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Perfect Pushup Elite Review [Does It Really Work?]

If you already do push-ups as part of your regular training routine and you think it is time to take your upper body workout to the next level, a pair of Perfect Pushup handles is just what you need.

These bars are available in two different and equally great versions, the Original ​and the Elite; both of them will work your shoulders, your arms and your back efficiently, while also eliminating the pain or discomfort sometimes associated with push-up exercises and adding an extra twist to your training, too.

The Perfesct Pushup Elite featured highly when we previously reviewed the best push up bars here. 

See below our review of the perfect pushup and features that make this product so good.

General Features of the Perfect Pushup Handles

The Perfect Pushup package includes two handles, an instructional DVD that will help you perform the exercises on the handle correctly and with maximum efficiency, as well as an exercise chart based on the training routines used by Navy SEALs.

The handlesmeasure 8 x 8 x 4.5 inches each and they weigh 4.1 pounds, making them lightweight and easy to store when not in use, but offering you the right amount of stability to make the most of your workout.

The handles are made from durable plastic and they come with rubberized, ergonomically shaped grips to ease the tension on your joints and a rubberized grip surface on the base to prevent slipping while you work your muscles with maximum intensity, no matter what type of surface you use the handles on. The units also feature a special ball-bearing system that allows the handle to rotate during usage, adding extra efficiency to your workout.

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The Difference between the Original and the Elite Version

As mentioned, the Perfect Pushup handle set is available in two versions. The Original was the first version, renamed to Perfect Pushup Basic after the Elite was released. While both models share the same efficiency and the same main features – stable and comfortable handles attached to a stable rotating base – they also have a few minor differences. The base of the Elite is somewhat thicker and the handle is more streamlined than the Original version and its design is more modern, too. The Original version comes in only one, all-black version, while the Elite features two different color variations - a black-and-red version and a black-and-yellow version.

The most important difference between the two variants in terms of functionality is in the number of the ball bearings the units include. The Elite version is equipped with 30% more bearings than the Original, allowing for smoother rotation. Whilst reviewing the perfect pushup we foumd at the Elite had a slightly more fluid movement as compaired to the previouse version.

What Muscle Groups Are Targeted?

The units can be used to work almost all the major muscle groups of the upper body and the free rotation adds even more versatility to your training, while also reducing the stress on your joints:

- Chest muscles – the units will elevate your body, allowing you to drop more efficiently and closer to the floor; the handles help you engage both your upper and your lower chest muscles;

- Shoulder muscles – doing push-ups with these handles will allow your shoulders to perform horizontal adductions more efficiently as well. The deltoid muscles that engage during the flexion of the shoulder joint will work much harder with handles bars than without them, giving you spectacular results very soon;

- The chest muscles will also work hard – the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor will be fully involved in the adduction, the flexion, the rotation and the extension, getting trimmed and strong quickly;

- The upper arms – your triceps will work while you are moving upwards, up to the point when your elbow becomes fully extended and then all the way down;

- Back muscles –your special push-ups done with the help of the handle will also provide thorough workout for your lower back.

Your Perfect Pushup handles can help you focus on any of the muscle groups above by choosing the right type of push-up exercises. If you place your hands wide apart, you will be able to work your upper chest more efficiently, while placing the handles closer together will allow you to engage your triceps more.

Though push-up exercises do not specifically target the abdominal muscles or the muscles of the legs, they engage all major muscle groups to a certain extent. When executed correctly, push-ups require you to contract your abdomen, your thigh and your calves as well. You can also use the handles to perform plank exercises, that is, maintaining the extended elbow posture for a few seconds, improving your results even further. The twisting movement of the handles will require your body to work even harder, so you will be able to reduce the number of reps you need to perform for superb results.

Final Thoughts

Whichever version of the Perfect Pushup handle you choose, you will see your muscles grow quickly and your posture will improve, too. Whatever your fitness level, you can only benefit from these great tools – make sure you follow the instructions on the chart and on the DVD and execute the exercises correctly, and your body will be grateful.