold Standard, packs in a whopping 24g per single serving. Not only does it have an efficient ratio and high protein density, but ON’s Gold Standard whey powders have been instantized, meaning they can be as quickly mixed with a spoon in a glass as they can be with a shaker cup.

Aside from this, Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey protein formulation includes many other vital constituents that make it a complete dietary source for all your muscle building and maintenance needs. These extra ingredients improve the overall, intake, benefit, bioavailability and results you expect from a premium protein powder. These include:

  • Whey Protein Microfractions from Whey Protein Isolates & Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate.

  • Over 4 Grams of Glutamine & Glutamic Acid in Each Serving

  •  More Than 5 Grams of the Naturally Occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) Leucine,

  •  Isoleucine, and Valine in Each Serving.

The Gold Standard Whey is an industry leader in quality, authenticity and value. This has influenced the standards followed by many supplements brands whey powder offerings.